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SA201606010124ZYeah, why is it that I’ve had to file nine different motions and other court papers as a non-party in a suit that I’ve already won? Why are other non-parties having to file motions and such? The basic answer to those questions is: Because The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has dragged us non-parties into (or back into) the case.

I’m back in it as a result of the TDPK’s trying to get me sanctioned because I voluntarily complied with a defective subpoena he served on me rather than get in a pissing contest over it—but he was unhappy with what I had to give him, so he moved for sanctions against me. Because of the way he has come after me, I’m now subject to the terms of the federal case’s Protective Order, and I’m obliged to enforce its terms against TDPK for violating the Order by improperly using discovery materials from the federal case in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

The other non-parties (the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Hunton & Williams, Los Angeles County, Aaron Walker, etc.) who have had to file motions in the case have also been dealing with improper subpoenas from Kimberlin.

That’s why they and I are filing these motions.

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  1. The Very Ordinary Semen Ferguson is either not staying abreast of the issues of the case he is now involved in, or he is stupid. Or maybe both!

    • Or he is taunting Mr. Hoge, reminding him of BK’s promise to have him in litigation for ever – even cases in which he is technically not a party.

  2. And now we see the oppression inherent in the system.

    Frey being a good guy must comply with discovery only to have it published. BK says you’ll never get my discovery and skates.

    • Frey has a lot more to lose…

      When you go through life as a no talent “musician,” hobbit-lookin loser… you can do all the sleazy garbage he has been doing.

      After all, prison is a step up (SWIDT?!?!) from the diminutive turd’s existence.

      • That, sir, is an insult to hobbits everywhere.
        Regrettably, I have no idea what race of creature Sméagol was.

          • He also had the equivalent of a 1000+ year meth habit.

            And don’t hate yourself for what you know, no matter how trivial. Unless it’s sports related.

          • So, “No talent, Stoor-lookin’ pedophilic…” it is.

        • They do like to think of themselves as “Correctional Facilities”. Perhaps there would be some help for his Psycho/Sociopathy.

          • Ooh! I got a down twinkle!
            I wonder if I offended a “Corrections Officer”, in which case I apologize for my intemperance; or a sociopath in which case an apology would be both a lie and meaningless.

            Or the turd rolling “associate” (according to court documents) of a pedophilic sociopath.

  3. It will be interesting to see what Mr Frey has to say about this. When are his motions due?

  4. Don’t toke and try to pro se. It just makes you look stupider than you really are.

    • I’m sorry, the baseline for just how stupid he is, has been poorly established. He keeps moving the goal posts, as it were.

  5. These DFs haven’t figured out that you don’t want to poke the Gentle Bear. Because although they may be Gentle, when poked one too many times, then tend to rip off your head and shit down your neck.

  6. Fee fee, why are you associating with a pedophile? I already know the pertinent answer.

  7. Allow me to re-phrase Ferguson’s tweet accurately:

    Hey, Hoge…

    Why are you filing a motion on a suit to which you won against Kimberlin?

    I told Ferguson a few weeks upon his insistence that if his case gets dropped or dismissed, etc., I would have no qualms saying he won. Will Ferguson admit Brett Kimberlin lost the case to which he refers?

    And Ferguson, Brett’s anti-SLAPP motion doesn’t extend to you, I’m surprised you haven’t filed one.

  8. THis may explain the problem

    Purloined Parodies ‏@PurloinedParody · 13h13 hours ago

    Music to Get Baked By on “Brain Ointment.”

    • At least he seems more “baked” lately on politics and Trump. Campaign seasons are the seasons Schmalfeldt thinks maybe just maybe his fellow progressives might accept him back into the fold again after kicking him out for his strange homosexual and rape writings and comments. It takes a lot for progressives not to accept you or want anything to do with you like Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt.

      • He’s waiting for George Soros to call.

        “Bill, I have followed you for many moons now. Oh, sorry- Just got off the phone with Elizabeth. Anyway, Bill I want to fund YOU as the anti-Limbaugh over this election season.”

        “$375K for salary as you work through 3 hours a day on WABC counter-arguing Limbaugh/Beck/Levin and all the rest of those guys. You’ll be writing editorials for the New York Times. I need you to go to all the right parties so you can influence opinion. I’ll get you re-instated at dailykos.”

        “Move to New York and I’ll pay all your expenses including downtown apartment, limo, driver and professional cook. Limo, did you catch that Bill? Leave the scotty-puff behind. Don’t need the box of doom clocks either; leave them.”

        “Trump must be stopped. You, Bill, are the guy to lead our Progressive fight. Bring the full weight of your righteous thinking, keen analytical skills and your demonstrated ability to win people over.”

        “Forget Hoge, the Lickspittles, the Popehat Dominon. Forget Krendler, too. After the election we’ll come down on all of them with the full force of the IRS, BATFE, OSHA, FBI and EPA. Thoughtcrime WILL be punished by federal bureaucracies fully weaponized against all wrong-thinking peoples.”

        “And all will be as it should be when we march happily in to the totalitarian future which would be and will be the end result of all you’ve worked for these so many years.”

        “Check’s in the mail.”

  9. “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize, half of them are stupider than that.”

    Fergie is way down into the below average category here.

    • Do people who are MORE stupid than average fall to the left or the right of the peak of the bell curve.

      For you stupid people out there, what I’m asking is, “Is the distribution graph of stupidity an inverse of the same distribution for intelligence, or is it the same?”

  10. So wait – Wee Willy Ferguson – the same guy who said his paralegal was better than John, sent a certificate of service for himself instead of all parties, states that John didn’t have a case, denied being a reporter, then said he was one, told everyone John’s case would be over on a Monday at noon, heavily edited courtroom videos (Katie Couric style) that supposedly proves Bunny Boy Unread reporting – is now claiming he doesn’t understand why Hoge is filing a motion in a case where he was once a party?

    You know, one of the funny things about life is that if you keep doing stupid things and never learn from them, you reach a point where you will never learn not to do stupid things.

    It’s fair to say that Fee Fee has reached this point.

    • Members of Team Kimberlin all appear to have been beaten down to the point where they don’t care how stupid they look, nor care how their actions stupidly cause more pain for themselves than for their “enemies”. But that’s what happens to bullies when people stand up to them.

      In this particular case, the bullies are revealed to be socially-undeveloped little weenies who seek out other socially-undeveloped little weenies. That’s the extent of their universe. That, and their parents’ basements.

  11. I’m actually old enough to remember that Hoge was for some considerable time merely reporting on Kimberlin’s efforts to get others in court. Then Kimberlin decided to drag him into it.

    So the real question is, why does Kimberlin feel the need to sue an increasingly long list of people with complaints that are vague and incoherent?

    But we all know the answer to *that*.

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