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    • A plea deal often includes identifying co-conspirators and testifying against them in exchange for a lesser sentence. I’m not saying that happened, just that it’s possible.

      • I thought a reduced sentence was usually set up by the prosecution (and often by choosing *not* to prosecute for all crimes). This reduction in sentence appears to have come from the judge who lightened the sentence from what the prosecutors were asking for.

        It looks to me like he got double reduced. I hope his testimony against his co-conspirators was worth it.

  2. This bit: “In May 2012, after I started reporting on the Brett Kimberlin case, concern for my family’s safety caused me to move to “an undisclosed location” outside Maryland. However, certain people who were allied with Brett Kimberlin — among them, deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt — went to extraordinary lengths to defame me, and one of their character-assassination tactics was to claim that I had lied about moving out of state. Over and over, these allies of Brett Kimberlin falsely claimed online that I was still living at my former address in Maryland.
    And guess which address was SWATted in March 2013?”

    Bill, you know where you got the notion.

    They will be coming for you.

    It’s better if you got to them.

  3. Uh,

    “Doxing” (for which he was convicted -ed) is the act of gathering, by licit and illicit means, and posting on the Internet personal identifying information (“PII”) and other sensitive information about an individual, including, for example, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit information, employers, and details regarding the individual’s children and other family members.

    So what is the difference between what Willy does and what this guy did?

  4. I thinking I remember reading somewhere that this particular little club would do swats for hire. Not sure, I could be thinking of something else.

  5. Im just spinning up ideas here, based on the established elaborate-lie-to-cover-my-tracks character of Brett Kimberlin….total conjecture…. But I have always had it in the back of my mind that Kimberlin sued Home Depot after the general report of compromised into hit the papers, not just as shakedown, but to get it on the record that there was some plausible basis for his CC being used in the dark web for wrong things besides him using it.

    I’m a more cynical person since I learned Brett’s amazing life story, it’s true.

  6. Hmm. Makes one wonder if this guy was one of rauhauser’s infamous beandog crew. Very interesting that.

    Congrats, Stacy, on finally getting some justice. May the winds continue to blow favorably in the direction of TFS.

    Some people should be quaking in their stained sweats right about now.

  7. I know some of you can’t help but to mock Bill, but the whole swatting thing proceeds him in this story by a long time. So give the ass a pass.

    It starts with Weinergate and Patterico. Rauhauser was playing games and then befriended BK. Lots of talk about NR being an informant, etc.

    One way or another things will get interesting.

      • Patterico was swatted At 12:35 a.m. on July 1, 2011.

        BS didn’t join Team Kimberlin until around April/May of 2012

        • And Stacy McCain very clearly stated that his old residence, that Bill Schmalfeldt have been claiming he still lived at, was SWAT in 2013. Did you even read the first sentence of this post? Or Stacy McCain’s post?

        • “… but the whole swatting thing proceeds him [Bill Schmalfeldt] in this story by a long time.”

          The SWATings of Patterico and Mike Stack… yes. I don’t necessarily agree with your “proceeds him by a LONG time” assertion as it was approximately 9-10 months prior, but… yes. There were SWATings prior to BS becoming the official Rectal Mouthpiece for Team Kimberlin.

          Then Erick Erickson and Aaron Walker were SWATed in 2012.

          Then Stacy McCain and Erik Rush were SWATed in 2013 (and, just as a FYI – quite coincidentally… Erik Rush was SWATed VERY shortly after a Twitter argument with BS).


          “BS didn’t join Team Kimberlin until around April/May of 2012.”

          And, Stacy was writing about the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin in 2012 – and, then Stacy’s former residence (the very one the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt relentlessly claimed the McCain’s were still residing at) was SWATed in 2013.

          Maybe I’m missing something here, because I don’t understand nor agree with your “the whole swatting thing proceeds him [Bill Schmalfeldt] in this story by a long time” comment at all.

          As agiledog stated above: “Your statement is directly contradicted by what Stacy wrote.” — and, the facts at hand.

          • I’m saying that holding BS is probably not in anyway culpable for any of the swattings and that is what this post is about. Above, you and Roy and Howard (as i read it) were gleefully commenting as if BS should be fearful of being tied up with the swattings specifically. I don’t think so. Maybe I read you wrong.

            The only people culpable in the swattings are 1) the ones who did it 2) the ones who ordered it (they may be the same person) and 3) people with direct knowledge of them.

            Yes he stalked and published (doxed) the address and someone might have acted with that information, but I don’t think he did one of the three above. My point is that those who did the three above are probably the same people involved with the prior swattings and BS was not in the picture then and I doubt he joined TK to participate in swatting.

            Now is he on the same team as someone who might have done one of those three? That’s a different story…

          • I’m not gleefully commenting about anything. I am simply stating facts with regards to the SWATings, and the timeframes in which they happened.

            We are going to have to agree to disagree here, tz…

            “… and BS was not in the picture then…”

            The OP is about Stacy McCain’s SWATing. You said yourself, “BS didn’t join Team Kimberlin until April/May 2012.” Okay. However, Stacy’s SWATing occurred in 2013. Sooo… BS WAS in the picture (with regards to Team Kimberlin AND during the same timeframe RSM was SWATed).

            *I* am not saying the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt had anything to do with Stacy being SWATed. I’m simply correcting your misinformation that BS was not “in the picture” during that time.

            And, with that… I’m done beating this dead horse. 🙂

          • tz,

            I have to correct your assertions about culpability. When Brett Kimberlin filed court papers identifying Aaron Walker as the publisher of the EBM website, and, then proceeded to publish as much personal information about Aaron as possible, he became culpable, at least morally, for any harm that may have come to Aaron as a result.

      • Really, Onlooker? Please cite any BS involvement during Weinergate swatting period or even prior to April 2012.

        I came here from original Patterico reporting on BK and swatting and don’t recall BS having anything to do with this until the “Everybody Blog” time period, which is when Mr Hoge also came in. But I know from your comments you too have followed closely

        • And we are not talking about the SWATting of Patrick Frey, but the SWATting of Stacy McCain’s old residence. Yes, Patterico was swatted first. Yes, BS had nothing to do with it. It doesn’t change the facts about what we ARE talking about – Stacy McCain and the swatting of his old residence, which occurred in March 2013. And Bill Schmalfeldt was definitely involved in the whole affair by that time. So, no, I will not give him a pass because you are confusing events.

        • You’re kind of missing the point. We all know where swattings began and with whom. It’s immaterial when Bill glommed on to these characters he carries water for, but not only does his involvement probably predates whent you are asserting it began, it has a long overlap with numerous adventure that came in the aftermath.

          • the fact is Bill knows exactly where he got the idea that Stacy hadn’t moved.

          • Or who told his to assert it. He’s always prided himself on his valuable research skills. He also probably made a very specific threat of swatting on this very blog, or someone wanted us to think it was Bill.

  8. I went to the linked DOJ website, and it looks like the guy has been in custody for a year, so he’ll be out in a year, maybe less.

  9. Predictions two years from today.
    Rauhauser has run to Mexico.
    Kimberlin is back in Jail.
    Schmalfeldts’ long since dropped dead on the kitchen floor after getting bitch slapped by yet another female judge, and chocking on his own flem in a fit of rage.

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