Fauxcahontas Speaks Out

ABC News reports that Senator Elizabeth Warren will refer to Donald Trump as a “loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud” in a speech scheduled for this evening.

No spokesman for the Cherokee Nation was available for comment.

13 thoughts on “Fauxcahontas Speaks Out

  1. In addition to being a fraud about her race/heritage, let’s not forget that she made a substantial part of her wealth by flipping foreclosed homes. Nothing illegal or shady, just not the support for the little guy that she likes to pretend.

    Kennedy, Kerry, Warren – we have a real track record here in MA for picking our Senators.

  2. I really don’t want to vote for Trump… if I do it’s going to be because of people like Warren and the thugs that get sent to attack people at his speeches.

    • They’re the minor league Team Pedo. The big time is the guy who took Bill (and Donald!) on his private jet to some no questions asked resorts.

        • Trump never rode on Epsteins plane to a resort, yet another anti-trump truth.

          Hillary and Bill went on jaunts with Epstein, trump has ONE business meeting in Florida with the guy

          • Lies upon lies – a quote that attributed to trump in a liberal disgusting magazine that has lied 100’s of time and I think even paid 7 figures to Trump 10 years ago.

            Cruz lost, he’s toast, time to face reality, we screwed up by not requiring something that Reagan and many other party leaders wanted

            1. you cannot run unless you’ve held a statewide elected office for a minimum of 5 years

            2. you must have been a registered republican for a minimum of 10 years prior to establishing a campaign for the nomination

            3. If you cannot meet items one or two you can still run if you get 1,000 signatures from all the congressional districts and raise 10 million dollars from donors

            those are the Rules Reagan wanted

  3. Well she did lie about being an Indian to gain favorable hiring and promotion treatment. But Bill thinks that’s OK. After all, he had to flee an entire state when the court was about to find out how HE lied on his pauper application to try and skate on having to pay for his lolsuit.

    • Bill is just so stupid. He doesn’t understand that Fauxcahontas lying on applications is infinitely more racist than using a funny nickname for a person who fakes Native heritage for employment and advancement.

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