26 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Yeah, a twit who can’t fill out a cert of service correctly has a “bombshell”….

    How stupid does a Team Kimberlin have to be to use a bomb metaphor?

    • At least he’s going to effectively close the case.
      Of Of course, that means….

    • “We all had our identity(s) stolen by a group of impersonators trying to benefit from our wealth and reputations, who engaged in those various torts, possibly involving face replacement surgery, thus we can’t be held reaponsible. After all, would any adult in good standing ever engage in x, y, or z behaviors?” Is what I’m assuming the bombshell is.

  2. When you work with a convicted domestic terrorist, using the terms “bombshell ” and that you’re going to ” end” something, might be an imprudent term of phrase.

    Also, someone who serves himself in legal matters rather than his opponent shouldn’t be questioning the intelligence of others.

    • My thoughts exactly, Canuck. Certain over-reactive types have been known to declare that sort of thing a “Death Threat eleventy”. Fortunately Mr. Hoge is more level headed about internet fools and their foolishness.

    • Now, now, Fergie served himself, but like PeeWee Herman, “He meant to do that.” He did it to remind himself that he has to show up in court.

  3. I would say it’s rather interesting he would use a certain three letter word in that tweet.

  4. How many times have we heard Schmalfeldt claim he had a “bombshell” that would certainly win his case? And of course his cheerleader Fee Fee would be there to agree. And Bill got his ass thoroughly kicked each time. At some point you would think it would dawn on them that they should hire actual lawyers because they are just too stupid to understand WTF they are doing.

    • Why are some patients not candidates for Viagra? THey found they were getting taller

  5. Fee Fee Fergie continues to demonstrate that he is an arrogant idiot that has licked the lead paint on his mother’s basement walls one times too many.

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