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The Cabin Boy™ has filed an opposition to my request for the default against him in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit that the court has docketed as “In His Lust for a Judgment Against Defendant Schmalfeldt, Plaintiff Offends the Concept of Justice and Maryland’s Rule of Law and Demonstrates an Obsessive/Compulsive Need to “Punish” Defendant Schmalfeldt Which Presents Him with Potential Danger to HIs Life and/or Safety.” Here it is.

BTW, Gentle Reader, have you heard that the Cabin Boy™ thinks I’m crazy.

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    • “Obsessive/compulsive need to ‘punish'”

      I’d wonder if he’d met any obsessive/compulsives before to try and sell that bill of goods… but well.

  1. Wrong on rules, he still thinks he gets to keep filing motions to dismiss.

    But wow, signaling to the judge that he is completely insane is a great idea.

    • I wonder if he just never bothered to look up the legal definition of “pleading” or if he’s just acting as crazy-pants as possible, hoping to truck the court into giving him a free pass.

      Well…AND… probably that.

        • I seriously wonder if it is malice or incompetence. I really can’t apply the power of ‘AND’ to this one.


        Pleading is the beginning stage of a lawsuit in which parties formally submit their claims and defenses. The plaintiff submits a complaint stating the cause of action — the issue or issues in controversy. The defendant submits an answer stating his or her defenses and denials. …

      • I wonder if he just never bothered to look up the legal definition of “pleading”

        He’s following established precedent with that usage.

        “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

        Humpty Dumpty v Alice

        Unfortunately, said precedent only applies in certain limited jurisdictions, all of which (as far as my layman’s knowledge can determine) are imaginary.

    • Yea, my favorite part is where he takes a simple dispute on what the law *is* (which any fool knows is bread-and-butter for any court) and tries to make it into Hoge being a dictator in his own mind.

      The guy is completely and utterly nuts, and he wants everyone to know it.

  2. “Venue… jurisdiction… what difference, at this point, does it make?”

    William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for stalking and harassment.

  3. It’s so cute how he thinks that a Maryland court will just transfer a case which involves the breaking of Maryland law to a completely different jurisdiction with different laws. And how he thinks that a Wisconsin court will happily accept said case. And for that matter, how he thinks that it’s only his convenience which must be considered, not that of the other defendants, such as his excellent friend.

      • Thanks! We don’t have A/C (our Victorian windows are too narrow and we can’t afford to install central) and we’re in that several week time period every year when I just want to sit in a cool shaded room with the fan on me and have someone else walk down to DQ.

        It seemed appropriate.

  4. Didn’t Mr Hoge specifically withdraw his permission for email service?

    And doesn’t there need to be an address there underneath his signature? Or is this some sort of new trend that is catching on?

    • To be fair, he just forgot to put in the correct title.

      But really, this is a man who said he’d urinate on children. You can’t make him look crazier and nastier than he actually is – that’s just not possible.

    • You know the clerk writing that in was laughing his/her ass off the whole time. They usually have to write such boring dross the chance to type in some comedy would have been a relief. I bet everyone in the courthouse heard the laughter and came by to see what it was about. Schmallballz is the butt of every joke again, and he’s still too dumb to know.


    n. 1) every legal document filed in a lawsuit, petition, motion and/or hearing, including complaint, petition, answer, demurrer, motion, declaration and memorandum of points and authorities (written argument citing precedents and statutes).

    Just in case ANYONE wonders and is too dumb to use the Google before showing his ass in a pleading.

    • Yep. The time has expired, Schmally, because you only get one MTD to raise the arguments you’re trying to raise. Only one stopped the clock, and it was denied. You’re in default for exactly the reasons Hoge laid out in his RFDJ, you dummy.

      • The loathsome loser thinks it will just keep filing mtd to avoid judgment. Cos no moron has ever thought of that before. hahahaha

    • gmta, samk! I should have read the thread before commenting and saved myself the trouble of looking it up.

      I wonder what the freak thinks a pleading is? I mean, other than what has always done to get through its miserable wasted existence – pleading for mercy, etc.

  6. “If you believe that this filing is evidence that Bill Schmalfeldt is looney tunes, I would only note, ‘Thanks not all folks!'”

  7. I’m amazed that
    1. He still doesn’t know what a “pleading” is. Too lazy to actually look it up, too stupid to understand what he’s read, or so soaked in fear pee because he realizes what he’s done that he’s just lying to the court to try and get sympathy for being such a stupid loser?

    2. He can’t read the law and understand he gets ONE MTD and has to raise ALL defensed therein.

    Lazy, stupid, drunk, and crazy is no way to go through life. But it has garnered him at least $168 dollars to show for his entire life’s work.

    • I think he didn’t understand, can’t admit error, and has ramped up the buffoonery to get an extension of time filing an answer. Of course he’s scared, he guilty of every allegation. It s not like he doesn’t understand that.

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