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6 thoughts on “Login

  1. You just know that Bill saw the proof that Brett is running from Hoge and isn’t wondering why his Pedo Hero got him into this and is now running leaving the rest of the team to face their legal consequences alone. Maybe at some point instead of hearing the wailing of HOOOOOOGE or WAAAAAALKER!!!! emanating from the nunnery we’ll here BREEEEEEETTTTT!!!! Oh that would be sweet.

  2. Well, the Johnnie Walker Red Baron (vroom! VROOM!) just knows that Brett Kimberlin,the convicted drug smuggler, perjurer, serial terrorist bomber and adjudicated pedophile has a plan.
    The bad news: it may not include him.

  3. He’s never had any talent for it, but his recent fisking efforts have been much lamer than usual. Obviously the poor DUMBFUCK is losing his will to live.

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