39 thoughts on “Math is Hard

  1. You know what else is hard for some people? Learning from theor mistakes, such as Repeatedly mentioning your harassment victim on Twitter, and thinking that said victim will let you get away with it indefinitely.

  2. Why is Bill Schmalfeldt so concerned about Mr. Hoge keeping track of activity on Mr. Hoge’s own website?

    • Once again, his fascination with WJJH’s genitalia is unseemly. He thinks about men’s nether regions a lot, doesn’t he?

      • As I noted above, he is showing many of the signs of being in the toddler stage. It is that stage of development that the boys find out there’s something hanging down there and decide to explore it.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a “heeeeeeeengh!” and you all know what that means.

    I expect photos of your empty JWR bottles posted here before 8:00 PM UTC-5:00. That’s Central Daylight Time.

    We must all additionally pray that the DUMBFUCK does not see fit to toss out a “Yibble Bibble” as well, or somebody is going to die of alcohol poisoning.

  4. Queer, isn’t it, that our much admired host doesn’t attach a name to those times, but someone feels a need to issue a denial?

  5. He really should stop wasting so much time posting over at …. well, I’ll leave it at that.

  6. You would think that by now he’d have learned to keep his mouth shut and not put his stupid on display. He must enjoy the humiliation.

    • Did you know that you can NOT google ‘pedobomber’ and come up with a accurate hit count with respect to TDPK? Turns out you get a count of hits for ‘torpedo bomber’ also. In addition to what you would see for Thumbelina.


      So what you do is google ” ‘brett kimberlin’ and ‘pedobomber’ ” and that returns the intended result.

      I’m just here to help.

      • Some of the neo-nazis on Twitter have a plug-in that adds parens around the names of “suspected Jews.” Many folks, either in solidarity with those of the Jewish persuasion, or to overload the nazis and render the plug-in untrustworthy, are adding parens to their own names manually.

        • Oh. Well, since I have been grafted onto the Jewish Tree, as per the Bible, maybe I should triple-parenthetical my name, too.

          My Boss Is A Jewish Carpenter.

        • Can I say “the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi” without getting into trouble? Because if I can’t say “the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi” without getting into trouble, I won’t say “the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi” because exercising my First Amendment right to say “the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi” is not worth getting in trouble for saying “the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi” on this site.

          • I’m reasonably certain that, in fact, the only good Nazi is indeed a dead Nazi.

  7. Everybody needs purpose in life. When all reasonable or neutral choices are unattainable, then some devolve to a smorgasbord of nastiness and petty vengeance.

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