29 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Even if he is begging to be found in default, telling the judge to his face “he won’t ever get a dime out of me” is just precious.

      How do you top that? Easy, file a request for a new judge the very next day.

      • Lecturing the Court about how important it is that he receive relief after denying the Court has the right to issue anyone relief against him.

  1. Team Pedo had quite the meltdown on Twitter last night. They are just throwing shit against the wall and waiting for someone to tell them they finally got something right. How pathetic. Well, I guess when you let your Pedo Hero talk you into doing stupid things you have to be ready to win stupid prizes.

    • With the regularity of the swallows returning to Capistrano, the Members of Team Pedo keep swallowing the codswallop that their Feckless Leader keeps feeding them. All the while, Feckless Leader’s attempts to choke the court system with his vexatious suits are now coming back to bite him in the derrière.

  2. “Oh, and everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”

    You know that phrase is driving the PedoManiacs crazy.
    The tiny hamsters in their sculls are running around in circles trying to figure out what our Gentle Host foreseen and how to derail it.

    I am going to buy stock in the company that makes male Depends, because the buckets of Fear Pee from Team Pedo can’t all be absorbed by their stone washed jeans and Birkenstocks don’t absorb pee at all.

  3. Putting on my Adult hat for a moment, however seldom used, I have this to say.

    Kimberlin, obviously, spent a lot of time in jail and afterwards reading on ~what~ legal motions, tactics and ploys he could use that might work in particular situations, if only to gum up the works outside of a losing strategy. He was working for himself as a pro Se as the law allows. He was never in danger of losing a law license not was he in practice and surrounded by litigating peers to offer advice or operating within a court system or circuit in which over time as a junior partner or assistant counsel that would have given him insight in how courts operate and what is considered proper conduct.

    The upshot is that he was never in a situation that he would learn what he ~should~ do in particular circumstances (leaving aside the Law itself and merits of any particular case). All he has had access to basic shop manuals but no plans or schematics for building a case, if you’ll allow the construction metaphor. He knows how to build, but not what he is building.

    Ultimately I believe he is building a porch over a swimming pool and not realizing he is about to get soaked.

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