21 thoughts on “Some Maryland Court Audio CDs

  1. Turd Ferguson is gonna have to pony up for the plane ride to Maryland, only to get bench slapped upon arrival for broadcasting the court recording. I figure he’s out $4K for travel related expenses, maybe more if he doesn’t stay in Brett’s basement with the entire family.

    • Are you kidding?

      Fergy will NEVER step foot in a Maryland Courtroom – ever. As far as he is concerned, this case is over. He’s already proven to the world the audio clip (for which he obtained an illegal copy, and heavily edited) has exonerated his reporting! Or wait, not his reporting, Crassus’ reporting who is a totally different individual even though Ferguson is defending the article as if he wrote it.

      So yeah, Ferguson will just do more incredibly dumb stuff and just make his life much tougher because he incorrectly believes he is right.


    • The really funny thing is that IF Turd Ferguson did not publish the restricted courtroom audio, there was only about a 40%-45% chance he would be hauled into a Maryland court room during this case. Unfortunately, his Big Surprise on Monday almost ensures he will be forced to appear. In court. In Maryland. During Harvest. 99 Plants.

      Why do the 2 dumbest members of Team Kimberlin always find ways to hurt themselves and their cases?

      • Your last sentence is not self edifying. Finding ways to hurt themselves and their cases is a skill equally mastered throughout that organization.

  2. Are they really this dumb or just playing at it? Right on the CD it says “Strictly Prohibited”. Now they are going to argue that the CD doesn’t spoon feed them the specific rule. I guess being stupid and lazy (and having pedo tendencies) are requirements to admission to TK.


    • This, boys and girls, is the difference between law-abiders and law-breakers. Guess which one Bill Schmalfeldt is.

      • “This, boys and girls, is the difference between law-abiders and law-breakers. Guess which one Bill Schmalfeldt is.”

        Team Kimberlin is a rats’ nest of lawless thugs.

    • I bet someone (maybe someone living in Maryland) burned them a copy. And “burned” them in another way, as well.

      Do they understand what it means to be left holding the bag?

  3. I printed the CDs uing my inkjet printer, but the audio is so distorted that it’s incomprehensible.

    Could you please post higher-resolution images of the CDs? After all, you claim to “buy pixels by the terabyte”… so bandwidth should not be a problem.

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