Bombshell Du Jour?

I wonder if this is what Ferguson thinks is his “bombshell”?S_A201605130550ZThose are the forged tweets that Brett Kimberlin attempted to use as evidence during the District Court hearing for the peace order he sought against me last year. Those fakes have been debunked (go here for details), and the doubling down by Breitbart Umasked Bunny Boy Unread on a defamatory story that included them is one of the bases for the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.S_A201605130553Z

If I had been lying about those tweets during the District Court hearing, one would expect that they would have been offered again during Kimberlin’s appeal to the Circuit Court along with additional backup evidence developed during the two month delay. That didn’t happen—perhaps because Kimberlin knew that I could prove that I was not the source of the tweets. My lawyer had the necessary evidence sitting in a folder ready to be introduced if needed.

The Team Lickspittle EOD crew was sent to disarm Ferguson’s “bombshell” over a year ago. It turned out to be a dud.

24 thoughts on “Bombshell Du Jour?

  1. And he was too stupid to know that his bombshell was dud all along…..

    Fee Fee is treading dangerously close to the bottom of the Schmalfeldtian Intellect Scale. One or two more idiotic moves by the California Kid and he will be declared “Schmalfeldt Stupid”.

  2. I took his recent tweets to be implying words had been placed in HIS mouth, somehow, or that all he ever did was report what someone else believed. I don’t think he’ll do too well with that for but [redacted.]

    Of course it’s possible he really is just that stupid.

  3. If he made Brett’s bombshells back in Speedway, Carl DeLong might be alive today.

  4. Not only a dud, but one that had already been misfired and discarded. One doesn’t count on seconded munitions to defend their firing line.

  5. I cannot express how much I am going to enjoy hearing Wee Wee Willy Ferguson bitch, moan, and whine about carrying his happy arse to Maryland in order to answer to what has been alleged! Those plane tickets get more expensive the longer you wait!

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