Another Loose End Tied

Those Gentle Readers who have not been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin from the beginning may not know what triggered the blogosphere’s interest in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. Back in 2012, TDPK sought a bogus peace order against Aaron Walker, and the District Court judge who mishandled that case included an unconstitutional gag order against Aaron in the peace order he issued. The gag order was overturned on appeal. The peace order itself was also overturned. It was that brass knuckles reputation management attack on the First Amendment that got a lot of bloggers interested in Brett Kimberlin.

The judge who issued the blatantly unconstitutional order has been reprimanded by the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities. Aaron Walker discusses the details here.

UPDATE—The Scribd link at Allergic to Bull is flaky, but the reprimand can be found at the State’s website.

31 thoughts on “Another Loose End Tied

  1. Wow and the other judge they keep touting fled the state in disgrace and most likely would have been censored or even removed from the bench for her conduct as well

  2. Team pedo sure is unraveling fast,just last night they declared yet another victory on da twitters

  3. Dayyum…

    Did not expect that. At all. Truly, a benchslap of epic proportions!

    Seems Brett Coleman Kimberlin has at least one talent, and that is “baiting judges into improper behavior”. Ties right in, of course, with his observed “confidence man” “talents”.

  4. I’m sure the so called journalist Matt Osborne will write or update about these new developments in the next few hours. It’s kind of an important detail to update your readers that one of the underlying bases of many of your reports has been found unethical, unlawful, and the judge violated the rules. Then again outside of 10 people they probably don’t have much of a readership.

  5. Great congratulations are due to Aaron on this victory. I am not a fan of Aaron so my praise for him is not automatic. He is, however, very frequently right on the issues, and he sure was on this one. Furthermore, it takes courage for a lawyer to go after a judge. Finally, this was not only personal and deserved vindication for Aaron, but getting that judicial joke Vaughey slapped down was a victory for society.

    I was stopped by the software from leaving this comment at Aaron’s, but I have a speculation that may make his victory even sweeter to him. He speculated on why the constitutional issues of the peace order and Vaughey’s explicit flouting of the Bill of Rights were not mentioned. Perhaps an instrumentality of the state of Maryland was reluctant to get within miles of the issue of whether a Maryland statute violates the federal constitution. They did not need to address that issue at all because Vaughey had already proved himself a judicial joke.

  6. I’ll echo the congratulation to Aaron and second the notion that the comments on his blog are messed up. Couldn’t leave a comment using my WordPress ID.

    Say, does anyone remember William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt trying to bait Aaron into violating the unconstitutional gag order? Aaron, of course, neatly avoided that trap laid by that intrepid investigative journamalist the Lyin’ of Lebanon.

    • I remember that. That was The Advent of Schmalfeldt (and I do think of it in caps).

      Well done on the judgely rebuke AW!

      the next time the Mentally Weak Ones start to try counting coup I suggest a new category to add to the tallies: Judges Rebuked: AW-1 BK and TDF: f’n0.

        • hey man, I have to remember the coordinates don’t I? That’s something isn’t it? It’s not like there’s temporal post-it notes on the market….be back in a sec, have to go talk to 3M.

          • Just set the machine in future mode, jump ahead a century, and buy a set of temporal post-its. Quite straight forward. You are allowed to put the machine in forward mode; it is not obligatory to drive in reverse. (Hey, I get what’s cool about reverse: the women always have an interest in guys that know so much.)

      • Actually 2. The judge that heard the Pedo’s bogus case of harassment against his daughter and whose doctored (and illegal to release) court audio Team Pedo touts was chased off the bench in shame. See above.

  7. I am stunned. It is if the moribund judicial branch in The People’s Republic of Maryland briefly stirred and remember that “justice” had something to do with their mission.

  8. Maryland Commission sez:

    “Well, forget Vaughey. Let’s go by Walker right now, and common sense out in the world.”

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