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  1. This should get sanctions and a 5150, but again, I think the terrified tiny terrorist is going to keep escalating until he’s locked up.


    So, let me get this straight. Brett is trying to prove his case with a letter from a guy who the police felt was enough of a stalker\harraser to file 400 charges against? That’s right, the police felt John’s compliants were valid enough for the police to file the charges.

    Also he wants the court to believe the guy who has multiple restraining orders against him in numerous states, including one from a 3 year old. Oh, that last one really helps the old credibility right there.

    A guy who has pictures of himself wearing medals, his DD-214 doesn’t list him as earning?

    A guy who has more tweets \blogs \ emails etc. aginst interest saved in archives by Lickspittles that he will never be able to explain to a judge.

    Please, please, please, let this get to a point where Bill gets to take the stand and has to explain all this.

    • Good points all, and I totally agree that it would be amazing to see the loathsome loser on a witness stand. Sadly, I don’t think any judge is going to allow the terrified tiny terrorist to represent the entire group, either as lawyer (because he’s not a lawyer, never was, never will be),nor as a class representative figure.

      Just as sadly, the grotesque ghoul’s pack of dementia fueled lies weren’t presented under penalty of perjury, so it’s not likely the fat freak will face any consequences. However, the judge may frown at the terrified tiny terrorist presenting blatantly false “evidence.”

    • The plaintiff is alleging a conspiracy. Well, he’s a vexatious litigant, and here’s a nice person who wrote to me to explain all that.

      It’s like he’s trying [redacted]!

    • I see a bunch of “X” marks next to “probable cause” and “nolle prosequi” on those 19x charges the State brought against Bill Schmalfeldt. I wonder why those charges might have been voluntarily dropped. I wonder if there is a record of that reason anywhere or if TK, executing a Hail Mary, thinks that their set play is actually going to move forward, unchallenged.

      I wonder why TK is bringing provable liar Bill Schmalfeldt, with his X>0 restraining orders, into this case. Well, whatever, not looking good for TK.

  3. I hear that the disused runway on Johnson Atoll needs frequent sweeping. I can think of a few folks who deserve the job.

  4. Also love the part where he writes about how there’s a 100 page complaint that was taken to court… and fails to mention the outcome. Hard to see a judge not picking up on that one.

  5. Love that schmalfeldt writes that on June 3 like it is their first correspondence and bk didn’t drive him to court to deal with similar matters not long ago

    • It’s like he’s saying, “Oh, hi! Yes, I do have this information that I think might benefit you.” to someone he’s never met before. The formality… it’s so…. scripted it’s not even funny.

  6. Ooooh, missed this one:

    “No one in their right mind would file close to 400 legal actions against liberal Democrats.”

    What the heck has he been smoking?!?

    • I’m reminded of a Doonesbury strip from the late 1970s that went something like this:

      Master of Ceremonies: Welcome to the Amnesty International annual dinner. Last year, Amnesty reported that there were four political prisoners in the United States. I’m pleased to report that one of those prisoners has since been released and is here with us tonight.
      (Audience applauds)
      Ex-prisoner: Thank you!
      MC: Sir, can you tell us about how you became a political prisoner?
      Ex-prisoner: Well, I’m a liberal Democrat, and I was arrested for fundraising.
      MC: Fundraising? From whom?
      Ex-prisoner: Yes, from a cashier at Food Mart …

    • Indeed. If there were close to 400 causes of action, if the person involved was a liberal, a conservative, or apolitical, a DA filling that many counts against the person involved would hardly be unusual, as is more or less the case here.

      If a man wearing a hat robbed a bank, that he was wearing a hat is irrelevant, charging him with the robbery doesn’t mean you bear some special animosity toward hat wearers. Though of course, they deserve it.

    • I saw that and burst out LAUGHING! Nearly fell over in my chair. I mean, really? Wouldn’t the LOGICAL way to put that be “file close to 400 legal actions against a person”? Oh but wait. Everything is a matter of political party to these numbskulls. SMH

  7. I love the smell of desperation in the morning. Smells like….well, I don’t think we should go that far.

    Kimby should have taken .38 Special’s advice. (The band, not the ammunition, for the Team Kimberlin fucktards who might be reading this.) Instead of hold on loosely but don’t let go, he clung too tightly and lost control.

    Looks like he is this close to going off the deep end.

