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I sent a messenger over to the Clerk’s Office at the Circuit Courthouse and retrieved a copy of Judge Hecker’s Memorandum Opinion and Order denying the Cabin Boy™ motion to dismiss in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit while dropping off the Request for Orders of Default that I filed against the Kimberlins.

Having read the judge’s order, I’ll stick with yesterday’s comment. I’m told that the copies to be mailed were processed after the mail pickup on Thursday and that everything was to go out to the parties in Friday’s mail. Schmalfeldt can post his copy when he gets it.

This week’s progress in the case was the result of carefully paying attention to the details of my litigation strategy, and only the tip of that iceberg has been visible.

Sicut praevisui omne procedens est.

47 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Well, it does seem an unfair advantage.

      But then, some would argue that liars have their own unfair advantages – abet one that’s often temporary.

      So I guess it evens out.

  1. “Honan, what I the meaning of life?”

    “to crush your enemies”

    “to drive them before you”

    “and to savor the whining of the Villains”

  2. It should be fun watching Puppy Boy and Bunny Boy try to figure out what to do. I’m guessing they’re starting to realize that any help from Kimberlin is designed only to help Kimberlin. And if they get help from Schmalfeldt… HAHAHAHA!!! This is gonna be good. If they were smart they would line up their own legal representation.

  3. I find it rather… interesting…. that the person who complains about the number of legal documents Our Gracious Host has on Scribd is now bitching that he will not… post the order denying his MTD.

    Here’s a tip. DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF.

    As for us? We can wait. Patience is a virtue, after all.

    • I find it queer he thinks we would like him be chomping at the bit to see the order or beg John to post it for him/us. Near as I can figure, Bill is sitting on pins and needles waiting.

      It’s more entertaining making him wait.

    • Bill has 3 main personality traits. Evil, stupidity, and laziness. Explains a lot about why he’s been such a failure. Hell, most folks don’t get a shot to be an XM radio host and he managed to fuck that up quickly and so profoundly that they wouldn’t even return phone calls or emails when he begged for his job back. Even in a cushy govt job he couldn’t last long. Take your pick on whether it was his evil, stupid, or lazy that kept getting him repeatedly fired.

    • What I don’t get is why he just assumes that our Gentle Host, a man he has called a liar and far, far worse, would post an honest and true copy?

      I mean, we assume it because we trust and respect our Gentle Host, but Bill? Why should he expect anything posted but “Defendant fails because he is a DUMBF5CK.” Why should he ever trust what is posted here, versus waiting a couple days to see what the court actually mails him?

      Could it be that, deep down, Bill recognizes that he is harrasing an Honest Man? Could there be some small vestigial remnant of decency in the man, that has not yet gone away?

      Personally I’ve been putting money on his last remnant of a soul being small, green, and foul-smelling to the Turd-sniffing Adjudicated Toddlerstalker, which he showed in a video before flushing. Maybe souls are infinite, and can grow back no matter who you are. Maybe souls are finite, and can grow back but not enough to cover a multitude of prior sins. Perhaps someone who lives with a bunch of nuns should look in to forgiveness? And penance, there is nothing without penance.

      Too bad for the turd-sniffing toddler stalker, I don’t believe he is smart enough, or TK dumb enough, for them to drop truly important info in front of him, or for him to catch it and remember it. I expect he has nothing at all to offer our Gentle Host, and I expect our Gentle Host is just fine with that.

      Rams, walls, and all that.

      – M

  4. Honan,

    “What is the meaning of Life”

    “To make you enemies stumble”

    “To drive them to F5ck themselves”

    “And to hear their whining’s in court”

  5. LOL, Billy Schmalfeldt practices law by “monkey see, monkey do.”
    See what happens when you ignore CONTEXT, Billykins?

  6. Juggernaut, Slowly, slowly progressing while crushing everything in its path. The wise would get themselves off the path. But DF’s gotta DF.

  7. Pedophiles, bombers, basement dwellers, living off mom, banned to a shed at a pot farm, child rapists, child pornographers, failed disgraced former national broadcasters, have lousy paralegals, and make lousy legal arguments

      • Eaters of presidential seals, recipients of secret exonerations and Eastern European horseshit…

        • Serial Adjudicated Harasser, holder of the invisible ribbon of Lebanon, 9th earl of Restrania, Defendant of Maryland, and Holder of the Depends, has claimed victory.

          He will publish himself the monster slap in the face from Bennett of Justia as soon as the Queen of the Red Cardinal, scans it in to legal

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