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49 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Seriously. Who gives a rat’s patootie how often I look at your website? If there is a snake in my yard, I will take a look at it every now and then to see what it’s doing.

    • Says the DUMBFUCK who regularly blocks offshore servers from his own site and then announces to the world that he’s done so. Like that slows anybody down.

      Says the DUMBFUCK who STILL hasn’t given up on vexatiously suing random people as a means to gain access to a site that no longer exists.

      Says the Great White BUTTHURT Hunting DUMBFUCK who calls anyone who visits his site more than once a week STALKER!!!!!

      Says the DUMBFUCK who believe a woman he refers to as “Sarah the Sex Adventurer” (hey, who was it fucked a hooker on a stage in a Japanese bar, again? While MARRIED? And then BRAGGED ABOUT IT? Sex adventurer, indeed) could possibly abuse his name and reputation any more than he has already done to himself. Contributory negligence WILL GET YOU EVERY TIME.


      • Its going to cost him cash, lots of cash, and he’s going to need a real lawyer soon. There are people here who want me to press charges, I haven’t yet but he went over the line with all those lies in his lawsuits.

        • Add me to that list of folks who think you should be pursuing legal remedies.

          Of course Unca Biwwy just knows that he’s a good enough pro se to handle being a defendant in two lawsuits at the same time.

        • Please stop “thinking” about holding sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt responsible for his tortious and criminal actions and Just. Do. It. #swish #NeedMoreLOLs

    • Hey DUMBF5CK Bill Schmalfeldt: if you could answer your own dumbarse question, then maybe you’d stop getting slapped with restraining orders and lawsuits.

  2. From a March, 2016 post titled A Statement About A Lawsuit:

    … UPDATE—Bill Schmalfeldt has attempted to comment on this post. Given that I am now suing him, I do not believe that he should be making comments here at Hogewash!. Effective immediately, he is banned from commenting. …

    For most people, knowing they’re not welcome at a site is enough to keep them away. For others, seeing their comments not allowed is enough to keep them away. For the loathsome loser, even a public notice of banning isn’t enough to keep the repulsive recreant away or from attempting to comment.

    How pathetic, how humiliating, how totally without anything else or anyone else must someone be to insist on going where they’re clearly unwanted. The host literally took out a restraining order to avoid contact from malignant monster. Of course, if Bill Schmalfeldt only went where the grotesque ghoul was welcome, it would leave the fat freak on its own sites. Banned from XMfan, Daily KOS, TMZ, Hogewash! and virtually every other website it has ever fouled with its vile presence, the disgusting, demented, diversely dependent, desperate, defendant DUMBF5CK is alone, even on the internet, a pretty impressive feat.

  3. “If there is a snake in my yard, I will take a look at it every now and then to see what it’s doing.”

    I wouldn’t call looking at this website 17 times in a 12 hour time period “every now and then”, I would call that an obsession.
    A psychotic obsession because of your past behavior.

    • How is looking at someone else’s website in any way reminiscent of looking at something in your own yard? Does Bill think he owns the internet now?
      Does he think he owns all the bandwidth in Maryland?

      Damn that PD dementia is certainly showing itself big-time lately.

  4. All I can say is I spend a couple of days in no Internet land come back today and WOW!!!

  5. Willy, is isn’t that you don’t “look like any of the men on the “Our Time” commercials”, it’s that you aren’t even the same species as the men on the commercials.

    • well, to be honest, those men in the commercials are actually men. Based in the behavior Bill has shown, he isn’t even close to being anything resembling a man.

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