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I’m not making this up, you know—


UPDATE—From last week’s hearing …

THE COURT: So I’ve done everything I can to explain to you what is it you need to do. You’re representing yourselves. I’m making allowances for that, which is probably something I shouldn’t do, but I’m trying to make sure that you’re given every opportunity to defend against this if that’s what you want to do.

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  1. Brett has not only flipped his sh-t, but he is lashing out in the docket itself.

  2. “As God is my witness, I though presidential seals were edible!”

    — The Great Diddler Bomber

  3. Brett Kimberlin is a lying sack of smelly stuff. He lies as easily as he breathes. Legal payback for this scoundrel is way over due.

  4. The court is biased toward that which is supported by evidence and against that which isn’t. It isn’t the judge, it’s the system’s reliance on law, precident, and evidence which is biased against him.

      • When facts are on your side, pound the facts.
        When the law is on your side, pound the law.
        When neither is on your side, pound the table.
        If that doesn’t work, make a motion for a change of judge and file an ethics complaint against said judge. That ought to work.

        “We’re gonna be rich, right, boss?”

  5. Wow. IANAL but I suspect filing an ethics complaint against a judge – without merit – has got to grease the skids to being declared a vexatious litigant.

    • Or could this motion be the catalyst that gets him a new judge? Is a Maryland Judge allowed to continue with a case when one of the parties has filed an official complaint on him? I’m certainly positive that Judge Mason has done nothing to warrant this bullshit from Brett, bit he thinks he thinks knows more about the law than the presiding Judge. Which is another feather in his ‘Cap of Crazy’.

      • If this tactic was allowed to work, parties would file frivolous complaints in every case.

        What’s hilarious is Mason gave him a break and the pedophile terrorist is still ranting.

    • That’s how Deb Frisch ended up in trouble. She started attacking and stalking and harassing the personnel of the courts, at which point, all the threatening and stalking and harassing she’d been doing to the hapless citizens of Eugene came back and bit her.

    • I am not a shrink, but it seems to me BK is seriously paranoid, and has delusions of grandeur. He sees massive conspiracies arrayed against him, because he is just so darned important and vital to progressive causes. He also may be suffering from dementia. That would help explain why he keeps repeating disproven charges over and over, like Walker’s mythical physical attack or Hoge’s non-existent prurient interest in his daughter. Up to now, I have figured that BK was just a psychopathic liar. Now I am beginning to think that he may be insane. He may actually believe the many false stories he invents, as he cannot differentiate between illusion and reality. The question is: will he become dangerous to himself and others?

      • Will he become dangerous to … others? Really?

        Ask the folks in Speedway, Indiana.

      • Seriously paranoid? Yes. Delusions of grandeur? Yep. Massive Conspiracy Theorist? Uh huh. Psychopathic liar? Indeed!

        I’m not so sure about the dementia, however. IMO — The Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin continues to stuff his lies about Aaron’s firing, the “assault,” Aaron and our Gentle Host’s “predatory” behavior toward TK and TK’s daughter, etc. into any-and-every court filing every chance he gets in an effort to muddy the waters, and in an attempt to destroy the character and reputation of two very good-and-decent gentlemen.

        As with the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt — I personally believe both BS and his sawed-off, “excellent” friend BK know the truth behind all of these situations, and they know their “sterling reputations” are completely and permanently destroyed via THEIR VERY OWN words, actions, and abhorrent and lawless behavior.

        IMO — The Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speeway Bomber” Kimberlin does not suffer from Dementia, nor does his bloated buddy the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt suffer from PD-Dementia. They suffer from pure, unadulterated EVIL — and, they are committed to spending all of their time and energy attempting to make others suffer, as well.

        Sadly for them — GOOD will eventually win out over EVIL (many of us know how the story ends), and, in the meantime… the”Streisand Effect” and “murum aries attigit” are in full effect, and will eventually be their undoing.

  6. Wow. Cannot imagine how this is going to be received. My guess, completely ignored and he’s still going to lose.

  7. Someone needs to tell Brett, look dude, that stuff in the rafters of your basement ceiling isn’t Cotton Candy

    • Asbestos? Maybe he thought he was supposed to eat it instead of having professionals remove it safely?

      • Hilariously, eating asbestos is not actually that dangerous. It’s extremely harmful when inhaled, but eating it is only likely to give you indigestion.

        • So just don’t smell it while you’re eating it and you’ll be OK, then? Go it; I thought that scent was a large component of taste, though. Oh, well.

          • Actually, if you’re a non-smoker it’s rather benign. If you smoke, and have coated your lungs with a layer of molecular duct tape, the particles stick, stay, and irritate.

