3 thoughts on “A Civil Rights Victory

  1. Yay for team good guys!

    Sadly, it’s difficult to collect from a bankrupt defendant. That fact has helped the fat freak get away with a lot in the past.

  2. Leftist politicians use taxpayer money to subjugate the public to leftist will. When the truth finally catches up to the leftist politicians, they use taxpayer money to pay the fines. All the while the leftist politicians rake in hundreds of millions, even billions, for their personal coffers. Example: The two-plus billion dollars the Obama administration gave to Al Gore’s “companies”. Then there’s the billions given to Acorn, which the members of Acorn used to buy votes for Obama. And of course there’s Hillary and her selling of the SecState office to foreign entities. Quite a racket. Rules don’t apply to leftists, and they know it.

  3. Add $1 million to the $600,000 in previous legal fees, and then add in the over $500 MILLION it cost to prosecute all the gun shops (which they lost, too) and you have a nice chunk of change, as they say in Chicago.

    All Taxpayer money.

    Which is why it costs more to fly into Chicago or rent a hotel room or car than anywhere else in the United states.

    Gee, Thanks Mayor Richie! ()See why I moved to Texas?)

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