Political Violence

Just like our betters told us, those creepy, violent Tea Party wing nuts have …


Never mind.

Say, wasn’t it the Democrat’s convention in ’68 that had all those demonstrations and riots? I wonder how many people were in Chicago then and Nevada now?

5 thoughts on “Political Violence

  1. The sidea that wants revolutionary change will typically be the violent side. Mainly this comes down to, do you agree with the government’s underlying principles. The right does, although we think it has diverged from them, we don’t want to change the principles, we simply want it to adhere to them. The left on the other hand, wants a different set of principles. This is where the implementation of government is headed, so while the left wants a revolution, those responsible for running government rather than stopping it (outside of overt acts of violence) is trying to give them that revolution peacefully. Marx somewhat thought that could happen here. I’ve always hoped he was wrong, as that idiot sociopath has been right about precious little else.

    • Excellent analysis, dude.

      I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in 1968, and had a friend who walked home from the grocery store with milk, eggs, and a dose of tear gas. I never saw a riot in Chicago that was more than 150 rioters.

      And Hizzoner David Mayor Richard J. Daley was RIGHT to issue the order to “shoot to kill.”

      • “The police are not there to create disorder, they’re they’re there to preserve disorder.”
        My late father-in-law was a young National Guardsman with a baby daughter [now my wife] who was in one of the units called up. He was ‘armed’ with an unloaded rifle and no ammo for it. He told me he feared for his life at least part of the time due to the perception of violence.
        Same sort of smug A-holes are at it again looks like to me. Evidently the oppressive government isn’t good at oppressing the Bernie Bros.

  2. Philadelphia is just a short couple hours drive up the road. I might have to pop up there and witness the carnage first hand.

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