73 thoughts on “Judge Hazel Makes Short Work of Kimberlin v. McConnell, et al.

  1. You know I have never seen that happen outside of an in forma pauperis. Maybe this is called in forma dumbass?

    Clearly, the smart move for Brett would be to accuse Judge Hazel. i mean, this is even more unfairer than Judge Mason. Time to report Hazel for his clearly unethical behavior in striking this frivolous suit. Clearly he should have been allowed to harass the defendants via litigation for years instead of having the case dismissed.

    (Yes, i am being sarcastic)

    • Well, he’s a Federal Judge. The Senate confirmed him to a lucrative job for as long as he wants it, and Hazel is just repaying that kindness with a little favor of his own, finding a paper-thin excuse to dismiss this compelling case without even any motions practice? Much less early discovery of all of McConnell’s correspondence? What a political hack, right?

      • I think you’re being facetious, but just in case you’re not, judges have the authority and duty to determine if the court has jurisdiction, whether or not the issue is raised by any of the litigants.

        • And, apparently, they can abuse that authority and duty, by abusing Brett Kimberlin’s Constitutional right to make other people pay attention to him, and legal expenses, if they have the wrong political views or just say things he doesn’t like. How is this confusing you? What else are the courts for, if not to serve the ambitions and pique of political and social activists?

          • I think we are talking about two different things, that’s how it’s confusing me. BK clearly had no standing to bring this suit – a first semester law student would have figured it out, more so a judge. In the other lawsuits, he had standing, so the judges couldn’t toss it. Can the whole process be a waste of time and energy? Yes, but I don’t think that in the other cases the judges abused their authority by not dismissing **specifically** for lack of jurisdiction.

    • “Your Honor, your hypothetical is too hyper-technical for a simple (and I do mean simple) Pro Se such as I.” Shorty, likely.

  2. Ferguson has given hazel his last warning, he has until noon Monday to start acting in a fair judicial manner

  3. I know this has asked and answered in the past, but really, what does it take to get the PedoBomber labeled as a vexatious litigant?

    What sets must be take and by whom?

  4. Brett “Pedo” Kimberlin is Fredo Corleone. “I’m smart and I want respect!”

  5. Seriously, I have never seen anyone fail at litigation. Btw, did JTMP pay the tab for this? That’s about $500 wasted right there.

    • But it involves Justice. And Music, because Brett has sworn taking the US Legislative Branch to court is totally in his job description.

      I can’t wait until next year’s IRS filings. He’ll probably withhold filing as a 1st amendment protest against President Trump. (Not an endorsement, near as I can tell, the only reason to vote for Hillary is her last name is Clinton; the only reason to vote for Trump is his name isn’t Hillary Clinton. What I’ve seen of the Libertarians is enough to have me apply Libertarian standards to them, and reject them. Dammit, now you have to hold your nose to vote a damned PROTEST vote in this country?)

    • These things are usually drafted by law clerks (newly graduated lawyers), then the judge reviews, edits, laughs, embellishes, laughs some more, pulls out a fine bourbon from the desk drawer, chuckles, tweaks things a bit, calls in the law clerk, slaps the young whippersnapper on the back, then smiles at the heavens for the gifts of the job security and powers of a federal judge.

        • They have to research case law, check the record, drft, revise, etc. One federal law clerk I knew worked 80-100 hours a week, and did not have a single day off in four months because of the judge’s case load.

          • Maybe Obama will issue an executive order or the NRLB issue an rider making all lawyers subject to the o.t. Rules like managers.

  6. I’ve never met Hoge but his “googly eyes” must be really mesmerizing. Ever since having saw Hoge his rulings have been getting better and better. Or a better explanation would be as a new judge who deserves some leeway he’s seen Brett for what he is and has learned how to deal with idiots like him.

  7. So what’s the bet for Brett’s next move:
    a) Motion to reconsider
    b) Attempted appeal
    c) Something really crazy
    d) All of the above, at once

    I’m picking (d).

  8. It would not surprise me if Kimberlin “moved” to another state to have access to new Judges. It seems as if the Maryland State and Federal Judges have finally figured him out.

  9. I’m lazy tonight. and since I can’t search an image for text, I’m wondering. How many times and ways did Kimberlin “fail” or “failed”? Seems like a lot.

    • Quality of failure is far more important than mere quantity. It is, I suspect, impossible to surpass going to trial as plaintiff in a defamation action for having been called a pedophile and then losing before the defendants utter a single word in defense. That counts as greater failure and humiliation than having 10,000 subpoenas quashed for failure to grasp a technicality in procedure (no matter how many times the court has carefully explained the procedure).

  10. Dang, I’m getting fat from all this popcorn. Still, I am thoroughly enjoying Brett’s unending humiliation in court. It is so satisfying watching a bully and a liar get his come-uppance

  11. Everyone realizes that the clerk put this case to one side and Hazel did not appreciate this stunt at all. Sua sponte court rulings mean the judge is watching your ass.

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