Legal LULZ Du Jour

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

—Sun Tzu

MU201607092257ZJust so. The Cabin Boy™ rages on.

He schemes and plots but without any understanding of the law or the Rules of Civil Procedure or the Rules of Evidence. Indeed, if he understood the Rules of Evidence, he would know that spousal privilege would prevent calling someone’s wife to testify about communications with her husband and with what she had seen him do or not do.

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.

—Sun Tzu

53 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

      • If you read this Bill Scmalfeldt, be kind to yourself as few others will be. Stop pestering people who have restraining orders, especially when you will not be “catching” your detractor. The reward isn’t there, and the risk to you is real.

      • Good advice, but Bill Schmalfeldt won’t listen. Just like Deb Frisch, Billy is sure to be totally shocked (and self-peed) when the cops are slapping the cuffs on him.

  1. you would think Dumbf5ck would also know his is prohibited from contacting the wife of someone who has an ACTIVE RESTRAINING ORDER against him…

    guess he wants to deal with violation charges in multiple states.


      • Actually, the real problem is that Patrick’s wife is covered by the same RO as Patrick (and so is their child). So asking Patrick’s employer to contact his wife is possibly a double RO violation. Add in that his tweets imply that he’s sent a letter to her, and you’ve got a third one.

        The man is the lowest of the low; slime mold looks down upon him; single cell creatures can outthink him. If he can’t restrain himself from harassing anyone and everyone who has ever disagreed with him on anything, he needs to be placed in a situation where any outside contact is closely supervised.

        • I forgot my favorite insult applicable to the Cabin Boy:

          To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people! I’ve known sheep that could out-wit you! I’ve worn dresses with higher IQ’s, but you think you’re an intellectual, don’t you ape?

        • Patrick Gray employer is also covered by the RO, so if Bill contacts them he is in violation.

    • You mean he lied about a third party contacting Grady’s wife? SHOCKED, I TELL YOU! SHOCKED I AM!!!!

      • Well, he was trying to convince everyone that he had talked directly to, I believe it was the assistant director of HR worldwide. If that wasn’t her position it was something along those lines and she’s based out of both Chicago and the French office, so we have a little trouble believing that she’d personally talk to some kook calling in with a complaint.

      • The demented, dateless, diversely dependent, depraved, defendant DUMBF5CK admits to contacting the employer of someone who holds a restraining order that no doubt includes the protectee’s place of business, and is dementia addled and just plain stoooopid enough to brag about causing a 3rd party to contact the protectee’s spouse, who is also protected by the order.

        Losing yet another FAILsuit (and $1000±), and losing that ‘date’ (because she googled and read the loathsome loser’s own filth polluting the internet), really stings, it appears. Probably not as much as the knowledge that any other prospective date will do the exact same thing.

        The fat freak thought blaming rwnj would explain away the google search results, but it’s the grotesque ghoul’s own vile words that damn the malignant monster.

        Look, ladies! If you’re ill, you, too, can have every bit of dignity taken away as BILL SCHMALFELDT describes every mortifying detail of your suffering on the internet! You, too, can die alone, like BILL SCHMALFELDT’s “soulmate” did, while the laardvark was online describing her ‘death rattle’ and trying to paint its revolting self a victim. You, too, can look forward to being called all euphemisms for female genitalia, and as a bonus, all forms of ‘whore’!

        Treat yourself — and your grandchildren — to the ‘comedy’ stylings of BILL SCHMALFELDT. Listen while BILL SCHMALFELDT details young children engaged in sex acts with each other and with adults; being urinated on and photographed. And if that doesn’t get your heart racing, there’s always BILL SCHMALFELDT’s tales of anal rape!

        But wait! There’s more! BILL SCHMALFELDT is also totally disabled, needing someone to provide constant care, and especially to run errands. Get ready for bi-weekly trips to the post office, and monthly trips to the courthouse because those FAILsuits aren’t going to mail themselves!

        And, hope you’re sitting down, because you’re not going to believe that on top of all of the above, BILL SCHMALFELDT is pretty much penniless, having filed just last year in forma pauperis and that blood money from its “soulmate’s” demise is going very fast. BTW – how big is your life insurance policy?

        Yes, ladies, all of this can be all yours, because BILL SCHMALFELDT is a “one-man woman” all day, every day!

    • “I can call his wife as a witness” — Bill Schmalfeldt July 9, 2016

      The stupid…… BURNS!!!! This man only knows how to harass!! He WILL end up in jail very soon, it’s only a matter of which state.

  2. He says he can’t travel (unless you’re looking at some dating profile or another) but I suspect he’s eventually going to find it to be a fairly short ride to the pokey.

    Where he might find out why they call it the “pokey.”

  3. In 1991 the FBI told me that child pornographers use foul disgusting language yet try to remain in hiding as if they are ashamed of their true contact and nature.

  4. I’m really suspecting he got stood up after his Friday night date googled him and called it off. He is raging and worked up more than his normal butthurt. I guess he is realizing he’ll forever be alone and so he wants to harass the wives of his enemies.

    Bill, the Japanese have really made great strides in technology and their sex dolls look frighteningly real. End the LOLSuits and invest a few grand in a Japanese sex doll. You’ll be much happier. You can even dress it up in cute outfits like boy scout uniforms if you so desire.

  5. Publicly declaring you’re violating multiple Court Orders in multiple ways is the way to make Courts agree with you. You should keep doing that with all the active Court Orders against you. Because you’ll win that way.

  6. Is it time for a Petition For Rule [redact] yet? Expedited hearing too and travel. Got to love progressive states and their laws. Please redact or delete if I’m educating too much.

  7. He really has no idea how all this works. His cut and paste LolSuits have a ZERO win percentage. But with suit #7 in the mail, I’m sure he will have finally figured it out. Ha ha ha……yeah right!!

  8. I think Bill Schmalfeldt has forgotten that he confessed to being Krendler:

    “Thus, in April 2014, “Paul Krendler” was born. As Paul, I wrote disgusting, filthy works mocking things I had written on Patriot-Ombudsman. Because I was selling hatred, there was no shortage in buyers. Hoge decided to blow a significant portion of his blog earnings on filing a copyright infringement suit, a suit fraught with so many errors that it would have no chance of success. We’d both walk away unscathed. Paul Krendler and Hoge made money hand over fist. And mailing the horse poop? Stroke of genius.”

    And he admits that he authored pieces written by Paul Krendler – and copyrighted them.
    “I feel I owe the readers of this blog the honest truth about the authorship of “Confessions of an Undercover Troll.”
    I wrote it. Me. Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    • Details, details.

      Since when have pesky little (or even large) details successfully dissuaded Unca Biwwy from any course of action he has set what is left of his heart upon?

    • Claims to own the copyright on them, too.

      Gonna have a hard time suing someone else for something he claimed he wrote.

        • That claim should be provided to a mental health evaluator. Good evidence of how far gone the fat freak is, and how little cognitive ability dementia-addled Self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower retains.

          Material that one tries to claim and copyright as their own, and not only repeatedly republishes but even puts in a self-published ‘book,’ can’t really be a viewed as something of which they disapprove, much less are damaged thereby.

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