It Wasn’t a Complete Waste of Time

Video Credit: NASA

I had a small part in the development and construction of the Soft X-ray Spectrometer. In order to be sensitive to energy of individual photons, the detector had to be kept very cold at a very constant temperature. I was responsible for the analog electronics in the system that powered and controlled the last three stages of the refrigeration system. Our team was able to maintain the sensor array at 0.05 K (±0.000001 °K). That’s 5/100 of a degree above absolute zero.

21 thoughts on “It Wasn’t a Complete Waste of Time

  1. I hear the satellite had problems when a floor mat jammed under the accelerator.

    • I’m told it was human error. Hitomi was being maneuvered to aim it for the first real science observation. The ground controllers got it rotating too fast and applied too much braking, causing the long boom at the back to break off.

  2. Don’t even want to know the tolerances of the parts you work with. I am picturing components shipped singly and each one with its own testing certificate.

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