    • That goes for Schmalballs, too. He accuses Our Esteemed Host of distortions and half truths? His distortions cumulatively don’t add up to 1/4 truth in his bullshit “letter.”

      But hey, Dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck….

  8. Of course, no one needs a reminder that PedoBrett is a pedophile.

    Here’s the picture that really makes him mad.
    Tell me PedoBrett, how old was your wife when you groomed her bringing her over from Ukraine? Oh right, you admitted that she was 14 years old. What about Sandra Barton? She was 10 and you were 20. What about that other girl that was 14 when you were 25? This is from your own authorized biography. Three times does make you a pedophile.

      • I’ll quote PedoBrett:
        “I say things a lot of people are afraid to say. Yeah, ‘Teen Dream’ is about fucking a teenage girl. Every guy who’s seen a good-looking teenage girl has thought about it. I’m talking about that lecherous quality that every man, though he won’t act on it, has.”

    • He writes that he will prove Hoge is stalking his daughter by …. providing a Photoshop of Brett! Brilliant! Beyond the power of the psychopaths – it’s all about them.

  9. That is hilarious in so many ways. Kimberlin thinks this huge mess of nonsense helps him? More often, it proves what Hoge wrote was true. This is beyond belief – as Kimberlin proves to be stupider than we believed.

  10. Paragraph 1: “implies”, no, he proves and you reinforced his point, PedoBrett (and that goes for you as well, Dumbfuck “Dear Brett”/Banned for Child Pornography). Hoge already points out that there were 6 cases with over 300 charges for “failure to obey” which he does not deny. So what’s your point, PedoBrett / Dumbfuck “Dear Brett”/Banned for Child Pornography? You know when you write a response, reading the plaintiff’s papers is critical which you obviously failed to do and the judge will notice that. Now, what I don’t understand is why you’re trying to represent the Dumbfuck “Dear Brett”/Banned for Child Pornography, PedoBrett, when you’re not legally authorized to do so?

    I forgot, this is Team Pedo we’re talking about here.

    • Honestly, I think that’s the best part of the whole thing. Like a friendly casual [read totally forced] letter from a CODEFENDENT shouting to the heavens what a poo-poo head they think someone is will actually be taken as “evidence.” Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa!

      Team Kimbergarten: Providing hilarious hijinks for people to develop hernias from laughing at since 2012

        • IANAL, but it kinda does that for me. lol Guess they didn’t think about THAT, now did they? *snort* Because now our Esteemed Host can [redacted – WJJH]. And that will be such FUN!

  11. https://twitter.com/PurloinedParody/status/740758698335866881

    You’re right, Dumbfuck “Dear Brett”/Banned for Child Pornography. That heinous activity was Mr. Hoge accurately describing what went down between you, the State, and Mr. Hoge regarding those 300+ violations of a restraining order which were split up among 6 separate cases. After all, the proper authorities thought there was a case here which is why they filed the State charges on behalf of Mr. Hoge. Therefore, Hoge was not the Plaintiff as the State was.

    Your dumbfuck logic is basically this example: an abused wife, named G, is automatically the Plaintiff bringing charges against her obese neglecting husband, named W, who is obsessed about his imaginary enemies on the internet so she must deal with the criminal process from A to Z.

    No, the Justice system doesn’t work that way, dumbfuck. The State is the one that deals with the criminal justice system on behalf of the complainant which is exactly what happened as Mr. Hoge described it that you reinforced his point on. What’s amusing is that you’re arguing about this in a Maryland Court which they’re going to be well briefed on how well the criminal justice system works.

    If there was an award for this, you get one for “Best Dumbfuck Ever” and PedoBrett would just get his “Adjudicated Pedophile participation award”.

  12. Defendant Schmalfeldt’s letter will likely not be considered as evidence of anything. Why? First, it is an obvious attempt to circumvent the need for an affidavit attesting to actual facts, not opinions. Second, defendant Schmalfeldt is a party, and parties don’t get to write letters to each other and use them as responses to motions in lieu of proper responses. There’s other stuff, too, but I’ll leave it at that.

    • Why they thought this was a good idea, I just can’t even. Then again, this is Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt we are talking about.

      • It’s been said there is no such thing as cold, only an absence of heat.

        It’s been said there is no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light.

        However, the analogy does not extend to intelligence, because STUPID CAN BE MEASURED.

        Normally, when two or more people combine their efforts, they arrive at a sum greater than their parts.

