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This is the origin of one of the Latin expressions I use. It’s from Book II of Caesar’s Commentary on the War in Gaul

Chapter 32

To these things Caesar replied, “That he, in accordance with his custom rather than owing to their desert, should spare the city, if they should surrender themselves before the battering-ram should touch the wall; but that there was no condition of surrender, except upon their arms being delivered up; that he should do to them that which he had done in the case of the Nervii, and would command their neighbors not to offer any injury to those who had surrendered to the Roman people.” The matter being reported to their countrymen, they said that they would execute his commands. Having thrown a very large quantity of their arms from the wall into the trench that was before the town so that the heaps of arms almost equalled the top of the wall and the rampart, and nevertheless having retained and concealed, as we afterward discovered, about a third of their arms in the town, the gates were opened, and they enjoyed peace for that day.

Chapter 33

Toward evening Caesar ordered the gates to be shut and the soldiers to go out of the town lest the towns-people should receive any injury from them by night. The Aduatuci, by a design before entered into, as we afterwards understood, because they believed that, as a surrender had been made, our men would dismiss their guards or at least would keep watch less carefully, partly with those arms which they had retained and concealed, partly with shields made of bark or interwoven wickers which they had hastily covered over with skins (as the shortness of time required), in the third watch, suddenly made a sally from the town with all their forces in the direction which the ascent to our fortifications seemed the least difficult. The signal having been immediately given by fires, as Caesar had previously commended, a rush was made thither by Roman soldiers from the nearest fort; and the battle was fought by the enemy as vigorously as it ought to be fought by brave men in the last hope of safety, in a disadvantageous place, and against those who were throwing their weapons from a rampart and from towers; since all hope of safety depended on their courage alone. About 4,000 of the men having been slain, the rest were forced back into the town. The next day, Caesar, after breaking open the gates which there was no one then to defend, and sending in our soldiers, sold the whole spoil of that town. The number of 53,000 persons was reported to him by those who had bought them.

Murum aries attigit.

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    • The town could see it. Caesar showed weakness. The stench of imminent failure hung over him.

  1. And so from the beginning of war, there exists between soldiers a bond that cannot be described. There is the obvious connection of a soldier to his comrades, but there is too a strong sense of respect and kinship with the soldier on the other side of No Man’s Land, shivering in cold wet places just the same, under orders and doing his job, too — just wanting to get the thing over with and go home.

    Surrender is a mercy in such a place. The idea that certain death may be avoided, that one might be willing to simply give up fighting and still survive, is mercy of the deepest blue. Surrendering enemy soldiers are often greeted with a warmth and understanding that friendly civilians do not receive, for they have shared in the misery and hardship of war in ways that we comfortable and safe civilians can never know.

    Surrender, in war, is perhaps the ultimate of Sanctuaries. It is a way out when hope and rescue have fled the field. Honorable surrender has never been treated with shame by any American unit I have ever heard of.

    Bill Whittle

    And given the chance to take an honorable surrender and go home on his feet, DUMBFUCK chose the pine box.

    Murum aries attigit.


  2. Experience is said to be a harsh mistress, but some will learn from no other. It’s pretty obvious, and has been for some time, that DF and PedoBoy will have to learn in the harshest way possible. Keep it up until they learn.

    • Some won’t learn at all. They’ll said “she lied!!!!” or that someone made “goo goo eyes” at her.

  3. Caput XXXII
    Ad haec Caesar respondit: “quod in consuetudine sua quam merito eorum, ut parceret urbi, si sese prius quam murum aries attigisset; sed deditionis nullam esse condicionem nisi armis traditis ut facere quod in Nerviis fecisset et facturum finitimisque imperaturum ne quam dediticiis qui offerunt populi Romani iniuriam inferrent. “Re renuntiata ad suos illi se illi se quae imperarentur facere. Exuti magna multitudine de muro in fossam, quae erat armorum oppido altitudinem acervi armorum adaequarent, ut prope summam muri aggerisque altitudinem vertice, et tamen circiter parte tertia, ut postea perspectum est, tertiam partem armis ex oppido retenta, portis patefactis eo die pace sunt usi.
    Caput XXXIII
    Sub vesperum Caesar portas claudi militesque ex oppido exire, ne quam noctu oppidani a militibus iniuriam acciperent. Aduatuci, de consilio ante inito, ut intellectum est, quia credebant, quod deditione facta nostros praesidia deducturos aut denique indiligentius servaturos crediderant, vel saltem minus diligenter observant, partim cum iis quae retinuerant armis et celaverant armis, partim scutis ex cortice factis aut viminibus intextis, quae subito pellibus (ut temporis exiguitas postulabat), in tertia vigilia venerit, omnibus copiis repente ex oppido eruptionem fecerunt in quonam exercituum minime arduus ad nostras munitiones accensus videbatur. Extemplo signum datum esset, ut ante Caesar imperaverat, a Romanis militibus, ex proximis castellis eo concursum est; pugnatumque ab hostibus ita acriter est et esse debet ut a viris fortibus in extrema spe salutis iniquo loco contra eos qui ex vallo turribusque tela iacerent pugnari; cum in una virtute omnis spes consisteret. 4,000 de virorum Interfecto Indutiomaro, reliqui in oppidum reiecti sunt. Postridie eius diei Caesar, refractis portis quo iam defenderet nemo, atque intromissis militibus nostris, sectionem eius oppidi universam Caesar vendidit. 53,000 hominum numerus ad eum relatus est qui se emisse.

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