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No one should be surprised that Brett Kimberlin is evading service of process of the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. What else would one expect from the sort of coward who sets a time bomb and skulks away?

He can try to delay the inevitable, but it is still inevitable.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. He has too many worldly ties to pull off hiding. His court cases, family, various non-profits. Rather, avoiding service and the taunt he left for the process server won’t do anything good for him.

  2. I often wonder if someone really wanted Brett’s true address(for purely legal reasons like service or attempts to collect a debt), what methods might they use? A law enforcement officer can access many databases that are off limits to civilians. A private investigator might have shot to find him using plain old shoe leather. Bail Enforcement Officers are very resourceful in finding criminals because they can think a convict, anticipate future moves.

    Although conventional wisdom has him living with a family member, he could have another home elsewhere outside the DC Beltway region. Maybe an apartment in Nashville or a villa in Hawaii. Of course he would NEVER put them in his own name, most likely a friend or business partner. But this is all pure speculation on my part in an attempt to assist with effecting service in current and future legal actions against him.

    • Or a dacha in Crimea, I believe he’s been there a few times, like when his now wife attracted his attention.

  3. I don’t understand the neighbor’s comment that only the mother lives at that address. Was the follow up question of “since when” asked?
    Are people allowed to lie to process servers? Asking for a friend.

  4. So here’s the fun bit. Can Kimberlin’s lawsuits even proceed if he stops showing up for the court dates?

    I do worry about Tetyana though.

    • I used to worry. Now? Not so much. She willingly signed onto Brett’s false accusations against John and Aaron. Now she can pay the price just like the tiny pedo.

      • We are all responsible for our own criminal acts and sins. Coercion lessens the impact, but when one keeps up a course of sinful, criminal conduct, the coercion angle becomes less and less plausible and full accountability for actions and conduct snaps into place. As I know well from personal experience with both criminal and sinful behavior and acts. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner!
        A happy Palm Sunday to you all! see:

      • This!

        I, too, used to worry for her (as well as GS). However, they both crossed lines, IMO… from victims to participants. There are far too many resources out there to help women… I worry solely for the minor children.

        And, as a mother myself… my sympathy for abused mothers has a relatively short lifespan. You’ve got children for God’s sake! Do it for them, if not for yourself. And, if TK ever plays the “no one would help me card,” she needs to be called out right quick. *smh*

        One has already escaped being called to account for her bad acts via her death. The other has some serious answerin’ and ‘splainin’ to do for her role in all of this Team Kimberlin bullshit.

        Enough is enough.

  5. Dear

    I’ve never used your services before, but a friend this chump I know uses you all the time, and now I have a legal question.

    I’m a pro se plaintiff in a few lawsuits, and due to circumstances beyond my control and totally not my fault at all I find it could be very inconvenient for me to show up in court for future hearings. Can I, at this point, arrange for someone to represent me in court, but not be authorized to accept service of legal documents in other cases? And can I do that in a way that won’t compromise my pro se status?

    Sincerely yours,

    Definitely Not Brett Kimberlin

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  7. Wowza, I thought that green house was a scam under development for him (especially given that he just randomly appended it to the forms for one of those charities.)
    I was unaware he actually found someone to uh…”partner” with him.

  8. I’m not sure what the problem is. Just send him the summons, forge a green card to show he got it, and submit it. Isn’t that the way service is done in MD?

    • Why, yes! Yes it is!

      Anybody know if that particular scam is still under review by the court? Or did Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber get completely away with diddling service?

    • In Federal courts in Maryland the precedent is set – forging proof of service is a perfectly acceptable method of service. Because if someone answers that the service is defective they just announced they know about it so they are served. And if they don’t answer, well boom, default judgment.

      State court is a little different. There is no rule of law that explicitly forbids forgery of proof of service, so you can’t get in trouble go it, but a judge might, it is not guaranteed, might, reject forged proof of service as defective but the clock will reset on the time to properly serve.

      So forging proof of service is definitely the way to go, it’s all upside.

      In Maryland at least.

    • IIUC, unclean hands allow any judge to rule against the puny pedo. IMO, that unpaid judgment from the state case that ended with a directed verdict could be used to preclude access to the court until it’s paid.

      One isn’t supposed to ask the court for protection if one isn’t willing to abide by the court’s orders. I’ve seen it happen in my jurisdiction. Plaintiff’s case was dismissed because plaintiff didn’t comply with the order of another court.

  9. One begins to wonder if the Tiny Pedo-Bomber’s excellent friends are getting just a tiny bit [sorry, couldn’t resist] nervous.

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