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Today, 1 July, is the day that the informal opposition briefs from the appellees are due at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s. I posted my opposition brief earlier this week, and I’ll be posting the other appellees’ brief over the weekend.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest bit of inept pro se work from TDPK. Although he isn’t a party, he filed a appellee’s brief with the Court of Special Appeals in the Walker v. Maryland Grace’s Law case. Now, he’s filed a supplement to his brief.

This is a prime example of how TDPK get the law wrong. None of the laws that Aaron Walker is challenging are related to domestic abuse. None of them relate to predicate acts that can trigger a Protective Order under Maryland law.

(b)(1) “Abuse” means any of the following acts:

(i) an act that causes serious bodily harm;
(ii) an act that places a person eligible for relief in fear of imminent serious bodily harm;
(iii) assault in any degree;
(iv) rape or sexual offense under §§ 3-303 through 3-308 of the Criminal Law Article or attempted rape or sexual offense in any degree;
(v) false imprisonment; or
(vi) stalking under § 3-802 of the Criminal Law Article.

(2) If the person for whom relief is sought is a child, “abuse” may also include abuse of a child, as defined in Title 5, Subtitle 7 of this article. Nothing in this subtitle shall be construed to prohibit reasonable punishment, including reasonable corporal punishment, in light of the age and condition of the child, from being performed by a parent or stepparent of the child.

(3) If the person for whom relief is sought is a vulnerable adult, “abuse” may also include abuse of a vulnerable adult, as defined in Title 14, Subtitle 1 of this article.

Md. Family Law § 4-501. Two of the laws Aaron is challenging can trigger a Peace Order, but Peace Orders are not used for situations of domestic abuse. That’s what Protective Orders are for.

11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I hope they harshly sanction the puny pedo, including a steep fine, costs to Aaron, and most importantly, order the terrified tiny terrorist to not appear in their court without a lawyer again.

  2. I see Schmalfeldt is also doubling down on his stupid by ranting on Twitter and repeating the talking points given to him by his Pedo Pal Brett Kimberlin. The Peace Orders that were obtained against Schmalfeldt have NOTHING to do with the laws that Aaron is trying to have corrected. Even an idiot like Schmalfeldt knows that but he keeps fucking that chicken on orders from his beloved master. I really have to wonder what’s in it for Bill. Is JMTP paying him? Is Brett “helping” him with his lawsuits? Whatever the reason, Bill seems to be hell bent on proving what a moron he is and he has to know when SHTF that there will be much pointing, laughing, and mockery. Hmmmmm…maybe he actually ENJOYS being humiliated? It would explain SO much of his behavior.

    • IKR? It doesn’t take half of a brain to grasp that dementia-addled dependent defendant DUMBF5CK has completely reversed good/bad yet again.

      If another “Grace” happens and the perpetrator is convicted under the law as currently on the books, their court-appointed lawyer will certainly make similar arguments. It’s pro forma for any ‘new’ law, and even well established law is regularly challenged.

      If Aaron wins the law will have to be re-written to conform to the constitution. If the pedoketeers get their way and Grace’s law remains as is, any criminal convicted under it will not only get away with their crime, but may also end up with a financial settlement from the state.

      Maybe that’s the plan…

  3. Will they or won’t they just boot his “briefs” ( since he’s a non-party, and cannot be an amicus)

  4. I’ve gone to the opinion that progressive loons such as Kimberlin,Schmalfeldt and my personal barnacle Thomas A Mix of Vero beach have no real understanding of the law. They just feel what a law mean to them.

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