Your State Department in Action

WikiLeaks have published an easily searchable compilation of a thousand or so of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails from her private server.

UPDATE—This post has been around for a while, but it does add an extra dimension to the story.

UPDATE 2—The fix was in.

12 thoughts on “Your State Department in Action

    • According to the link, these emails were officially released by the DoJ. WikiLeaks just made them searchable.

      Oh, and there’s some 30,000 of them. There’s just about 1,000 or so related to a search for “Iraq or Basra or Mosul or Baghdad”.

  1. Hillary Clinton will probably not face much in the way of legal consequences. I can’t believe I am saying it, however, I get the feeling that she will weasel her way out of a jail sentence.

    • When the FBI Director calls her “extremely careless” her actions fit the gross negligence burden of the statute. Malicious intent isn’t the requirement.

      I feel sad because of all the Obama appointees I did have some faith in Director Comey to do the right thing. Up until this point in his career he’s been faithful to the law and not corrupt. Today he’s become corrupt.

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  3. This result means that no one can be prosecuted now for violations involving classified material. Just cancel any such actions under way….

    Wait, you mean that’s not how it works? Only the politically connected can skate like this?

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