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With a serious bit of bad timing, Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread has a post up trying to put a positive spin on The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s use of sealed discovery material from the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. Earlier in the day yesterday, Judge Hazel bench slapped TDPK for his antics with defective subpoenas in the Frey case. In his Letter Order, the judge granted my motion to seal the information contained in the emails TDPK included in his state filing.

Pursuant to Local Rule 105.11 and the Court’s ProtectiveOrder, non-Party William Hoge filed an unopposed motion seeking leave to file five paragraphs of his Opposition to ECF No. 319 under seal. The motion is GRANTED.

Kimberlin v. Frey, Case No. 13-CV-03059-GJH, Letter Order, ECF No. 383 (D. Md. June 1, 2016) at 4.

The reason I gave for sealing that portion of my motion was because the information was covered by the Frey Protective Order. Judge Hazel agreed with me. I doubt that he’ll change his mind by noon Monday.

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    • All bets must be settled by noon each Monday. Then a new set of pools start up.

      I’m in the pool for when Puppy Boy forgets his own address trying to serve himself with court filings.

  1. Ferguson has given Hoge, Hazel, Mason, and all odd numbered Lickspittles to report to the JTMP re-education camps by noon monday

  2. Hmmmm

    I seem to remember someone didn’t have that rolodex for his own wife, who sadly passed away without the help of the NIH. Nothing can replace her, but our gentle host had the very best of care for his own wife

    Purloined Parodies • 13 hours ago

    Also, for the record, out of the 367 charges brought against me at Hoge’s insistence, there was one that SA Barnes did not dismiss that went all the way to trial.

    When I learned Hoge’s wife had bone cancer, I decided to hope that Hoge loved his wife more than he hated me. I sent him an e-mail offering to help in any way I could to cut through the red tape should he and his wife decide to take advantage of the clinical trial options offered at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. My last job before retiring due to advanced Parkinson’s was as a writer/editor, podcaster, media liaison with the Clinical Center at NIH and I could help the Hoges steer clear of much of the delay if they so chose.

    Hoge’s reaction? He hates me more than he loves his wife. He had me charged with violating the peace order in place at the time. Barnes refused to dismiss this one and it went to trial where I was found “not guilty.” I felt it was my duty as a human being to risk Hoge’s vexatious and vindictive nature and do what any decent person in a position to help would do. If you had a no contact order against someone, would you want that person to keep his yap shut if he saw a dump truck about to hit you? If you yell, “LOOK OUT,” that is technically a violation.

    Hoge is a venomous sack of guts, a bloated spider who is determined to feast on his prey no matter who gets hurt in the meantime.

    • Also focus on this sentence from a man who fled the state:

      My last job before retiring due to advanced Parkinson’s was as a writer/editor, podcaster, media liaison with the Clinical Center at NIH and I could help the Hoges steer clear of much of the delay if they so chose.

      That could be illegal access to government programs putting someone ahead on the list in front of people who have been waiting

  3. Schuler possibly commits yet another crime in Alabama in my opinion in this comment:

    RogerS • 12 hours ago

    OMFG, the Hog is an outright criminal. He should be arrested today!! So now we have him for perjury, stalking, and fabricating charges and trying to pay bribes to officials in Maryland. What depths will this horrible, terrible, less-than-human not go to? I am floored with disgust. He should be strapped on the rack, pilloried and staked down on a fire ant hill.

    Are you telling me that he has filed motions to try to cover up his crimes? What the heck is this about the States Attorney killing himself after the Hog tried to pay him off? This is more bizarre than the right wing conspiracies about Hillary Clinton. The Hog now has his own email scandal and this one proves that he is a criminal. And the Hog now has his own Vince Foster scandal with the suicide of the prosecutor he was bribing. I honestly hope that you guys keep the heat on the officials in Maryland to investigate and prosecute this crooked pervert. Trump says Crooked Hillary and you can now say Crooked Hoggy.

    Are we sure that it was a suicide? Has anyone looked into where the Hog was on the day the guy was killed? Is anyone asking questions about whether the Hog was worried about the guy spilling the beans on payoffs by the Hog? As Trump says, it sounds very “fishy.” Let us know how the criminal investigation proceeds. At minimum, it looks like a conspiracy by the Hog to have people arrested on bogus charges and to pay off GOP officials. That is huuuugggee! The Hog is through.

    • Osborne confirms Schuler may have committed a crime by INSTANTLY distancing himself and the blog from Rodger a record thrown from the Bus

      OsborneInk Mod > RogerS • 11 hours ago

      I have no evidence that Barnes’s suicide was at all related to Hoge’s machinations


      Alabama will put dumbasses in jail – ask Schuler

      • He’s in Alabama, eh?

        *taps his fingertips together with a daemonic grin*


    • In the game of “telephone,” each participant gets farther and farther from the original message. What John said was ‘X is a Republican. And Y is, too.’ By the time Shuler interpreted it, there was a suitcase full of twenties and a dame from the typing pool offered as reward to X and Y.

      In Maryland, the phrase “he’s a Republican” means the guy probably isn’t that much of a nincompoop. Not always true, but I think that was the original meaning.

        • It appears Shuler is interested in being named as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit.

          And, nutcase indeed. The cheese slipped off that creepy weirdo’s cracker a long time ago.

  4. To be fair, Shuler has previously denied being the “RogerS” commenting at BU. . It is possible someone is choosing to use his name in vain. Shuler is a crazy loon, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find it’s a sock. His post reads like one of Neal’s or Brett’s own fulminant flights of fancy.

    • he confirmed recently on his own blog I believe that he is Roger S – at the time he denied it – I think he was on trial

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