        Intelligence adds, but IGNORANCE MULTIPLIES.

        • Kinda,

          Cold is not the opposite of heat, but merely it’s absence. Its opposite, anti-heat, would be difficult to contemplate.

          Darkness is not the opposite of light, but merely it’s absence. Likewise, its opposite, anti-light, would be difficult to contemplate.

          Stupidity is also not the opposite of intelligence, but merely it’s absence. Unlike the others, Its opposite, anti-intelligence, now has a real world example thanks to Brett.

          • Cold and darkness tend to stop things happening.

            Stupidity tends to encourage it. That’s the difference!

  13. I must say, it was so incredibly helpful of defendant Schmalfeldt to provide some context here; namely, that after Mrs. Hoge was diagnosed with cancer, other defendants started filing criminal complaints against WJJH. What a coincidence! Why, a judge might look at this and start to wonder if the plaintiff might have a point about a conspiracy! The beauty of it all is that Defendant Schmalfeldt did this on his own. What a guy!

  14. As for defendant Schmalfeldt’s claim that he immediately decided to move upon his wife’s death:

    Podcasr, July 6, 2015
    “2:49 I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here, in my home, this beautiful home that Gail made for us. And I’m going to give the forces of darkness precisely what they ask for.”

    Coincidentally, no doubt, he changed his mind after David Edgren cleaned his clock in court.

  15. I have this image in my mind. A vision, even.

    The judge reading The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber’s filings, guffawing, then sharing them with his fellow judges. “Can you believe this tripe?” and the like.

    Then one of those fellow judges, who really ought to know better, says something like “I know you wanna smack him down, but hold off for a bit. This is really, really funny stuff. Give him more rope, keep letting him push it and push it, and see just how far he’ll push it. And be sure to keep sharing these filings — they’re hysterical!”

    I fantasize there’s a betting pool, or Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber Bingo, or some kind of gambling based on what stupid/dishonest/defiant tactics the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber uses. “No ‘under penalty of perjury’ affidavit, no address listed, no declaring of how the motion was served on the plaintiff, letter from co-defendant presented as ‘disinterested third party,’ no actual citations to back up allegations — I got Bingo!”

    • Judges setting up a pool. The idea of that is awesome. I wonder if they can set up “squares”, randomly select them like for football pools. Perhaps they are combing through all their legal references to determine if tar and feathering is still valid in the state.

    • One thing you can be certain of is that the judge in this case knows all about the reasons the former judge mentioned in the doc is a former judge, and her history in the court. I suspect her credibility may be on par with Defendant Schmalfeldt’s.

  16. Well, that was interesting.

    Bill’s “letter to a friend” reads like an internet listicle.

    And Brett tells the court TMZ is a porn site? (PP 2) Paul, you’re doing it wrong. The only naked critters I see there are dancing monkeys…

    • Well, it’s certainly a different tactic…

      But I doubt that a judge is going to look at a conclusory statement like that and find it compelling.

      At least it’s more efficient than putting web links in a court filing thinking a judge is going to type that shit in a browser and go read what a DUMBFUCK was too goddamn lazy to put in his filing.

      Of course I’d say more but [redacted].

      • Wait just a minute here…

        The Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin wrote:

        “The second is a comment that Plaintiff posted on a porn site run by his close associate, Paul Krendler.”

        When did you transform from ACTUALLY BEING our Gentle Host to merely being a “CLOSE ASSOCIATE” of our Gentle Host’s?

        Is there some wacky Zombie morphing thing going on around here?

  17. Pretty Damn sure those exhibits don’t come across to the rational person what Kimberlin thinks they do.

    • Wait, are you telling me the our Gracious Host (Honest Mr. Hoge, I’ll finish scrubbing the driveway by dinnertime. Thanks for the new toothbrush!) asked the State to drop the charges and that’s why they were nolle prosequi? Wow, I’m surprised a GS13 like old Baghdad Blob didn’t bother to include that tidbit. I’m sure it was just an oversight on his part.

  18. Hey Brett, when you are trying to paint someone as a sexual predator it might be best not to use your buddy who is on record as writing skits about cub scouts being anally raped and urinated on and who also publicly told a minor male he wanted to push his ‘member’ against the young boys “swollen anal tissue”. That and your past confessions make it look like YOU guys are the pedos.

    It really is like watching a slow motion train wreck.

