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Meanwhile, back in Westminster, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed more paperwork in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. First, here’s a reply to my opposition to the motion to quash subpoenas and stay discovery.

The Gentle Reader will notice that I’ve redacted the emails he attached. (I suppose as exhibits, but they weren’t marked as such.) The emails are part of the discovery in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit. Because I am also covered by the protective order in that case, I cannot publish them.

Second, here’s an opposition to my motion to strike Docket Item 47 and redact its online docket entry.

I don’t intend to have any public comment other than court filings on these matters until after the court has ruled on them.

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        • A straight jacket may prevent a puny pedo from harming its vile self, and I wouldn’t want that. Prison is more appropriate, and the terrified tiny terrorist should never have been paroled, imo. When pathological tendencies were obvious and outrageous after the first parole, more time should have been added and the key thrown away, imo.

          • He bought his indulgence with his lies about Quayle.

    • It doesn’t matter, the Maryland judiciary has shown no willingness to punish him for violating court orders in the past, why would that change now?

      • Indeed. If you don’t want to be harassed within the Maryland Civil legal system, Maryland suggests that you stay out of the Maryland Civil legal system!

  1. It’s sad Brett starts off his Opp to the Mot. to Strike with a racial slur. It’s also weird… Does Brett think John has like one drop of black blood and therefore he is black? I honestly would not know or care if he did. But it’s sadly not very surprising–it might explain Brett’s seething hatred of John.

    • Has political correctness so infested Hogewash that references to a gardening instrument are now “racist?” Brett Kimberlin has said a number of genuinely racist things such as repeatedly referring a fellow prisoner by the N-word, but this is simply not one of them.

  2. WOW! The projection in that Opposition puts IMAX to shame.

    It would be just too bad if that filing came back to bite him.

  3. that “..nearly 400..” line he is so fond of he likely cuddles next to it in the night.

    • Perhaps mentally, sure… if he can wedge it between himself and the vision of whatever teen he’s dreaming about.

    • Nearly 400 counts of (improper) contact that a harasser admitted directing to John on Twitter, and which were a big factor in a judge’s extension of a peace order protecting John from continued contact. Counts which were dropped via terms of a settlement agreement.

  4. Brett Kimberlin must think this legal process has reached a point where Brett Kimberlin must spew out baseless maniacal ravings in hopes of getting a hit. Brett Kimberlin is right.

  5. So Hoge didn’t like my ad hom tantrumizing in my previous filing? Wait till he sees the ad hom tantrumizing in this filing. His outrage will be epic! I’ll go down in legal history as the greatest ad hom tantrumizer ever! Future Law School students will study my greatness for years! *hic*

  6. I was under the impression that filings such as these were to be signed under an “under of penalty of perjury” affidavit. I guess that’s waived when the person filing has already been convicted of perjury before…

    And isn’t it cute when he admits that, under the applicable law, Our Gracious Host isn’t a stalker, but only if you use this other definition that has no legal standing?

  7. Now, I’m no lawyer. But if you go through that opposition, it seems to me that if you strike irrelevant claims, outright abuse and/or lies and other such things you actually end up striking out the entire thing, including the sentence that says it’s a response in opposition. Because there’s no actual argument made to oppose it – just a bunch of increasingly wild and outrages claims.

    Ok, there’s 2 sentences which are sort of true but totally misleading. And then he [redacted].

    Not to mention that this entire thing [redacted].

    Can you actually take an opposition filing and present it as an exhibit?

  8. “There is no sense or reason for acting as though he is deserving of respect or for sanitizing his monstrous behavior.”

    Remember that time Hoge was sentenced to half a century in Federal prison despite having literally gotten away with murder?

    Yeah, me neither.

  9. Well, if nothing else, we now understand Kimbo’s strategy. I guess it has worked once or twice in the past?

  10. If this was in front of a judge with no idea of the history, this may have worked.

    But, and like Smellfartz, this is a big but, the Learned Judge is not rookie in this roadshow and is well aware of the lack of integrity coming from the defendants.

    My only question is has he actually crossed the line in his filings that could open him up to sanctions. You are not pleading a case here, you are making a motion and that needs facts over ad-hom. He comes off as a bit of a nutter, and his claims against our graceful host in regards to his daughter should be actionable due to the level of defamation contained.

    Mind you, it does stink of desperation. Putridly.

  11. Sense he objects to a subpoena for his ip registrar, ask instead for a subpoena for the U.S. Parole Commission after all he is required to maintain an up-to-date address with them.

    • I would subpoena the U.S. Parole Commission for a copy of BK terms of Parole–so that it is part of the record–and request that a representative of said Commission be present for every Court Hearing involving BK.

        • Yeah, but watching Kimby freak out over “your” slurs and harassment and the travesty of you daring to dredge up his youthful indiscretions would be epic.

        • Dear

          I have a friend who is being sued by this right-wing nutjob. The nutjob hasn’t been successful at serving my friend in some papers, and he likes that and wants to make the nutjob work for it.

          Anyway, my friend was (wrongfully) convicted of some pretty bad crimes a while ago. (It was a total frame job.) He’s been given a double-secret exoneration, but part of the conditions is that he can’t show any proof. Also, he’s still technically on probation, because that’s part of the deal, and the probation department has been kept in the dark about the double-secret exoneration.

          Long story short, the nutjob has figured out that my friend’s address can be obtained from the probation people through a FOIA request. My friend has the following questions:

          1) The nutjob is required to file subpoenas with the court, so my friend gets warnings about them. Is the nutjob obligated to file the FOIA requests with the court, too?

          2) If the probation people find out that my friend is… avoiding service at his residence, could he get in trouble with them?

          3) If my friend gets in trouble with the probation people, can he sue the nutjob for ratting him out?

          Thanks again, You’re the greatest!

          Sincerely yours,

          Really Not Brett Kimberlin, Pinky-Swear!

  12. I feel bad for Mr. Hoge having to put up with this. On the plus side, the mask is off Kimberlin and the world can see why he ought not ever roam outside his cell again.

  13. I gotta say, they’re mislabeled, but those are the best “Motion for a Blench Slap” and “Motion for a Self-inflicted Wound” I’ve ever seen.
    I mean it’s Ivy league quality for that area.
    The judge really needs to grant them.

  14. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s amazing how the relationship between BK and BS shifts from “Best buds” to “Who?” depending on the situation.

    And if you take out legal actions that BK was not a party to, doesn’t this number drop to almost zero?

  15. The self-parody levels of BK’s filings have started to make them blur together to me, such that all I can see on the page any more is “Durka Durka Jihad!”

    • Good point. We’ve seen the same schizophrenic lies so often, they almost disappear into the background noise. We skim quickly along looking to see if anything new and rational was written and quickly conclude: ” …. nope, not this time either.”

  16. Does Kimberlin actually believe that any judge is going to believe his bull hockey about the “400 charges”? Really Brett? Why don’t you list them out for the judge so he can see how egregiously you misrepresent the facts?

    • I’m no lawyer, but it sounds like something that should be backed by some sort of exhibit or something. I guess he’s going with the theory that the more wild the claim, the less evidence needs to be presented.

      • What is telling for anyone actually familiar with Kimberlin’s blizzard of psychotic filings is that he didn’t even include the usual wildly out of context exhibit that fails to prove his claim.

  17. I have to say that if “stalking” was really defined as by a third party whose opinions carry no legal weight, we would all have standing to sue Disney and Pixar for releasing “Let it go!”

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