Meanwhile, at the Fourth Circuit …

… The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin doesn’t think I should be allowed to intervene in his appeal of the dismissal of his Kimberlin v. McConnell, et al. LOLsuit.

Any comment from me on this matter will come through my lawyer.

33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, at the Fourth Circuit …

  1. So the terrified tiny terrorist claims that a general right doesn’t give rise to standing. Well, huh. That’s interesting.

  2. Hey midget Pro-Se, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    But ad hominems in filings, to either, is wrong, yet you keep doing it. smdh

  3. I especially enjoyed the part where he claims Walker’s purpose is to place “false, impertinent, and scandalous material in the record” and then goes on to whine about the admirable First-Amendment affirming “Everyone Draw Mohammad” site as if it should scandalize. Because that’s totally pertinent, and it must be “true” that it’s “the vilest anti-muslim blog in the United States”. The self-beclowning is epic!

    • That blog stood up for a principle. You may disagree with that principle or the method it used, but that’s what it was about.

      Brett’s claim to fame is that he set off a series of bombs probably to distract from a murder investigation of someone who’s young child he was having a suspicious relationship with.

      I’m pretty sure I know which one the courts have sided with.

    • I doubt I’m the only one who thought, “…to brag on their right wing blogs how important they are for intervening in a case involving a Supreme Court justice…” read like a confession. Who else would think of such a thing other than someone with a similar motivation? It’s silly and childish, totally unserious, and wouldn’t occur to anyone not childish and unserious, imo.

      BTW, ivy league law or med school grads are usually very serious people, especially about their profession.

      I suspect both thoughts will occur to the learned jurists reviewing the case. There may even be an ivy league law school grad on the panel. 😉

  4. They want to make this case a spectacle. rather than a serious legal matter.

    Wasn’t there an article about the case written calling K (relatively kindly) a gadfly? Wasn’t it claimed in court documents that gaining attention though lawsuit was his purpose at his non-profit. (HA). Someone owns a boat on the great Egyptian river, projection.

  5. I’m gathering that BK doesn’t understand what a motion to intervene is, even if the title gives it away.

  6. Isn’t Brett’s repeated citing of Bill’s peace order violations as involving his “associate” make the assertion of a conspiracy between them stronger? If Bill were “just some guy”, why would it matter to Kimberlin that he was facing charges?

        • But he tries SO HARD…

          And darned if he isn’t a cure to the Streisand Effect. Why if he had just shut his cake hole what, three, four years ago I never would have heard of Brett Kimberlin, and probably nobody would be investigating. Or asking for Form 990s. Or all sorts of mean nasty stuff there on the Group W bench there…

          Oh wait, did I say “cure” for the Streisand Effect? He’s more like a “The Last Ship evil plague villians booster sickness” spreading word of both his and Brett Kimberlin’s many, many evils far and wide.

          In retrospect, a cure might be preferable. Or just opening up a six-pack of STFU.

          • So I’m not the only person watching “The Last Ship”.

    • A man has to know his limits, hoosier. Some people contain some; some consist of it and it only. The former should just concede to the latter in that particular competition..

  7. I love how Our Gracious Host’s “Any further comments from me….” usual disclaimer suddenly got a lot shorter and to the point. And I think that fine, sharpened point resides in the last word of the new disclaimer. It’s a thing the opposing side doesn’t have.

    • Because (a) Hoge is not a party to the LOLsuits, and is therefore more free to comment (though he still tries not to educate the Blob, impossible though it seems to be) and (b) Hoge is being represented by a lawyer in this matter, he is not proceeding _pro se_.

      Your last sentence was rather vague, “a clue”, “an ounce of common sense”, “brevity”, “the soul of wit”, “a soul”, and “a speck of honesty” are all things the opposing side does not have.

      • While all true, I was talking about an Officially Licensed Law-Talking Person. Who may have an axe to grind. Finely. Sharply. Over a long time.

  8. I’m about 85% sure that TDPK didn’t write this himself.

    First, the turnaround time is too quick, especially given the number of case citations.

    Second, the writing style is organized and coherent.

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