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Tick, tock.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed this petition for writ of certiorari with the Maryland Court of Appeals.

I’m leaving comments open, but don’t educate the midget by correcting his errors of law. OTOH, feel free to point out the … lawyers call them misstatements of fact … we engineers call them lies … the lies you find.

19 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. So he’s arguing in his petition that he’s a pedophile. You are telling us nothing new, midget.

  2. Does Plaintiff Kimberlin state he lives at the address that Defendant Kimberlin claims to have abandoned and can’t be served at?

  3. He couldn’t prepare because he might not be able to testify. I didn’t write my assigned essay because it might be a snow day. Same argument. Not compelling.

  4. The appeal is astonishing in its … bold …. claim that he couldn’t prepare for a ruling that went his way. Hilarious.

    As for his use of caselaw that is in fact, false statements of law, good luck with that pint sized pedophile.

    • Your Honor, I demand the right to speak.


      But I am not ready, I did not think you would let me. Retrial.

      Your failure to be ready is your fault. You wanted to be heard, and yet had nothing to say. Unbelievable, and not a reason to obtain restitution to retry your failures.

    • He wears white socks with black shoes with his rumpled suit.

      It’s a look. But probably hard to capture all that in the comix.

  5. Dear

    Once again, I’m asking for a friend here. He’s in this nasty fight with a cabal of right-wing nutjobs, and he’s got several lawsuits going with them. In most of them, he talks about a confrontation he had in a courthouse with one of the nutjob leaders. In each case, he says that the nutjob assaulted him, causing enough injuries to send him to the hospital (my friend, not the nutjob).

    However, the confrontation happened in a courthouse, where they had a videotaping system, so the whole thing was caught on video. And it’s totally misleading (I think the nutjob knew about the system and arranged for the confrontation to look like he never hit my friend, which he totally did), but that’s not stopped from several courts to rule that the assault never happened (it totally did, pinky swear!).

    Anyway, my friend keeps citing this assault in his court filings. I know that filings are supposed to be filed “under penalty of perjury,” but since this assault totally did happen (double pinky swear!) even though all the evidence says it didn’t (the assaulting nutjob is an evil genius, I tell you), and courts are supposed to take filings as if they’re true, so it’s not really perjury if it really happened, right?

    Oh, and for a totally different friend, it seems that Maryland has this law that people convicted of perjury can’t testify under oath. I think that’s totally unconstitutional and unfair and just plain mean. I mean, if you think about it, who has more incentive to tell the truth under oath than someone who has already been convicted and paid the price for lying under oath? And since he’s already paid the price for his crime, isn’t it totally unfair that he’s being punished for something he did as a teenager for the rest of his life?

    Thanks, You’re the best.

    Sincerely yours (under penalty of perjury, even! LOL),

    In No Way, Shape, or Form A Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber Named Brett Kimberlin

  6. If I wanted to document all the provable lies the diminutive freak put in his petition here, it would take all day. I have better things to do on my day off, however.

    Kimberlin, lying through his teeth (er, word processor) as usual.

  7. Dear Maryland Court of Appeals:

    The lower courts were big meanies and wouldn’t let me testilie because I’m a convicted perjury. In order for you to understand how wrong they were, here’s a big pile of perjury all typed up nice and neat. I even spelled my name right and everything! I’m no Bill Sschmalfeldt…

    Your pal, Brett. Please use the email address shown, I’m currently ducking service at the address I just used for this court filing. Kthanxbye.

  8. “Appellee Aaron Walker, the publisher of the anti-Muslim “Everyone Draw Mohammed” blog, was outraged when Appellant exposed him.”

    “After Appellant Walker’s employer found out about his activities as publisher of the Muslim hate blog, the employer fired him.”

    So Kimberlin admits to the Maryland Court of Appeals that Walker was, in fact, fired over EDM which would not have happened but for Kimberlin exposing him.

    “…and that they falsely said that he caused Mr. Walker’s termination…”

    So after just getting through telling the Maryland Supreme Court that he did cause Aaron’s termination, he also admits that he sued Aaron, under penalty of perjury mind you, claiming the exact opposite in a lower court.

    I guess that’s why Brett needed time to prepare to testify, when it’s all about the narrative, it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure your answers are consistent. He couldn’t even do it when he had months to carefully construct his story and wasn’t under the stress of being on the spot.

    • Utter amazeballs. While beating a horse to death, Brett Kimberlin admits, to the Maryland Supreme Court, that he actually did what the defendants (appellants) said he did – that he took away Aaron’s anonymity and as a direct result Aaron then got fired. Tortious interference with business, anyone? And to add a little sugar on top of that sundae, there’s that whole letter to Aaron’s employer informing them of that.

      Way to prove the OPPOSITE of what you intended in the lawsuit, Brett! Way to go!

  9. Oh, and I love how Brett’s “strong” evidence is that his daughter testified that Brett has never done anything to her.

    Maybe OJ should have countersued Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s family for calling him a murderer. He could have had his Mom testify that he had never murdered her, therefore he couldn’t possibly be a murderer and it would be defamatory to say he was.

  10. Any forged green cards associated with this case?

    The Diminutive Explosive Detonator took great care to note that he was CONVICTED of perjury as a TEEN. However, this and other of his petitions/actions (and a statement by a judge, no less) as an ADULT provide ample evidence that though he’s not been held accountable for his numerous lies, he has never stopped lying. (see leopard:spots)

    • Who among us hasn’t been convicted of perjury a time or two in our teenaged years? I don’t think a judge is going to think the various things he’s done fit within “youthful indiscretions.” He was an adult, however old he was at the time, just a terrible one.

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