Peaceful Coexistence


UPDATE—Milo weighs in.

Milo notes that 96 percent of Palestinians view homosexuality as an unacceptable lifestyle choice. So do I, but I also have respect for the freewill of those who make that choice. It’s one thing to kill out of hatred. It’s something else to attempt to persuade out of love.

The attack in Orlando was all about hatred.

10 thoughts on “Peaceful Coexistence

  1. I shake my head in sorrow every time I see a “COEXIST” bumper sticker. Because the idiots that have those bumper stickers on their cars are in denial. (Kind of like “World Peace”, nice idea, but not realistic).
    To have true coexistence among every major religion, each has to acknowledge that the others have the right to coexist even if they don’t believe as they do. And that is not happening. Because as we can see and has been demonstrated in the past, Islam feels that they have the right to kill those that don’t believe as they do. Until Islam changes, there can be no coexistence.

  2. QotD, as seen on Facebook in a comments section:

    I’d like to block all potential terrorists from buying weapons, and subject them to 24/7 surveillance, until I remember that the Complete List of Global Terrorist Organizations, According to Obama, is:

    1. Trump Supporters
    2. The Tea Party
    3. The NRA
    4. The US Army
    5. The Republican Party / Libertarian Party
    6. The Little Sisters of the Poor
    7. The Boy Scouts of America
    8. Bakers who won’t bake gay wedding cakes

    And then I have second thoughts.

  3. Somebody explain to me how you coexist with people who are eager to kill you?

    It is sort of like getting hung by the neck until you cheer up….

  4. As a youngster, I was taught to pledge allegiance to OUR flag. The concept used was “e pluribus unum”. That concept has faded away into the mists of time starting with the Kennedy/Johnson administrations.

    I believe we must get back to basics starting in our schools and other public forums with the daily pledge of allegiance and teaching about our history. With the Balkanization of our country, perhaps it is time to reintroduce “e pluribus unum” with a slightly different twist….”ex multis ad unum”.

    • When you have so many group claiming victimization, you will have great difficulty trying to these groups to bind together to agree to be “one of many”.

      They don’t want to be a subset of many, they want to be special snowflakes. And how can you be a special snowflake if you are part of the great melting pot?

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