Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

These items appeared on the case docket this afternoon. They were filed by Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin.WJJH v BK et al 44_47I have not yet been served copies, and I will not comment publicly on these items until I have prepared my responses to them.

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    • That seems like it would make a most entertaining argument. Not a viable one. But entertaining.

    • I’m wondering if the “quash subpoena” is related to that. I’m really scratching my head about why either subpoenas or discovery would be an issue yet.

      • And that’s why you’re just a puny pro-se while Brett is a… Hmm… lemme think…

        Upon further consideration, Brett is doing a bad lip synch to Billy Joel:

        “You may be right, I might be crazy. But it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for!”

      • I’m guessing he is trying to “stay discovery” about the entities “almighty media” and “breitbart unmasked.”

  1. Because why the hell not. Just keep flicking something in hopes of sticking. What’s his batting average? 0.00?

  2. I hear Ferguson has given the ACME Irony Meters until noon Monday to reset all inservice devices to pass on the delicious irony of Brett seeking anti SLAPP protection

    And Ferguson means it, SERIOUSLY

  3. Folks, I’m just going to drop this right here, and yes, it’s way off topic. THIS right here is why NOBODY takes these guys seriously. A loony bin like Roger Schuler (who is so crazy even his own family evicted him, among many other things too long to list here) is the only source for a story about a judge having allegedly posed nude and Schmalfeldt is going to run with it. Holy Shit if they doesn’t show the lack of integrity in this group, nothing does.


  4. “Motion to find serial harasser and sexual predator William Hoge a vexatious litigant…” Geez, just what did Our Gracious Host do to tick off the clerk of the court?

    And talk about projection… how many civil lawsuits has Our Gracious Host filed so far, anyway?

      • Pure guessing, but my anticipation is that it’s his story of what he wants to say has occurred. i.e. a non-responsive, non-germane filing until he at least packages it up with or as a motion or response.

        • Could it be so simple that he wants to be able to point to this filing as some kind of “proof” that the court accepted his charges against Our Host?

          If so, then it’s even more critical that Minemyown’s suggestion below be acted upon.

          Which, of course, is exactly what Our Host has foreseen…

    • Motion to strike at 47 and request stations due to ad hominem attack. How come BK is filing motions for both of them? If no attorney then those should have been separate motions. Looks like practicing law without a license to me.

      • Pray tell what “public participation” by Tetyana Kimberlin is there to protect? Nor, does Brett Kimberlin claim any body of writing on twitter, bbu, or elsewhere.

        This seems a rather transparent attempt to act as counsel for Ferguson and others. Brett Kimberlin keeps doing it because no court has acted to stop him, yet.

    • The title alone is an ad hominem attack, and worth an extra count in any subsequent amended complaint.

      And Hoge has filed, what? A bunch of restraining orders when “do not contact me” was insufficient, most of which were granted, and to my count one lawsuit against Bill for copyright infringement, and one case against TK which includes Bill for, among other things, violating the settlement terms of that suit.

      But it does seem to open up a counterclaim for equitable relief. IANAL.

  5. Attention, reset your irony meters, attention reset your Irony meters

    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha · 5m5 minutes ago

    Hey, Hoge.

    I know why Brett filed those. I’d be happy to tell your Lickspittles why.

    and then


    May 17, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    About Kimberlin’s financial involvement…I honestly don’t know.
    I have never met him, never emailed him, never spoke to him either in person or on the phone, certainly don’t take orders from him nor does the guy sign my paychecks.

  6. Just the title of that Vex motion is the legal equivalent of leaving a flaming paper bag of dogshit on the judge’s stoop and ringing the bell. Only this bag has Brett’s return address on it.

  7. I think it is safe to say that the tiniest diddler never planned on being hit with successful suits from Hoge or Walker. He appears to have moved into thrash mode. My prediction is that his loss of control in court means that the home life is probably deteriorating as well. In short, his very existence is threatened. It will get worse before it gets better.

    • Well said. I hope for a happy ending, as much as is possible, for Tetyana and the kids. Others involved? Not so much.

      • Yeah, I was just thinking that I hope she and the kids are safe, and that he’s not taking his failures out on her.

    • What’s the entire basis for this whole dispute? Oh, that’s right – people talking about crimes Kimberlin actually committed and was convicted of.

      And he feels free to make up crimes and refer to them in court documents. Hm…

      • Oscar Wilde sued for defamation when the parent of his lover called him a homosexual. He lost and his status was confirmed. Which in no way shape or form is meant to increase BK’s stature in being compared to Oscar.

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