Statement Concerning Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.

From his tweets sent over the past few minutes, it seems that William Ferguson has obtained a recording of the courtroom audio for the District Court hearing that denied Brett Kimberlin’s 2015 peace order petition against me. He appears to believe that the recording supports what he wrote on Bretibart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread.

I believe that he is wrong. Indeed, I plan to introduce that recording as plaintiff’s evidence.

The case is not over, and I do not intend to publicly comment on the recording further until it is properly introduced into evidence.

One More Thing—I would have posted the audio myself, but posting in on the Internet is considered broadcasting it, and that would violate both a law and an administrative order of the court.

140 thoughts on “Statement Concerning Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.

  1. So, he thought that just announcing that at noon would make you quiver, shriek, and slink back from whence you came?

    I think the slinking will ultimately be done by more than a few someone elses.

  2. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 20m20 minutes ago
    I’ve had this recording for some time.

    Of course you have.

    Which is, of course, why he chose today to make such a big deal out of something everybody else already knew.

    He’s dumber than Schmalfeldt.

  3. WAIT- That was IT? The nuclear, case-ending mic-dropping End To All Litigation Macro Ferguson Victory Ploy was just an audio recording of Brett failing spectacularly?

    Even as a legal opponent this guy is a letdown. That was a Team Kimberlin New Coke moment.

  4. Only a dope, growing dope, would think another dope who was convicted of dealing dope, who dopily lost in court, that the audio of the that dope dealing dope in his loss, would help the next dope, who is friends of the dope dealing dope, handle the current dopy situation that both dopes are now in together

  5. Proof that maryjane rots the mind.The peace order was denied, therefore the recording does not support what old Ferguson wrote.

  6. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 7m7 minutes ago
    You’re going to introduce the audio as evidence?

    Proceed, Mr. Hoge!

    Should someone point out to Willy that Hoge won that case?

    “Hey, I got a great idea! We’ll submit as evidence something already used in a case we LOST!!!”

    It isn’t even worth a facepalm meme.

  7. Will Fergie admit that the NoonDoom was a flaccid pooft?

    He found a CD of his hero’s Greatest Hits Flops and thought those hits flops would make everyone shriek in terror? This is Keystone Kops and Our Gang make a better Edsel territory.

  8. I do believe SuE has a longstanding habit of farting, looking around the empty room and challenging the missing throngs “So you fear to acknowledge the greatness of my musical gifts eh?’

  9. You know how sometimes you think you’ve thought of the greatest idea ever, then find out later it’s already been thought about by other people before you, and that it turned out to be not such a great idea for reasons you didn’t know about?

    Narcissists are unable to admit that their idea wasn’t the greatest. They fail over and over, and cannot change. When like-thinking narcissists happen upon each other, they form a team to offer each other moral support in their common failed outlook on life. They must always be right, even when they are wrong. And they cannot change. Because they’re narcissists. The rest of the world is wrong, and they are right. A team of blind, intentional losers.

    • sounds like the Communists, Socialists, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats whatever the hell they call themselves now a days.

  10. Hmmm… Ferguson says “I’ve had this recording for some time.”

    Our Gracious Host says “I would have posted the audio myself, but posting in on the Internet is considered broadcasting it, and that would violate both a law and an administrative order of the court.”

    Why does this remind me of certain sealed court documents winding up in certain unclean hands, and getting published anyway?

    Oh, and as far as my “when will Our Gracious Host concede defeat and cravenly delete his blog,” the person who chose “13 O’Clock on the 12th of Never” wins.

    • IIRC the prohibition against “broadcasting” applied to all audio in these courts. It’s been brought up before that the audio is available for many cases but has to be gotten from the clerk.

  11. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 56m56 minutes ago
    The audio will be made public in a moment.


  12. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 8m8 minutes ago
    I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Hoge for suggesting I get a copy of the transcript.

    You were right – excellent idea!

    If you just thought of that, you’re dumber than Schmalfeldt.


  13. So Fi Fi thinks that Hoge is suing him for what he wrote about a court case and Fi Fi didn’t stop to consider that Hoge would have a copy of the recording/transcript of that court case and believe it backed up his claims?

    Now that’s almost as stupid a proclaiming on twitter that you want to have sex with a 14 year old girl.

  14. So there’s still a case open against Fee Fee. When is that *boom* supposed to happen? Did Kimberlin’s bomb instructions fail you?

  15. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 2h2 hours ago
    Truth being an affirmative defense, you no longer have a case.

    And, just as I said would happen, your case ended 21 minutes ago.

    Anybody check PACER?

    The anticipation is exquisite.