    • Can’t forget that Microsoft clearly stated in their email to the creator of those foul Cub Scout skits that one of the reasons behind permanently suspending the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s Outlook account could have been because of…


  19. Brett doesn’t believe there will ever be any consequences. He cheated the widow Delong out of her judgment. He is honest when he says that Walker “will never see a dime” (and Hoge too!) from him. He has also not received any serious sanctions from the court. Why not just keep filing these turds? IMO, this is all the fault of the judges he has been dealing with the past 4 years. The process is the punishment for them as well.

    • I’d give good money to see Judge Otis Wright drop the hammer on this guy.

      Wright, for the record, wrote an absolutely devastating finding against Prenda Law a year or two back. It was liberally laced with Star Trek references, but the meat of it was a legal beatdown that included referring the lawyers to their respective bar associations, and sending notes to the FBI’s RICO division AND to the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

      Popehat documented it in delicious detail.

    • No. THIS week Krendler is simply a “close associate” of Hoge’s.

      The Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin has a couple of different court documents out there claiming Krendler IS Hoge and Hoge IS Krendler… until he’s not… or something.

      Good thing BK isn’t filing these “under penalty of perjury,” eh?


  20. Page 16 “..avail themselves if the clinical research…”

    That’s some mighty fine government style writing and proofreading there SchmalFredo.

  21. So he’s openly admitting to brazenly ignoring no contact order, claiming that he had to do to moral concerns?
    Dude, law is law. I doubt the judge would be swayed by that.

  22. Also, weird, the letter is basically a declaration without actually doing…you know a declaration. How strange.

    Finally I take issue with the fact that he claims “Hoge’s readers want me behind bars or dead.” I really don’t care much about him as long as he’s not bothering me.

  23. Bill Schmalfeldt had a litter busier week than he documented on twitter:

    “On Monday my sister came over for a visit with her big dog, Bob. We watched movies and had a grand time, @wjjhoge.

    “Then on Tuesday, @WJJHoge, I baked a nice loaf of rye bread and chatted with friends and family on Facebook.

    “On Wednesday, I kept myself busy working on podcasts that had NOTHING TO DO with @WJJHoge, the #vexatious #swine

    “On Thursday, I cooked a delicious chicken alfredo and saved the leftovers for lunch, @wjjhoge, you venomous toad

    “Friday, I did housecleaning, got the laundry done and loaded up another podcast having nothing to do with @wjjhoge.”

    Somehow, Bill Schmalfeldt failed to mention to spent part of Friday assisting in Brett Kimberlin’s vexatious litigation.

    • Exactly how does a 100% disabled merry widower make bread, dinner, do house cleaning and laundry if he can’t use his hands (he swore they didn’t work and he was only able to use voice to text to post to the internet), legs (he swore he was confined permanently to a wheelchair), or brain (seriously, just read the crap he writes. Mental acuity of a 13 year old). I mean if he can actually do all that stuff it would mean he was lying about all the other stuff. Oh, and also making his dying wife go out and run errands for him while he sat on his fat lazy ass at home. Gee, what kind of a human would do that?

      • …what kind of a human…

        Objection: Assumes facts not in evidence. Your Honor, it has only been established (by an unfortunate examination of Mr. Schmalfeldt’s exposed lower lumbar) that Mr. Schmalfeldt is at least a “great ape”. The species remains indeterminate due to a lack of measurable cognitive skills.

    • “Somehow, Bill Schmalfeldt failed to mention to spent part of Friday assisting in Brett Kimberlin’s vexatious litigation…”

      …that had nothing to do with @wjjhoge!

  24. There is just something glorious about Defendant Schmalfeldt writing a letter in support of Defendant Kimberlin in the same lawsuit that pretty much makes Our Gentle Host’s case that much stronger.


  25. “Your honor, as proof there is no conspiracy, look at this awesome awesome letter the other guy in the conspiracy conspired with me to produce!” — shorter (pun intended) version of Kimberlin’s statement.

  26. Does anyone think either Kimberlin or Schmalfeldt understands the legal implications of this particular filing by Kimberlin which includes this particular letter by Schmalfeldt?

    I’m guessing Kimberlin doesn’t care one way or another, but has Schmalfeldt finally reached the stage where he’s going to throw in the towel? Schmalfeldt better hope Kimberlin is paying for everything.

    Which also brings up the issue of Puppy Boy and Bunny Boy. Looks like they’re just left out in the cold.

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