Fallout from Brexit

Peter Hitchens takes a look at the alliance of disaffected Brits who voted to leave the EU last week. He writes in the Daily Mail that the formal alliance of the Tory and Labour nomenclatura to support the Remain campaign sparked a new alignment among the electorate.

It has brought together two groups who had never really met before. The first group are the social and moral conservatives, whose views the Blairised Tory Party despised, while it still relied on their money and their votes. The second are the working-class families whose votes the Blairised Labour Party relied on, while it dismissed and ignored their concerns.

And …

What we need is for the Tory Party and the Labour Party to collapse and split and be replaced by two new parties that properly reflect the real divisions in the country.

Since both the old parties are empty and decrepit, with few active members and reliant on state support and dodgy billionaires, the collapsing and splitting bit should not be too hard. The replacement is up to us, the British people, who have now demonstrated our power if we unite.

Marginalized voters on the Left and marginalized voters on the Right revolting against their party leaderships—why does this sound familiar?

4 thoughts on “Fallout from Brexit

  1. If Britain didn’t go first the French and the Dutch were going to leave early next year – from what I gather from whatever these talking heads who got in wrong in the first place – everyone was pissed when they bailed out the lazy Greeks who have taken one of the hardest working cultures and ruined them by providing too many temptations to not work

    • That’s why elections have to be beyond the margins of fraud. It wouldn’t surprise me if the legitimate vote was much stronger toward Leave than the published result.

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