  8. Provides slanted conclusion based on a highly selective presentation of the underlying facts mixed with subjective interpretations of the actions and the motives of others must be premised on the arbiter not being fully aware of the entirety of the circumstances. This is a motion before Judge Mason. While some unaware third party might not be sufficiently skeptical of Brett Kimberlin’s claim that Judge Mason has consistently ruled against him, surely, Judge Mason is fully aware of a number of rulings he has issued in Brett Kimberlin’s favor. Such duplicity has zero chance of success.
    That leads to the question as to what Brett Kimberlin’s motivations are for gratuitously insulting the integrity of the Judge deciding his case. Maybe, he intends to claim that the butthurt he experienced in being denied a new judge is a reversible error.

      • IANAL, but this seems brilliant to me. There is now a motion before the judge for consideration. I’m sure that stops the clock on any ticking time bombs, I’m sorry, that’s a bad analogy, but I’m sure this means he doesn’t have to respond to anything this week. Brilliant.

        sarc off.

  9. I remember as a kid playing basketball with my friends growing up. There were some kids playing one on one who would act like they twisted their ankle whenever they knew they would lose.

    Some people can’t entertain or admit defeat and Brett fears a big loss – so Brett with this frivolous motion is twisting his ankle to have an excuse for losing.

    The hallmark characteristics of Brett and his crew is they can’t admit defeat and they must always have the last word. When Aaron wins and he will, Brett can say, I didn’t really lose because the judge was unethical.

    • In the TKPOD the other day, I at first read BK “admitted default” as “admitted DEFEAT”. Took three tries before my brain saw what was actually on the screen. Yes, I laughed.

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  11. I was wondering if The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber has a macro for whole “depraved Aaron/daughter’s cleavage” thing, but then I realized that he probably gets a special tingle every time he writes it, and using a macro would curtail that special tingle.

  12. And this hit Judge Mason’s desk the day after Brett said Aaron “would never get a dime out of me.” To the judge. To his face, in his courtroom.

    Looking back at last week, I wonder if this was already written before they even stepped into the courtroom last Thursday? It was probably already planned.

    Could he be “cunning” enough to be _trying_ to piss off the judge and get him to make a mistake out of anger? Good luck with that, I expect the first half of that plan to work.

    It’s too early for popcorn, so I’m making grits for breakfast. And I might just sit back and watch some Raod Runner cartoons. I have this image of the Coyote, with an anvil on a seesaw, on the top of a cliff.

    • Is it possible, since Kimberlin stated he would not be paying anything, regardless of the court’s decision, that the court could require Kimberlin pay the court instead of the plaintiff, and the court disburse the money to the plaintiff? That could be a thing, yes? And that would add more troubles for Kimberlin if he doesn’t pay?

      • IANAL, but my understanding is that having a litigant make payment to the court for disbursement to the other party(ies) is fairly common.

        If the court does so order, and the defendant refuses to pay, that would certainly be a slam dunk contempt charge. Whether that is civil or criminal contempt, well, I’ll leave that to the lawyers.

  13. A new judge would just be running the damages phase of the trial. The default judgement has already been submitted.

  14. Time for an overdue bench slap

    Hard to believe the unmitigated gall BK has

    But not really

  15. My bright and shiny wish this morning is that Judge Mason interview Tetyana Kimberlin and Brett Kimberlin and determine the times, places and all other circumstances surrounding the Alleged Events of Depraved Sexual Predation.

    And that the interviews be conducted separately, without allowing the interviewees to communicate with anyone until the interviews are complete.

    That would be fun.

    • Yes. I still feel a little sorry for Tetyana [I’ve known a couple of women who were pretty severely psychologically damaged by similar abusers and it’s tough for them] but without him right next to her, feeding her lines, she would be totally lost about what to say without screwing up the narrative.
      OTOH, the image of of the Pedo-Bomber going nuts while she’s alone with a judge answering questions he really doesn’t want her to answer is just awesome. He’d make Gollum look sane.

  16. So Judge Mason gives them a break by giving a chance to respond to the motion for default even after determining that they’re in default and this is the thanks he gets?

    Boy, that’ll teach ‘im, what what?

  17. Well in comparison to other judges who have let him run roughshod over the legal process, it must feel like bias.

    • That was almost cheery, Earl! Are you feeling quite all right? Do you need to lie down until the happiness passes?

      Just teasing, I’m not trying to be mean.

  18. The logical side of my brain is saying I think this is his strategy to soften the beaches for his other lawsuits. He admitted he wanted to lose this case and go to appeal. But, like a bully, he is counting that judges in his other cases will see his complaint against this judge and think “I don’t want any parts of that,” and be more lenient or outright give him what he wants. This is how a bully operates: pick on one to get all the others to capitulate.

    The other side of my brain is saying “OMG what gall! Unbelievable chutzpah, does he really think this is going to benefit him?

    • Brett Kimberlin believes on always being on the offense. On appeal, he is on the offense, so that is the strategy he prefers. That strategy will have certain drawbacks, as we well discover over the next couple of weeks.

    • You’re saying this is like Lebron James, an NBA basketball player who doesn’t believe he ever makes a mistake, always getting in the ref’s face when something is called against him. Always up close and personal. So when James travels or fouls, the ref is thinking, “Do I call him on it and get 30 seconds of his liver-and-onions dinner from 12 inches away or do I let him skate?” Guess what usually happens.

