14 thoughts on “Comparisons

  1. It’s like watching a matador the way Mr. Hoge deftly misdirects and sidesteps the brute. Then again Bill is more of a braying mule than a bull, so there is that.

  2. I do wonder if Bill has ever read Sun Tzu or Clausewitz. Neither are well known for their illustrations.

  3. Similarities abound…

    Unkemptness, especially as regards hair…


    Relative fame and respect in their chosen fields of speciality…

    I’m sure the braying mule would love to compare himself to Larry Fine, but Larry and his pals found a way to make looking like a DUMBFUCK profitable, which in itself destroys their status as true DUMBFUCKS. They were only playacting at it, and doing a fabulous job.

    The braying mule is the real deal, and as such has never profited a dime from it.

    • Defendant DF Fear Pee only can wish to be as significant as Larry Fine.

      And a braying mule doesn’t deserve to have it’s image slandered by having it compared to DF.

    • Both are still held in esteem in their chosen fields decades after their great works were completed. Something very, very few accomplish. There are also some whose names are forgotten, but their works endure. Then, finally, there are those who desire to be held in esteem, but will be forgotten along with their works within weeks of their passing.

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