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25 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Someone has had a mental meltdown again. The usual – threatening employment, insulting Grady and his family, accusing him of being Krendler. What BS fails to consider is that Grady is not Krendler, but Krendler knows Grady.

  2. His PK obsession knows no bounds. For the umpteenth time, Fat Willy thinks Grady is Krendler. And just like every other time he is WRONG AGAIN!!! But mum’s the word on how he is wrong again!! He keeps making the same mistakes, over and over. This promises to bring about some great monkey dancing in Milwaukee today!! LOL

  3. It would be a soul crushing event if Bill were to ever find/figure out the truth of who Paul Krendler – he probably wouldn’t even believe it at first, because it would invalidate so much of what he is. I’d love to see it, but then where would we go for our monkey dancing?

    • Grady is a poor guy who innocently stepped in the pile of crap that is BS. Unfortunately for him, BS’s bullying traits lit up like a supernova. Instead of just a few nasty comments, BS found perverse satisfaction in hammering at Grady, and he took it way too far. He ignored that Grady, who unlike Bill actually raised his child, might have a vast network of friends and family and supporters, especially in the disabled community. Decades spent raising a sick child will build strong alliances. Does Bill think that none of these people wondered why Grady had to make a stupid trip to Maryland? Why he had to get a restraining order?

    • I see that he’s referring to PK as “recently identified”. I thought he’d identified him last fall, and several times before that, given that he was suing people claiming that they were indeed PK. And of course there’s his filing with the copyright office claiming that he himself is PK.

      Given how many times he’s “identified” PK, and how many people he has claimed were PK, including himself, I don’t think that’s going to hold much water legally speaking.

  4. As always despite being told, Bill will ignore the obvious again and the monkey dancing will be epic. This IS turning out to be a great week.

    • If I had a restraining order against someone, you better bet I’d be checking their internet shenanigans on a regular, if not daily, basis. I’d screen cap everything. And if someone anonymous, oh, like PK, who has stated that he runs his own company and is often offline dealing with business, emailed me and asked me if I had a screen cap of a posting, and would I send it to him? I just might. I might even do that sua sponte. I might not even know it’s PK if he uses another name and email for OPSEC purposes. Screen capping Twitter posts is not illegal. Emailing them to someone is not illegal.

  5. Rule 3: SJWs always project.

    Bill’s blog and Twitter rantings always involve derogatory comments towards men and women who stand up to him. His recent ravings are proof of that. In particular, he enjoys referring to the formerly overweight woman he is suing in derogatory terms (she, unlike Bill, did something about her weight) such as “flapping cow labia.” Given that BS has a fixation with cub scout sex and projects necrophilia onto others, is this evidence of yet another perverted sexual obsession? No one I know or have ever known jokes about cub scout rape, or has accused others of necrophilia, or has been obsessed with . . . animal genitalia.

    He is also ridiculing the appearance and weight (in a 20 year old photo) of Grady’s wife. Keep that in mind the next time he plays “above it all, families are off limits” Bill. Again, is this projection? BS admitted that his late wife was, at one time, a morbidly obese 300 pounds, before he proudly (and appropriately) boasted that she lost weight “the old fashioned way.” (Of course, that later changed to she lost the weight by what could be characterized as a remote triggering of scleroderma.) If an overweight wife is something to be ridiculed and be ashamed of, is Bill showing us what he really thought of his spouse? Inquiring minds have to wonder. Every time he makes fun of a woman’s weight, his wedding photo pops into my head.

    • Oh, very clearly the fat freak is describing its late wife and itself. Remember, the grotesque ghoul thought so little of her, it described every mortifying detail of her suffering on the internet. The loathsome loser also described her ‘death rattle’ on the internet, but couldn’t be bothered to be with her as she died.

      • The loathsome loser also described her ‘death rattle’ on the internet, but couldn’t be bothered wasn’t allowed to be with her as she died.

        FTFY with an “educated guess”. Remember, he’s very reliably not-truthful.

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