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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s pathetic attempt at virtue signaling by suing Senators McConnell and Grassley is doomed. As Aaron Walker has pointed out, Kimberlin lacks standing and the issue is not ripe.

Further, his chance at controlling the narrative surrounding the case has been impaired by failing to announce the suit via his own channels such as the Justice Through Music Project or VelvetRevolution.US websites or Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread. The story broke here on Hogewash! and has been retweeted by bloggers and blogs such as Popehat and Legal Insurrection. We control the vertical and the horizontal—and the audio too.

I believe TDPK will be very unhappy with the fallout from this LOLsuit.

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • How about the mug shot of a certain terrorist dressed as a federal officer with an arrow pointing at the 5′ 6″ mark saying, “You must have this much standing to….?”

  1. I hope the terrified tiny terrorist learns a very, very expensive lesson. I suspect the lesson will be there, the only question is whether he’s capable of learning it.

  2. It’s literally insane. The pederast narcissistic terrorist is insane if he thinks he can stick his sick nose in this.

  3. Will Bill Schmalfeldt sue Republican Senator Ron Johnson? Do it! Do it! He is running for re-election and you will get tons of media and exposure. Imagine Bill Schmalfeldt responsible for the defeat of Ron Johnson. They will write about you in history books.

  4. Lets all keep an eye out for Kimberlin attempting to capitalize on this albatross of a suit. I’ve been looking for any press releases, podcast interviews, tweets or message board comments from him, but nothing so far.

    Kimberlin’s latest suit has me wondering if he is taking legal advice from Twitter Attorney at Law William D. F. Schmalfeldt. Hmmmmm……….

  5. McConnell and Grassley are being sued by a guy who went to prison for blowing up bombs in his hometown, and was caught because he tried to get a copy center to make him a fake ID, showed up at the copy center in a Park Ranger uniform, with leftover bomb parts in the trunk of his car…. His authorized biography and 2 of his songs make him sound like a pedophile, he planned a hit on a prosecutor in writing on legal pads he had in his cell, was convicted of perjury before he left high school. He sued to restore his reputation after writers called him a “pedo,” but lost the case because he didn’t present any proof the statements were false. The guy who faked the green card on court documents to get out of paying extra postage? The guy so tough he can be injured during an assault that did not happen, and whine about it for years. THAT guy?

    • Remember, Mitch McConnell believes liberals are the opposition, while conservatives are the enemy. He doesn’t care about any of these things. He cares about raising money, and, more importantly, raising more money than his opponents. Brett Kimberlin is the man who solicited “hackers” to obtain information to jail key members of the Chamber.

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