I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

Brett Kimberlin is suing Senators McConnell and Grassley because … oh, you have to read this to believe it—

And for bonus LULZ, the case has been assigned to Judge Hazel.

UPDATE—Note that Kimberlin is using the same address in this lawsuit that he has always used but where he could not be served with a summons in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.

66 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. A few thoughts…

    1 kiss that corporate veil goodbye, Brett.

    2 he doesn’t have standing & the case isn’t ripe.

    3 he claims to live at the same place he couldn’t be served at.

    • And assigned to Judge Hazel… this is going to be great!

      In addition to the word “fail” I suspect the word “sanction” is going to get a lot of use in future orders.

      • hahahaha That should have one of self-described Happy My Wife Died TheMerryWidower‘s thousands of selfies to illustrate the definition.

        o/t – You bring a lot to the group, Doh!, and I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’m curious how you found the lickspittle horde. Please do NOT reply if the path would give the grotesque ghoul any clue about your real id.

        I hope others also let us know their path, particularly newer additions to the horde. I’d bet a lot that many were longtime lurkers (not to be confused with the longtime lurker, haha), that finally decided to comment. I hope other lurkers decide to join the conversation, and the mockery. 😉

  2. Uhm. Uh. Well …

    Damn. I cannot come up with anything that wouldn’t cause my mama to wash my mouth out with soap. The closest/cleanest I can come up with is – is he really that f*cking stupid and/or clueless?

    And nothing like expressly declaring that he’s blatantly evading service.

  3. Hmmm. So his WORK, in his capacity as director of JTMP, and includes PERSONAL litigation.
    Hmmmmmmm .
    Does the JTMP charter state that?

  4. This will catch the radar of the IRS desperately wanting and begging for more funding from Congress and the United States Parole Commission.

    • When I saw it was assigned to Judge Hazel, I laughed so hard the cat wondered what was wrong. Poor guy (GH) just can’t get away from this nutjob.

      Shorter (ahem) BK: What more do I have to do to make the courts understand that I’m a vexatious litigant?

  5. Btw, I will be writing both Senators with a brief background about Brett’s lawfare and requesting the Senators to request Brett Kimberlin be declared a vexatious litigant. I think we should all do so.

    Question: Aaron and John since he is referring to your cases and dismissals do you have standing to respond? If you do, please let the judge respectfully know this is what happens when you don’t sanction experienced pro-se litigants.

  6. Kimberlin really made a huge mistake with this. Aaron only hints at it but this will cause the collapse of Kimberlin’s scam nonprofit gig.

  7. I have read almost every post every written here for the past 3+ years, but I have never laughed out loud at any post the way I did at this one! The Little Diddler has just exceeded Schmalfeldt’s level of d***f***ery.

  8. I hope somebody laid some foam out on Judge Hazel’s desk. The inevitable headdesking should be considered to prevent injury.

  9. Wha… I don’t….

    There’s a meme over on the book of feces er faces about people skipping retard and going full potato. This one doesn’t go full potato, it goes full potatoe with extra E

  10. Going to be thrown out because surprise surprise it’s also a constitutional right for these senators to do nothing.

  11. And this bit of ‘work’ will make a lie of any claim Teh Tiny Terrorist makes that as a ‘poor pro se’ he can’t keep up with a trained lawyer and submit documents on time…

    Defendant in two lawsuits, plaintiff in at least two others, and he has time for this????

  12. “They” filed charges against Gov. Perry of Texas for explaining that he was going to use a veto.

  13. Being that I don’t have the morals of a Wee Willy “I’d bang a 14 year old” Fergie or BunnyBoy “The child porn wasn’t that bad” Osborn I find that I must admit a mistake and correct myself.

    Brett Coleman “Speedway Bomber and Adjudicated Pedophile” Kimberlin is the World’s Stupidest Man™

    William “Love me some Cub Scout Ass” Schmalfeldt is now World’s Second Stupidest Man™. I know it stings to be demoted Bill, but you are still a very profligate liar if that helps.

  14. He sued Senator Orrin Hatch before.

    I think it is funny that Hazel caught the case. Not because I think that it means that someone who knows Plaintiff is going to hold him as a vexatious litigant.

    No, it’s funny because Hazel deserves it.

  15. I speculate that this is a desperate attempt by Brett to get gobs of attention from the left. He is hoping it will increase his income and somehow believes it will positively influence his court cases.

  16. I wonder if the “Merrick Garland confirmation advocacy fund” button will have a tiny-print disclaimer at the bottom of the page that notes that “none of the money raised will be used to fund Merrick Garland’s confirmation efforts,” as his Pussy Riot fund did have such a disclaimer?

  17. Oh no wait on. We’ve all misread things. This is on behalf of “Just Ice Through Music Project” that plans give ice to freezing russian girl musicians

  18. How does JTMP, “which works to promote tolerance, pluralism and progressive values”, fit together with Kimberlin, whose “work includes seeking redress of his civil and statutory rights”?

    Op-critical’s song “Fear Not”? What about “Wounded”? The CD “Of War and Protest”?

    In my opinion, something here doesn’t feel internally consistent.

    • “In my opinion, something here doesn’t feel internally consistent.” <– That's probably Schmalfeld's bowel.

  19. What does the pending public citizen case concern? Why is he not identified by name as filing the suit?

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