  16. I just reread John’s allegations against Team Nincompoop especially as it relates to Breitbart Unmasked and the hearing. There are only two possibilities: a) John admitted stalking and obsessing over an individual yet STILL won the case, or b) the transcripts demonstrate that Osborne and Ferguson shouldn’t be relying on Kimberlin as a source when they write a story about an event they did not attend.

    • The last four years establish that they shouldn’t be relying on brett.

  17. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 12m12 minutes ago
    “I would have posted the audio but…”

    That rattling sound is my eyeballs rolling hard in their eye sockets.

    That tends to happen with an empty head.

    And what’s YOUR excuse, you sorry POS?

    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 2h2 hours ago
    The audio will be made public in a moment.

  18. So did Turd Ferguson post audio of the first peace order hearing against John Hoge to try to prove John committed perjury?

    And I guess this is how the case ends. Oh, except that the case goes on regardless of whatever he types on the web. The court isn’t going to go “sure, he has properly pled a cause of action for defamation, but then I read a crappy website and so I am dismissing the case!”

    But, beyond that stupidity, it is illegal to post court audio online. As in, it is contempt of court—because it is a violation of court orders.

    And really, Ferguson is pretty screwed. Yes, John will have to prove falsity, contrary to what their co-defendant is arguing on appeal in Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. So let’s look at the evidence.

    John will say, “I never commented in the Bethesda gazette.”

    Ferguson will say, “your honor he wrote this tweet and…”

    John: “objection. That is not authenticated.”

    Judge: “sustained.”

    Then maybe Ferguson will say: “I have this copy of the gazette post and I think this comment, which doesn’t use John’s name, is really him.”

    John: “objection. That is not authenticated.”

    Judge: “sustained.”

    You see how this goes? Ferguson will literally have no evidence that John lied. Now, they will say that John is lying, but 1) no, he isn’t, and 2) good luck proving it, especially because 3) he wasn’t lying. Seriously, are they hoping that John will help build the case against him just like Brett hoped to do so in the K v. W, et al. trial? That’s a clown strategy, bro.

  19. William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 6m6 minutes ago
    Hoge was also banking on your blind devotion, never questioning his word.

    The emperor has no clothes.

    It’s even worse that we thought.

    Fergie seems to think we are responsible for adjudicating the case.

    QUIET! Nobody mention the judge.

    • Why does it matter what we think of Hoge? Blind devotion or seething hatred, nothing said on Twitter or on a message board matter a whit. What matters is what is going to be said and done in a courtroom. I also know that people can read or listen to the same thing and have two different interpretations. That’s why they have judges and juries.

    • It has never mattered what we think of WJJH. It matters not two whits, nor two bits.

      But see, we knew that already, didn’t have to be told. Because SMARTER THAN YOU.

      Is poor Fee Fee Willy as stupid as someone else to think that cases are adjudicated on Twitter and teh Interwebz? It seems so. ROFLMAO

    • Whether, or not, our emperor has no clothes is a matter of conjecture. What we know for sure is that our emperor has bow ties!

  20. Wow, he’s hanging his hat on the forged tweets. I.E. the ones the Tiny Pedo tried to get Hoge to authenticate knowing full well he didn’t write them. Fi Fi really is stupider than I thought. AND he thinks Hoge doesn’t have a copy of the trial transcript/audio? I guess the Midnight Christmas Clerk told him? Bwahahahahaha. It’s funny when stoned Pedos try to play lawyer. And yes, declaring on twitter you want to fu*k a 14 year old makes you a pedo in my opinion. It’s not hard to see why that group flocks to each other.

  21. We have to forgive him, all these tweets were done during the “quality control” extensive testing phase at the farm… (affectionately known as the Huff and Puff)

    and its hard to type with all that dorritos stuff on your fingers, there’s that too

  22. I have to be honest — I don’t remember how William Ferguson fits into the Kimberlin story. What is his connection to Brett, and what is Ferguson suing or being sued for?

    • Kimberlin tried to get a Restraining order against Hoge and lost.
      Kimberlin then told lies to Bunny Boy and Fee Fee about what happened in court.
      Fee Fee wrote the lies for BU

      Fee Fee is being sued for writing those lies and refusing to retract them since they are defamatory. Fee Fee should also be sued for wanting to fu*k 14 year olds and his God awful music.

      • Fee Fee’s audio doesn’t help him against Hoge’s complaint. I think all that smoking is affecting his cognitive abilities.

      • I get confused. Does the power of ‘AND’ cover whether:

        “Fee Fee should also be sued for wanting to fu*k 14 year olds and his God awful music.”</blockquote)
        is "Truth is an absolute defense" or "Opinion is protected speech"?

