27 thoughts on “LOLsuit VI News

  1. So if you are in the lawsuit dismisspool, you might adjust your predictions accordingly.

  2. The pirate crew need not worry about this filing, Steiner’s assault will bring it all under control.

      • Disability retirement is a dole. It’s social-safety net government charity, unless it comes from a private policy.

  3. Wait – I thought Aaron was supposed to be an idiot.
    Amazing that a man with dyslexia is more organized, methodical, detail-oriented and literate than an award-winning, armchair lawyer and crack “investigative journalist.”

  4. Just looked up “non-responsive” in the legal dictionary. Found a photo of Schmalfeldt. Fancy that! 😀

  5. Well done. A well deserved legal thrashing exposing Schmalfeldt for the crybully that he is. Hoping that the court does heed the request for a vexatious litigant designation AND sanctions.

    • That was more than just a can of whoop-ass…that was a KEG.

      Bravo, counselor.

  6. “Together, these eight points lay waste to the Plaintiff’s FAC”

    In fact Aaron’s whole Motion has laid waste to “HIM” (whom shall forever not be named)!

    And that wasting motion has left a gigantic grease and JWR stain all over St.Francis, WI.

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