Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

On Wednesday, several items appeared on the case docket that had been filed by Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin. Yesterday, I obtained copies from the Clerk of the Court. (The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin hasn’t served me with copies yet.) Last night, I reviewed their filings, and this morning, I filed a motion to strike one of them which I believes contains improper, immaterial, and scandalous material in its title in violation of Md. Rule 2-322(e).

Here is the Kimberlin filing with the title redacted.

Here is my motion to strike.

My motions speaks for itself, so I do not intend to make any further public comment on either motion until the court has ruled on them.

68 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. Toddler tantruming. I find it interesting that the existence of possible malfeasance that was committed AGAINST our Gentle Host and was submitted to the court for possible prosecution against the ACTUAL PERSON WHO DID THOSE THINGS is being used as an example of Our Gentle Host’s alleged “vexatiousness.”

    I submit that it is not vexatious to bring forth evidence of over 350 violations of a lawfully obtained order and to attempt to seek redress for those 350+ violations. In fact, it shows that said bringer of evidence is the one who is being most highly vexed. How else would they have wished Our Gentle Host to seek redress for these vexatious violations against him?

    I do not think that Team Kimbergarten realizes that mentioning these 350+ violations of a lawfully obtained court order actually heaps the coals upon their own heads, rather than that of Our Gentle Host’s. But then again, logic was never their forte.

  2. He can not find evidence for his paragraph 7, when did you become a employee of the state of Maryland?

  3. He’s such a clod, John. Of all the unforced errors that he could’ve made, this one is probably the most ridiculous. The court will not be able to ignore it.

  4. It is ironic that Brett Kimberlin is demanding a “due process hearing” for which he states his intention to ambush John Hoge with charges that had heretofore been concealed.

  5. If the judge does nothing, then all future references to Kimberlin should include “convicted perjurer, serial bomber, drug dealer, and failed musician”.

  6. Remember this is the guy that says reporting “stalking” to authorities can’t be used for malicious prosecution, i.e., his own reports to authorities RE: his daughter. But he can then say Hoge can be held accountable for reporting Bill’s violations.

    Remember Hoge can’t FILE charges only the state can and thus why it was called STATE v. Schmalfeldt. Wasn’t that the case Bill wanted to plead insanity or something stupid like that?

    But WOW, I’m sure Aaron is smiling now because Kimberlin if his case ever goes to jury just sealed his own fate with that admission.

    Redact this part if you want, Mr. Hoge, but I want to say in public to Kimberlin … you are dumb!!!! and I should’ve used more exclamation points.

  7. “Remember Hoge can’t FILE charges only the state can and thus why it was called STATE v. Schmalfeldt. Wasn’t that the case Bill wanted to plead insanity or something stupid like that?”

    Yep. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt attempted that stupid, CYA ploy.

    I am of the belief that the Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt does actually know right from wrong. He just doesn’t care because… evil.

      • Hmmmm.

        “Diminished Mental Capacity Bill” Eh?

        How about “Diminutive Diddler Terrorist Brett” , or even “Just plain Dim Willie?”

        We could call them the 20-watt crew, because they’re all do DIM.

        Just thinkin’ here.

  8. The tiny little pedo is really lashing out isn’t he? I’m sure all good lawyers know that when you case is going exactly as planned this is the kind of thing you file. /sarc

  9. The counts if harassment weren’t bogus lies. Schmalfeldt admitted the contacts, all 300+, were his. The charges were dropped after *settlement* resulted in Hoge asking the prosecutor to drop…. And the number of unwelcome contacts was a reason that Hog’s peace order was eventually extended….the intractable conduct of Bill was considered harassing behavior.

    complaining of these specific, admitted contacts in violation of an existing peace order is not “vexatious”

  10. A count of cases titled Hoge v. * as opposed to cases titled Kimberlin v. * filed in Maryland State and Federal courts may indicate who is actually a vexious litigant.

  11. Someone who sued, claiming he hadn’t gotten quality porn, calling someone else a vexatious litigant….

    Irony meters popped fuses across North America.

  12. Paragraph 4: Hoge is Buffalo Bill, tells women in a well to “put the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again”, and wears a woman suit?

    • That was particularly foul for Brett to insinuate, and completely lacking in facts or evidence. As the character in that movie was a kidnapper and murderer, he is accusing Mr. Hoge of those same crimes (“is a cloned copy”). Did he really mean to imply that someone is a murderer in his filing?

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  14. Interesting that, at various times, BK and BS are either only barely aware of each others existence or now, for purposes of this filing, are close associates.

  15. “Over the past three years, he has filed over 400 legal actions against the Defendants.”

    “Your honor, I call THAT GUY!!!”



  16. Hey, how do you mail a motion ON the Plaintiff?

    Did Our Gracious Host give him a boost to reach the top of the mailbox?

  17. Can WJJH present the latest submission to the court by DF that Grady is Krendler to argue against BK.

    I would love if one Team Kimberlin member ended up as being used against another to torpedo their case.

  18. Your honour, if you needed a demonstration of why this lawsuit came about, you merely need look at the defendant’s filing.

    Even in the title of his motion, he puts forth charges that are backed by no evidence. Worse, these facts have already been tested in the legal system and found completely baseless. Yet in spite of this, they are repeated here as though somehow they are evidence that this lawsuit should be terminated, rather than the basis for it to proceed.

  19. TDPK continues to disrespect the court. These types of baseless motions deserve sanctions, but the court, for whatever reason, has decided to be complicit in TDPK’s ongoing harassment.

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