That Pesky Bill of Rights

I’m old enough to remember (now, there’s a line that getting a lot of work these days) when folks on the Left were all for the Bill of Rights. The narrative back then was that it was the Right that opposed free speech or due process. Today, many of the generation that marched in the streets in the ’60s have risen to become part of the Establishment. It seems that many a former “revolutionary” no longer want to stick it to the Man now that he has become the Man. So we have recently had a bunch of geezers sitting in the well of the House of Representatives demonstrating in favor of a bill to suppress the Fifth Amendment right to due process and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Somehow, they seemed braver when they were sitting at lunch counters five decades ago.

The First, Second, and Fifth Amendments are now under overt attack. The Fourth Amendment is a target as well. Those of us who still think that the Bill of Rights is worth keeping need to keep hitting back. I suggest that we do not limit ourselves to only twice as hard.

One more thing … why are they going on about rifles now? Fifty years ago, it was all about “Saturday Night Specials,” inexpensive handguns that the wrong people could afford for self-protection. Now, it’s rifles: “Military-style” “weapons of war.” It’s almost as if someone is afraid of an armed populace that would be able to resist …

18 thoughts on “That Pesky Bill of Rights

  1. I’m very keen on due process rights. Considering the nasty place where I work, so are all my co-workers. That’s not the popular perception of my employer by any means.

    I keep looking at this as the current magician’s distraction. We’re running out the clock on appropriations again. We’ve got still more failure theater to come.

  2. The attacks on the Bill of Rights can be seen as the Smarter Than You set acting like the natural tyrants they are. “How dare you little people try to tell us what to do?”

    Time to remind them just who are the masters in this country.

    • The smarter than thou set has a few would be tyrants, but it is in the main made up of useful idiots. Useful idiots are different than actual idiots in that they’re generally well educated, but over-assume the breadth of their knowledge. The actual tyrants are in the main duller, knowing less and assuming even broader knowlege, though some of them see themselves as part of the great, hardly any to none qualify.

  3. It was a letter to the editor excoriating the latest round of demonization of “Saturday Night Specials” that made me realize how stupid the whole argument against banning guns was. It was written copying a NY Times post about the issue, except substituting in “hammer” for “gun.” The age I read it at? 16. Never turned back once I realized that the whole argument was based on ridonkulousness.

    • I have often thought of setting up a table outside of Home Depot or Lowe’s to argue for a 10 day waiting period on hammers. Just because …
      : -))

  4. There’s also the shift in who they’re targetting. Today the goal is to piss off middle-class whites.

  5. In the recent immigration case the four liberal Judges voted to negate the Constitutional provisions that clearly state that legislation is the prerogative of the legislature.

    I would note that if Hilary Clinton is elected President, she will appoint a fifth, and probably sixth Judge to that liberal block.

    People on the right seem to be in intense denial of what that will mean. Supporting Hillary Clinton, or de facto supporter Hillary Clinton by sitting out the election, is supporting the negation of our Constitution. The only option for proponent of upholding Constitution is oppose the election of Hillary Clinton, which means to actively support the election of Donald Trump.

    Those are the facts.

    • Sorry, BSB, people like you voted for a damn con man as our nominee.

      Anyway, my vote for president is meaningless. Illinois would vote for Satan or Stalin on the democratic presidential ticket by a massive margin, with ample voting by the undead.

  6. Oddly enough, at this sit-in there was zero danger of them getting rousted, hassled, or beat up by agents of the government with guns and sticks. In fact, those types were protecting them with their guns.
    I propose anyone who participated should have all protection by people with guns stripped from them when they’re outside the workplace.

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  8. Remember when some had this kind of foresight actually saw this coming?
    Laughed off, dismissed with the stated, “they’ll never be able to do it, the Supreme Court will uphold the Constitutionality of (insert whatever topic here)?”

    Yeah how is that working out?

  9. Yes the safe space advocates are leading the charge vs the Bill of Rights. But we need to be equally concerned about Donald who threatens to change the libel laws.

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