  23. Actually, this is brilliant legal strategery.

    “Your Honor, I call YOUTUBE to the stand!”

    And I’m very much enjoying Fergie’s Feldtdown.

  24. I don’t think Fergie’s “bombshell” went off quite the way he had hoped. He’s not happy.

    His Feldtdown would make Willy wince.

    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 12m12 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker, the clown strategist, can kiss my lily white ass while I take shit all day.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 13m13 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is a clown strategist who thinks he can extort me.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 15m15 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is a clown strategist and a coward. Nothing he utters is ever taken seriously.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 15m15 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is a clown strategist who defends his sock by saying he had to protect his family but endangering other families was fine.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 17m17 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is also the same clown strategist who couldn’t go 20 minutes with me on Twitter.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 18m18 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is the same clown strategist who wanted everyone to draw Mohammed and sign their real names to it while he hid behind a sock.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 19m19 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is the same clown strategist who makes his wife check the car for bombs.
    William A. Ferguson ‏@sub_aetha 20m20 minutes ago
    Aaron Walker is the same clown strategist who broke into my TL to throw accusations he could neither prove or defend.

    FFS Fergie, u mad bro?

    (And if you were wondering, yes, Aaron is the same “clown strategist” who has been kicking Kimberlin’s skinny, white ass, and Willy’s obese, white one, for a couple of years now.)

    If you’re going to call somebody names, perhaps you should pick someone who doesn’t completely OWN YOU AND YOUR COHORTS.

    • For a guy who is so sure he’s won, he seems to spend a lot of time on twitter trying to convince the world.


      • I’m sure he’ll feel a lot better once he figures out how to put Youtube on the stand.

        Of course, cross will be epic:

        “Mr. Youtube…….IF that is your real name…..”

  25. It’s always puzzling trying to figure out the strategy being employed by the Kimberlin Klown Kar. Why make the big claim if you have nothing to back it up with? Did he imagine it would make Hoge throw in the towel when the actual result ought to be to embolden Mr Hoge and anyone who might face Team Pedobomb in the future?

    Or is this a case of telling on himself? When one lives in terror of having one’s secrets exposed to the world it is probably tempting to think that everyone is in the same sad position.

  26. Turd Ferguson, you have really opened the blinds to your pathetic existence. What we see is a grown man who really_is_pretty_dumb. Making it worse, you have little to no cleverness or wit. Despite your skills at humor, you are still a joke, and you are going to get completely hosed in court. Really, you need an attorney.

    • Although I’m enjoying Fergie having a conversation with Hoge when he hasn’t posted a thing since he started the thread. Of course then he did say, in plain English;

      “The case is not over, and I do not intend to publicly comment on the recording further until it is properly introduced into evidence.”

      Fergie dood, do you even read? Or think? ‘Cause we sure as hell know you don’t court.

    • So Hoge “isn’t credible” because he correctly refused to authenticate tweets that were not originated from his account.

      I don’t think that word means what you think it does.

    • So… a bit of (what we now know was) modified evidence caused the judge questioned Hoge’s credibility.

      I think at this point Ferg is going for the “I’m an idiot” defense. That’s the one where you act so dumb that the judge has pity and bends over backwards to help you.

      Yep, gotta be that. I’m sure it’ll work out great too.

    • Wow. The judge questioned Mr. Hoge’s credibility so strongly that he decided the case in John’s favor.

      If that’s getting one’s credibility questioned then where can we sign up?

    • Well, like the MTD, he keeps defending himself against things Hoge *didn’t* allege.

  27. We could have asked B.B. King to play some blues for these guys, but he died just a year ago this past weekend. Is it true that they buried him with his guitar, Lucille?

  28. Let me get this straight. A defendant in a civil case thinks that he has evidence that will completely and utterly destroy his opponent. To the point where he seems to think that it might even open his opponent up to sanctions or something. But rather than file that in court and wait for the judicial slap to come down, he files it on TWITTER and expects… what exactly?

    Perhaps he did read Bill’s book, “How to Fight Your Court Case on Twitter… and Win BIG!!”

    • Well, according to ACME law, they’ve won every case they’ve prosecuted on the Internet. Except when Brett sues. He sues because people talk about him on the internet. Nevermind he has yet to win those cases against Team Free Speech, but still.

  29. “The lender initiated foreclosure proceedings on these properties because the owner(s) were in default on their loan obligations. Pre-foreclosures also include properties for which a foreclosure auction is scheduled. These properties are not found on a multiple listing service (MLS).”

    That is what Zillow says when one pulls up Turd Ferguson’s address.

  30. Well, that was interesting. Fergie and Team Pedo were up all night fighting with Hoge, without Hoge being there.

    They seem a tad confused.

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