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No. By “different” I mean not the same.

I’m not going to try the Hoge v. Kimberlin lawsuit on the Internet. As I said before, any further public comments on the Cabin Boy’s™ motion to dismiss for improper venue will be contained in the opposition I will file with the court. If The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt can’t figure out the mistakes he’s made on his own, he can hire a lawyer to explain them to him—or he can wait until I serve him with a copy of my opposition when I file it with the court. Meanwhile, …

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

40 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’m almost as impatient for that opposition as the loathsome loser — but I’m looking forward to the lulz. Doing lots and lots of stretching, meanwhile. hahahaha

  2. Bill—let me remind you of one of the most basic & true statements in the legal system. It comes from someone you might know, Abraham Lincoln…… “HE WHO REPRESENTS HIMSELF HAS A FOOL FOR A CLIENT.”

    In your case it should read “The FOOL who represents himself has an even BIGGER FOOL for a client”

  3. I thought at our unpublished blog it was established Bill already gave up all communications between him and Brett and William???. Isn’t Bill supposed to be out of this because he’s admitted to everything?

    • As long Team Pedo exists, Dumbfuck will never cease to support and/or work with them.

  4. You know, none of Bill’s suits got past a Motion to Dismiss. Now Bill turns around and “quotes liberally” from one of Hoge’s own Motions, and he’s going to lose because he doesn’t realize.

    I will await Hoge’s educating the monkey. And now this is the time on Sprockets when we dance!

  5. Why does the Cabin Boy change his twitter handle as often as I change socks?

    Asking for a friend

    • I admit to being curious as to why your friend keeps track of how often you change your socks…

  6. No William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt, the basic facts are NOT the same. If only you put as much effort into comprehending what you read as you do in dreaming up skits about anally raping and urinating on cub scouts you might have a slight chance of understanding why the PLM is so great.

  7. He claims it is “almost word-for-word the same motion“, yet I don’t remember any of John Hoge’s motions stating that they are for the purpose of challenging personal jurisdiction, and then arguing about proper venue. Which one of those two possible reasons to dismiss do you think he actually meant to argue for in that motion?

    • Maybe he copied the top part from one source, the middle part from another source, and the last part from yet another source. Seems to fit his MO of just stealing other peoples shit and trying to pass it off as his own work. But lazy plagiarists will find that what they think they are copying isn’t always what they think.

    • I admit. I laughed out loud when I read “for the sole purpose” of contesting personal jurisdiction, I am contesting venue.

      I don’t think he ever learned that the trick in writing is re-reading and then re-writing.

  8. For a “Journalist” he sure is stupid about the concept of Context.

    If I say something in one situation, and say the same thing in another, it may not mean the same thing (i.e.: “My name is Bill Smally, and I like Big Juicy Hot Dogs” said at a ballpark has an innocent meaning. But say “My name is Bill Smally, and I like Big Juicy Hot Dogs” at a Gay Bar, and it has a totally different meaning).

    Context, you JWR swilling, Fear Pee Rusted Scooter Puff riding moron, Context!!

    • “Something happened”. Probably the highest point of his entire journalist career.

      Here’s the list that he’s proud of:
      1. “Something happened”
      2. Fucking a tranny on stage in Japan
      3. Storming the beach in Lebanon to find the nearest tranny bar before the MP’s
      4. Writing bullshit articles in defense of a pedophile

      • Whoops forgot to complete this. “before the MP’s drag his ass back to ship after finding him face deep in a tranny’s behind.”

  9. I always notice that when the Dumbfuck is playing his “radio” station, there are long gaps in between each track. My theory? He’s downing a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red, passing out, then having to change his pair of pants when he wakes up after he realizes the smell will annoy his neighbors, puts on a new track, check HOOOOGGEEE!!!’s site, and repeat it all over again.

  10. Speaking of plagiarism, it’s quite a remora hold he has on this Kevin Macleod. We should make sure and point out Kevin to DF next time he goes on one of his “I accomplished this tiny thing what have you done” rants.
    “Yo, DF! This is Kevin. He has actually created a bunch of stuff. A bunch of stuff that a lot of people like. And you had to copy the living crap out of him cuz you’re empty inside. you got nothing.” No repeats wither, KM seems quite prolific.

  11. Do you think DUMBFUCK remembers that his Pedo associate was offered the opportunity to testify in his only case to make it to trail and he declined? Maybe he didn’t want to answer questions under oath about little girls perhaps? But he certainly did have the chance to testify, he just didn’t have the balls. So DUMBFUCK what do you think will change because of this bill? Will your Pedo associate suddenly grow a sack and get on the stand?

    • “Spurious” now means true charges. Like the ones he was too scared to testify about when given the opportunity.

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