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  1. Having seen some of the filings in this case, all I can say is…. Mix’s lawyer is from the Brett Kimberlin/Bill Schmalfeldt school of conclusory and projectionary allegations. All hand-waving and not even a hat. SMH

      • I’ve called dozens of lawyers in Fl And they all have a problem getting past the so called “defamation” even after I explain I can prove it is fiction, this is a first amendment issue Mix wants to stop anyone postings about him unless they agree with him. He is quite the totalitarian thug. He doesn’t understand freedom of speech he seems to think I must prove I have a right to comment on his screed.

        Also he s claims called him a pedophile and his proof that I said he was a statutory rape supporter because of his aggressive and vulgar support of Kaitlyn Hunt; which by the way he now denies that he ever supported her in discovery.

        He is using bad screen shots form 2013 way past the fl statute of limitations from a twitter account hat no longer exist as his support He is even using altered tweets and saying they are from me and jpg that I did not post but he still has posted on his twicy account

        He is also suing because e he said I posted is sister home address. Never happen but he can’t sue me for anything I did toward his sister anyway. This lawsuit is so bad I can’t believe a lawyer actually wrote it. His lawyer actually defaulted and didn’t respond to my counter-suit until two weeks after the due date after I filed for default and the Judge let it go. Unbelievable.

        Here is his epic discovery fail

        Just a sampling of his screed

        • “Also he s claims called him a pedophile…”

          That’s funny… because, the only tweets I have seen (in the time since the #FreeKate saga came on the scene, and I became aware of Thomas Mix and “Nicole Bonnet’s” obsessive need to show their demented asses on teh Twitterz) containing the “pedophile/pedo” accusations have been authored by those two nutbags, and have been directed toward you, Jeanette.

          Like AReader has accurately stated in the past… Social Justice Warriors ALWAYS project.

          Thomas Mix is such a damn liar… and, a really, really bad one at that. He’s such a toxic, hate-filled, little weasel.

    • Indeed, Stacy. A hat tip to you for (once again) taking the time to call out the abusive antics of the #FreeKate zealot THOMAS MIX. And, thanks to our Gentle Host, as well, for bringing attention to Jeanette Runyon’s fight against this evil freak who is using lawfare to attempt to silence her. Mix has been on a deranged mission to punish Jeanette for having the audacity to disagree with his anti-social views — and, for daring to share the very words and opinions THOMAS MIX HIMSELF willingly and freely shared in the first place on SOCIAL media. *eyeroll*

      I, too, very closely followed the #FreeKate saga. To this day, I cannot express the depths of my disgust at the demented justifications Thomas Mix (and, his sociopathic sidekick “Nicole Bonnet,” the hysterical loon Rachael Carson Zerbe, that weirdo “shaman” witch Kathy Murphy, and a few other creeps whose names escape me at the moment) used in support of the criminal pervert Kaitlyn Hunt. They, too, repeatedly expressed their desires to see Age of Consent laws changed (which anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together can surmise… lowering AOC would ultimately, by extension, result in the Kaitlyn Hunts of the world being far more free to molest their child victims sans legal consequences).

      The #FreeKaters’ unwavering support for Kaitlyn Hunt (who diabolically preyed on a 14yo child), their quest to see this sociopath excused for her deviant sexual assaults, their outright contempt for AOC laws, their eagerness to see AOC laws lowered (or removed from the books altogether), and their horrific abuse, threats, and defamation of those who dared to disagree… show them to be beyond heinous and disturbed. Their sick-and-twisted worldview is not only potentially harmful, but especially dangerous, to the safety and well-being of our children, for God’s sake.

      Stacy asked: “Why did Thomas Mix care so much about this case?”

      IN MY OPINION (Suck it, Mix.), there were a few fairly obvious reasons:

      (1) The molestation of the minor by Kaitlyn Hunt was local news — in his backyard of Florida (IIRC — Rachael Carson Zerbe, too, resided in Florida and jumped all over what started out as just a local news story);
      (2) Mix absolutely loathes anyone with a differing opinion (SJWs despise being called out and disagreed with);
      (3) Many of those who expressed differing opinions were Conservatives. And, even worse yet… CHRISTIANS! Egads! (And, the only folks Mix appears to hate even more than he hates himself are Christian Conservatives); and,
      (4) The media (along with obsessed, self-absorbed, agenda-driven morons and organizations) attempted to make the entire disgusting saga solely about Kaitlyn Hunt’s lesbianism. And, from what I have witnessed courtesy of his very own words and behavior — Thomas Mix is a “proud” (read: self-loathing) militant homosexual who is all too willing to use his homosexuality as both a sword and a shield.

      Thomas Mix, alongside his unhinged, “progressive” SJW cohorts (specifically the evil that is “Nicole Bonnet”), have brutally and relentlessly attacked Jeanette for years. Their behavior has been straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” — specifically Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

      Jeanette needs the help and support of good-and-decent, pro-Free Speech folks. I hope and pray that a Florida attorney will step up and assist her. Thomas Mix has been engaging in egregious and wholesale intimidation, and lawless defamation and harassment against her for a very, very long time now. It needs to stop. And, Mix needs to be duly and legally held to account.

      Evil creatures like Thomas Mix and “Nicole Bonnet” despise the truth. Therefore, they feel wholly justified in aggressively striking out at the truth tellers. No one (if they *dare* to disagree with them) is immune to their hate and abuse. Silence is far from golden when dealing with such cruel and perverse radicals. Silence is what they desire… tis what they crave. And, it is what they attempt to acquire with their pressure, their lies, their malice, and their abuse of the courts via their shutuppery lawfare.

      “There is no safety in timid silence, because once these immoral monsters have silenced the strong and the brave, who will have the courage to defend the timid and the weak?” — Robert Stacy McCain

      If any of you pro-Free Speech, anti-shutuppery folks are in any position to do so… please support and assist Jeanette. At the very least… refuse to allow these immoral monsters to engage in their shutuppery attempts and evil under the cloak of darkness. Darkness despises light. And, deviant liars wholly despise others’ willingness to speak truth to counter their vicious lies for all to see.

      Now… cue Thomas Mix jumping onto teh Twitterz and threatening to add me to his next LOLSuit in 3…2…1… *yawn*

      • Thanks the amount of harassment I’ve experienced from theses obsessive loon is really beyond the pale. My goodness one of these loser spends all their time making fake Disqus, aboutme Twitter, and gnusocial accounts with my or my deceased Daughters name; really is that nuts or what?

        Mix is claiming he gotten harassing tweets I’ve looked at twitter there is not one single harassing tweet just a link to the article. The precious little snowflake thinks just mentioning his name is harassment. Falsely accusing someone being a human trafficker, a danger to children who has sealed criminal records and who need to be committed (again no less) well that isn’t harassment.

        And as you can see he is still being lead by the nose by anon troll @NicoleBonnet1



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  3. Has anyone else noticed the similarities between James Sutter and Bill?

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