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The gang over at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread has been hyperventilating over a brief filed by Aaron Walker in his suit against the State of Maryland. Aaron is seeking to have the laws that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has used to harass him (and me) declared unconstitutional (or at least unconstitutional all applied in our cases). Here’s Aaron’s brief:

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has submitted a brief as well. Here it is:

Of course, the case is Walker v. State, so Kimberlin isn’t a party. That means he doesn’t have standing to file a brief except as an amicus. Amicus briefs can’t be filed pro se by a non-lawyer, so it will be interesting to see what the Court of Special Appeals does with TDPK’s paperwork.

I lost count of the lies Kimberlin told in the section labeled “Walker is Misleading the Court.” TDPK’s desperation is really beginning to show.

While appeals generally move slowly, I’ve been told that there may be some more news related to this one later in the week. Stay tuned.

26 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’m not a lawyer but even I knew you can’t just file amicus briefs. Don’t all amicus briefs require permission or consent to file? I would be really worried if I was a co-defendant with a moron like Kimberlin calling the shots

    I haven’t read Aaron’s filings on this subject, but I will note I’m apprehensive of most laws in the name of protecting children. Many constitutional rights are infringed upon in the name of “protecting children” because people don’t want to be against protecting children. It’s a politician trick to say legislation protects children and so it must be passed..

  2. Defendant Kimberlin sure loves his impertinent, salacious, and scandalous filings, incorrectly believing that some judge will eventually buy his false narratives.

    All a judge has to do is read a few court transcripts and some opinions where Defendant Kimberlin utterly failed. Of course, Defendant Kimberlin doesn’t like it when people talk about his failures in public. You’d think he’d learn to stop making so many.. but nope..

    • I find the terrified tiny terrorist’s pleadings to be an insult to one’s intelligence. Were I a judge reading the above nonsense, I’d think either it was written by someone with an IQ barely into double digits, or who thinks mine is that low.

      I’d be sincerely offended by ridiculous claims like AW somehow bullied a teenager out of not one, but two schools. Not a classmate, not a teacher, not someone who has ever been near the school, but a lawyer in another state somehow made it happen. It’s silly on its face, like so very many of his claims.

      Another example: He claims he was “admitted” to the emergency room for treatment. Even before the court is apprised of repeated adjudications to the contrary, on its face this is insulting to the judge’s intelligence.

      And then there are the repeated misrepresentations of various laws and cases. Judges are going to already know many, if not most of the cases and statutes cited, and any they’re not familiar with, they’re going to read. It’s their job. Again, it’s insulting. And cumulative. 😉

      • Fiancé is an ER nurse. You can be ‘admitted to the ER’ just by walking in. And people with that kind of bs chief complaint are generally there because they didn’t manage their oxy supply properly.

        • Yes, exactly; everyone who shows up is “treated” even if that “treatment” consists only of a bandaid, or telling the patient they should drink lots of fluids for their cold. It’s silly and insulting to try to frame it the way the terrified tiny terrorist tries to frame it. I expect judges to be exponentially more insulted than a non-judge or non-legal professional.

  3. Wait, wait, wait…

    Brett Kimberlin thinks my site is pornographic?

    Brett Kimberlin thinks my site is pornographic?

    Brett Kimberlin thinks my site is pornographic?

    Brett Kimberlin thinks my site is pornographic?

    Is this the same Brett Kimberlin who, IIRC, filed a lawsuit from prison because he ordered some porno-by-mail that turned out to be insufficiently pornographic?

    Sweet Mother of Mercy, but Team Pedobear are a bunch of idiots?

    Perhaps we should ask BunnyBoy if he’s encountered the material that the puny pro se pedo pipsqueak finds so terrible. Having previously passed judgment on the stuff that sent Craig Gillette to jail, would he find that it too was “not that bad?”

  4. Is there even any reason for the last line in the brief? It’s not like he’s being graded.

    • In a case where the State specifically sought to sever Itself from him, as they do not have a common interest, especially in being a co-defendant. In response to an appeal brief that specifically excluded him as an appellee because the case v. the State has been so severed. Yeah. He’s that plain dumb.

  5. I see one flaw in Aaron Walker’s strategy, which I’m afraid may prove fatal: he’s expecting sanity out of the Supreme Court. (Yes, this appeal hasn’t yet gone to the Supreme Court, but he’s challenging the constitutionality of a statute on First Amendment gounds. That’s prime Supreme Court material.) Unfortunately, I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of this Supreme Court handing out a sensible ruling.

  6. Kimberlin brief can be summed up as, “People where criticizing me for my parenting skills so I tried to use grace law to shut them up”.

  7. Go for it Aaron! Am I correct to assume that the ultimate appeal here would be to the Maryland State Supreme Court (rather than the U.S. Supreme Court)?

  8. I’m not sure Aaron’s got a good chance in this case. IMO the statutes are narrow enough to survive First Amendment scrutiny. The state enforcing a law in an unconstitutional manner does not make the statute unconstitutional.

    I do think that the court was wrong to dismiss the state on the grounds of immunity, although I’m not familiar with Maryland law on immunity.

    So then how does Aaron vindicate his rights? There’s a federal statute on point that would be very effective.

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