45 thoughts on “Cartoon LULZ Du Jour

  1. We could only hope that he’d make calculations in his temple: trajectory, muzzle velocity…

  2. That is the most epic act of hubris since Andromeda boasted of her children.

    He is going to…oh, let it all come as a beautiful surprise. It’s completely predictable, but sanity left the building in Elvis’s company, and all that is left is some shredded paper and some broken glass.

    Yeah, not at home nor at work. Which is why I have time to read and contemplate this conundrum.

  3. As far as Saddam Hussein Defendant Schmalfeldt being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational arts, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier, nor he is a lawyer, nor is he a very good writer. Other than that, he’s a great military man, writer and lawyer, I want you to know that. – borrowed with apologies to General Norman Schwarzkopf

    • He’s a bit like America’s Greatest General in that he also could see himself as he was in a previous life.
      The Lyin’ of Lebanon went ashore with the Marines and saw a flashback to last time he was in Beirut. Back in Roman times. As an important person.
      Only problem with that is in his previous life in Beirut, In Roman times. He was a street sweeper, pushin’ that broom and pullin’ that garbage can on wheels.

      • Nope. His job in Roman times was collecting the jars from the street corners for the fullers.

  4. He thinks threatening a nuclear strike, against someone who already has a restraining order against him, who he is now also sueing (again) is a good idea.

  5. We’ll just put that in the vault as evidence that Shakey thinks using the courts to salve his asshurt is just a game.

    Eat a pistol, Shakes. The clouds miss you.

  6. With all Billy’s careful (heh!) planning, and strategery, it looks as if the person most responsible for Billy’s Butthurt is finally going to have to pay…..

    Wherever will he come up with the funds? After all, he’s just petitioned for IFP status.

  7. He is a known associate of a domestic terrorist who set a series of bombs.

    He might as well beg the local cops and the Feds to come and get him.

    The stupid is strong in this one….

    • Yes, I thought it was particularly threatening for a known associate of the convicted Speedway Bomber (as identified by the bomber himself in at least 4 separate court filings) to be producing an image of a bomb going off on a person’s home. That should be reported to the police.

  8. If he concedes that his opponent plans extensively, and then he strikes an obvious target he publicly announces with expected timing, wouldn’t he normally expect there to be an ambush of a resting and prepared (figurative) army? He being more or less anyone else besides those couple of generals who lose an entire army in a day.

  9. Is there any chance he’s descended from Gen Ambrose Burnside, one of the worst generals in history? Burnside seemed to think very highly of himself despite hie losses, too.

    • Nope. He reminds me of the brilliant Greek general who decided to hold off the Romans at Thermopylae. After all, it worked (?) for the Spartans against the Persians!

      He hadn’t considered that educated Romans — such as their officers — learned Herodotus as children, and were aware of the mountain path around the pass.

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