7 thoughts on “The Redskins

  1. Big surprise. Not. Most Native Americans aren’t social justice warriors either.

    BTW, since I was born and raised in this country, that makes me a native American, at least according to the dictionary.

    • I have some Indian (feather) blood coursing through my veins, along with other blood. Native American is as you’ve stated it. I like to say born in the US to American parents makes you native American. My own definition is a little more strict than yours.

    • And my definition of native American differs from Natural Born citizen in an important way: someone born with either an American citizen mother or an American citizen father is, by definition, a Natural Born citizen.

  2. Does this mean the fight is over? They finally released ONE survey after all these years of bitching about the name? Even trying to conflate it to “N-word” status?

    Whew! I’m glad it’s all over! Now we can discuss more pertinent topics. Like is allowing a flood of supersmart, test-score-beating Asians into our universities a Cultural Appropriation of America?

    • Japanese kimono makers are happy when they see foreigners wearing kimono. “Yay! They like some of our culture enough to wear it, even if they wear it wrong!”

  3. The preferred number of a potentially offended group is zero. That way real people don’t get in the way of virtue signaling.

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