Public Citizen, et al. v. Federal Election Commission, et al.

There’s been some questions about that FEC case The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin keeps referring to in some of his court filings. Here’s the caption of the original complaint:CaptionThe case number is 14-CV-148. The suit alleges that the Federal Election Commission didn’t properly investigate spending by Karl Rove’s organization Crossroad GPS.ECF 1-7Brett Kimberlin’s connections to the case are vial ProtectOurElections dot org (which is one of the Justice Through Music Project/VelvetRevolution.US fundraising websites) and Kevin Zeese (who TDPK has described as legal counsel to his organizations).ECF 1-11ECF 1-13Currently, there is a pending motion for summary judgment filed by Crossroads GPS which has joined the case as an intervenor/defendant. That motion was fully briefed as of 7 April.

18 thoughts on “Public Citizen, et al. v. Federal Election Commission, et al.

  1. TD;DR,
    Is this a case of Brett pointing to his own operatives and saying, “See, there’s lots of attention on this subject.”?

  2. Public Citizen, I have a love hate relationship with them.
    On the one hand, sometimes they step in to help with Free Speech issues. OTOH, sometimes they seem to work directly with BK and his friends.

  3. The irony of Brett Kimberlin involved in an investigation of an organization’s integrity and transparency.

  4. If it’s JTMP that is part of the lawsuit, why is Brett claiming not having a full Supreme Court harms him personally? Wouldn’t he have no standing on that issue?

    • The terrified tiny terrorist is ridiculously claiming that when his vexatious, brass-knuckle reputation management LOLsuits get thrown out by the lower courts he’ll take them all the way to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court will agree to hear them. hahahaha

    • If I understand correctly: there is no constitutional reason as to why the Supreme Court must have nine justices. Could have five, or eight, or fourteen. Up to the President and congress. “Full” court is a meaningless phrase.

  5. Does Kimberlin have any wins with the decades and decades of suits he has filed? And winning a couple bucks from Seth Allen via default doesn’t count. This little man spends all of his ‘professional life’ filing lawsuits and has absolutely nothing to show for it. I couldn’t imagine spending all those hours on frivolous suits and suck so bad at it. But the criminal mind is so different than the rest of society.

  6. Y’know, technically BK does have the right to appeal a lawsuit as far as the Supreme Court, assuming he jumps through every procedural hoop and pays all the requisite fees, and providing the court takes up his appeal.

    And technically, I have the right to win the lottery, assuming I ever actually buy a ticket, and providing my numbers are chosen.

    Like that’s ever gonna happen.

    • There is of course, no “right” to the Supreme Court’s review, nor to a specific number of justices considering one’s appeal.

  7. Who is Craig Holman? Would adding Kevin Zeese to a court database search paramenter likely reveal other cases involving the Tiny Pedo or his so-called activist organizations?

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