  19. I really think that to him, it’s all just marks on the paper. If those marks result in him looking ridiculous, that’s okay as long as he slows the process down, or creates some reason to file more paperwork. The process is the punishment.

  20. Previously made this comment at the artisan craft blog:

    IMO, it cannot be stressed enough that when Brett Kimberlin was in his forties, he married a teenage girl. I don’t see how that fact can be overcome.

    IMO, at age 40~ only a pedophile would seek out a romantic relationship with a 14 year old girl, the age of his wife when he first brought her to the U.S. to have sex with her.

    It’s not the 25~ year age difference that is evidence of pedophilia. It’s that one of the parties was a child, mentally, emotionally, and legally a child. Had Brett Kimberlin enrolled his wife in school when he brought her to the U.S., it would have been middle school. Any man in his forties dating a middle schooler is a pedophile, imo, and iiuc, legally.

    There can be no dispute that she was in her teens and Brett Kimberlin in his 40’s when they married. Contrary to the lyrics written and *performed* by Brett Kimberlin, non-pedophile men in their 40’s view teenagers only as children, not child sex objects.

    • You know he intercepts her mail, or I’d send her one letter to tell her to get her own representation to protect herself.

      • not now. If her marriage was voidable, I don’t think it is void, and green card and all may be in perfect order. If she had any worry or doubt on the subject, however, I’m pretty sure her husband would exploit it.

          • Based on the evidence I have seen, Tetyana Kimberlin left the U. S. while her husband was in prison—and subsequently legally returned. She has properly completed the steps to become a citizen.

          • The initial entry documents override, in other words, in her chain of documentation if her Birth Certificate or any statement made to US Customs, border patrol or any other law enforcement authority was deliberately altered, falsified, for a criminal purpose – it can and would most likely be rescinded in some circumstances

          • No, it “most likely would” not. Have you see our immigration policy lately? Obama stands as much of a chance of having his citizenship revoked.

          • Pablo, well there’s that… I agree, but that may change soon

    • Judge Mason might not have required that all mail between plaintiff Aaron Walker, and defendant Tetyana Kimberlin be sent by restricted delivery, but, I don’t think it forbids it either.

  21. She’s expressed fear of him before without prompting from any of her husbands enemies. I am fearful on her behalf. In my worst fears, If there is ever a situation that could put him in dutch, I think he will escalate pressure up to and including violence ( though he would be perfectly willing to use financial pressure, legal threats, etc, to get her to conform his wishes)

  22. The “success” for TK here is avoiding discovery. Which he has.

    MSJ fails, so he intentionally took default.

    To avoid discovery. Which is getting harder and harder to do with more people he’s injured/alleged injury from and sued looking on.

    There’s no downside to this sort of improper motion – he’s never been held to account for it – and when he’s been ordered to pay penalties and costs, he’s refused to without result/hindrance from the courts.
    It just might work, might confuse people who don’t pay a lot of attention (like Clerks and Judges with lots on the docket), and if it doesn’t, who cares?

    Only one side here is following the rules.

  23. Isn’t it funny how the shoe wrings when it’s on the other foot?

    He threatened endless lawsuits. He never paused to think that, perhaps, some good and thoughtful people might turn the tables on him. The process is now his punishment.

    Happy mother’s day, all!

    • For most people, entering the legal system for any reason is abhorrent. It’s complex, expensive and you can lose even if you’re in the right, sometimes morally right and sometimes legally right. This is why this tactic works so well.

      Most people need a lawyer to navigate the ins and outs of the system. I entered into the system one time, as a plaintiff, to sue a business partner. I won, but it cost me north of $10,000 for six months of legal back and forth that was settled out of court. After that experience, I would be loath to enter into a legal battle with anyone if I can avoid it.

      I’m sure he didn’t count on pro bono attorneys helping out his victims, or well educated pro se plaintiffs willing to go after him and turning the tables. He also shares a trait with my ex-partner: He’s the smartest guy in the room, just ask him.

  24. I’ll just note that our host did not state that everything is proceeding as he had foreseen. I think that even this was too batsh*t crazy for even him to anticipate.

    I forget which wag once said that nobody had even gone broke by overestimating people’s stupidity. I would add, though, that one should never underestimate their creativity in their stupidity.

    • As a matter of note, having given two points of “PII”, you should expect Bill to begin doxxing everyone but you in West Virginia starting tomorrow.

      • Yeah, cause West Virginia is totally the same place as Virginia. Well, at least it was 150 years ago. (I know you know better, Gus but demented cyber-stalkers probably don’t.)

        I know a few folks and something of the history in WV. It might be safer to harass people with active restraining orders. Just sayin’.

  25. Hee!

    Same mistake that finally put Deb Frisch behind bars.

    Harassing the proles is one thing…

    You start harassing judges, politicians, and police officers with crazy accusations against them, and your ass is going to jail.

    Some animals are more equal than others…

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