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On Monday, the USPS should have delivered the Cabin Boy’s™ copy of this opposition to his motion to dismiss for improper venue that he improperly filed in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

My opposition speaks for itself, so I don’t intend to make any further public comment on his motion until the court has ruled on it.

19 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Someone just doesn’t understand that any “disability” does not matter, does not come into play, does not compute when it comes to a civil issue like this. And yeah, that’s why we laugh and laugh and laugh.

  1. I’ve started collecting posters of old popcorn advertisements. I order a poster for ever dumbass filing submitted to the court by Bill Schmalfeldt. My basement is filling up with posters. I think I now have more posters than the company that sells them. The stock price of that company is shooting through the roof. I’ve thought about selling a large number of the posters on Ebay, but if I flood the market with too many the worldwide price of popcorn posters will dive. I don’t know what to do with all these posters.

    Bill, please stop. You’re killing me.

  2. In my mind I see Fi Fi Ferguson puffing on his bong and dutifully copypasta the Blobs motions until he reads Hoge’s response at which point he sadly crumbles the paper and tosses it in the ever growing pile of motions that won’t work. Then another email is sent to Kimberlin pleading for more help.

  3. What a pedestrian pleading. Of course that’s meant as a compliment; sometime the blunt object is more appropriate than the sharp blade.

    I’m enormously entertained by DUMBFUCK regularly painting Our Gentle Host as Shelob. In a certain sense, he doesn’t know how right he is. I suppose one could excuse that – being thoroughly wrapped in her webbing doesn’t aid perspective.

  4. Just googled and read Maryland Rule 2-322(f) and laughed. I expect some full Bill SmallBalls butthurt on twitter today.

  5. If only there were someone who Bill could talk to so he could make sure he actually reads through to the rule that applies and quits fucking things up for himself. I think maybe they are called lawyers or something like that. People that take money for helping you when you’ve stomped on your dick wearing cleats and are terrified of court. Those people.

  6. I really, really hate being gainfully employed, it puts me far behind in my reading. Wasn’t there a DOOM! Clock up from the ASSistant pedophile set to expire yesterday???
    Did I miss the big reveal?

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