Punching Back and Hitting the Target

One of the problems about communication over the Left/Right political divide has been that the two sides have often been speaking two different political languages. Slate has a post up about the conservative victims of sexual assault who are responding to the transsexual bathroom controversy in the Left’s own terms, especially emphasizing their right to feel “safe.”

Those contradictions, however, are real. There’s no coherent ideology in which traumatized students have the right to be shielded from material that upsets them—be it Ovid9½ Weeks, or the sentiments of Laura Kipnis—but not from undressing in the presence of people with different genitalia. If we’ve decided that people have the right not to feel unsafe—as opposed to the right not to be unsafe—then what’s the standard for refusing that right to conservative sexual abuse victims? Is it simply that we don’t believe them when they describe the way their trauma manifests? Aren’t we supposed to believe victims no matter what?

Read the whole thing.

An additional thought—If the statistics coming out of the SJWs and feminists are correct, the number of survivors of sexual assault is far, far greater than the number of transgendered people.

6 thoughts on “Punching Back and Hitting the Target

  1. From what I’ve seen/heard, those pushing this and those sympathetic to it are deliberately not listening to the side that doesn’t want their little girls showering with anyone with a penis. So, a day ending in “y”.

  2. It won’t make a dent. They make the “if it saves one child” argument for gun control, when they won’t even consider the other side, that possessing a gun could mean the difference between life and death in a home invasion. If the net children lost ticks up, they’re okay with it as long as they don’t die by a gun.

  3. I have some friends who have issues with their gender identity, so I’m sympathetic. However, this issue could be handled by people with common sense instead of the heavy-handed mandate approach of Charlotte and Obama administration.

    The reality is that this nonsense is insane left wing virtue signaling. Indeed, the small number of people supposedly being benefitted only makes the virtue seem tastier.

    • Yes. If one is discrete, as one should be anyway, who the hell would know?

      The only people at issue are the ones who expose themselves (in the flasher sense of the word).

      It takes a liberal to believe that exposing a penis to a woman is patriarchal rape culture oppression *of* women, unless it happens in a bathroom in which case it magically transforms into oppression *by* women.

      • Funny how putting it that way illuminates the situation.

        I have transgender friends and they are all up in arms about this. However they use their femininity when they want to, rather than being their “real” boy selves. It’s quite…. Confusing. To put it bluntly.

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