Legal LULZ Du Jour

SRUs201604230242ZI went over to the Cabin Boy’s™ blog and read his post. (He only has one of my three IP addresses blocked.) It’s clear from his post that he believes a great number of things that aren’t true.

He ends his post with by saying that if he loses his LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, he will go back to destroying peoples’ lives and asks where he left off and whose life he has destroyed.

The answer is obvious—his own.

23 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt may very well have destroyed his own life, but, fundamentally, who cares?

    That poor women in Oregon who had to listen to Bill Schmalfeldt’s rant recorded on her answering machine is due orders of magnitude more sympathy than him.

  2. When your idea of the law comes from general law websites that don’t explain with any specificity the common law beyond a general concept you’ll find yourself filing dumb lawsuits. You’ll even find yourself citing cases against interest.

  3. Don’t worry, Bill. I believe! And I know you’ll get Aaron off the case too! Never mind what the judge says, we know what the LAW says. Who needs deterrence when you always win? Not you! You’re a superstar!


  4. It’s not necessary to attend and graduate from law school to provide proof in your filings the opposite of what you’re claiming …

    But I note that in this action, the party that graduated from law school hasn’t done that.

    The other one…….

  5. “And if I lose?
    Oh well. I’m too ugly to kill and they can’t eat me.
    So, back to destroying peoples’ lives…”

    A certain judge in Wisconsin Federal Court will find that pretty dispositive when it comes time to awarding Defendants expenses for being subjected to a Vexatious Litigant’s frivolous LOLSUIT. I wonder also what certain officials at Canticle and Juniper Courts might think. And could St Francis Law Enforcement find that bit of “context” helpful in charging Billy with a crime? I wonder, I wonder…..

  6. Destroy this fat f***s life to the fullest extent of the law. Complete. Utter. Total. Life. Ruining. Tactics.

    And as a coup de gras, get the court to ban him from any internet access or jail, because because he won’t be able to resist breaking the rules and I would LOVE to have a great laugh when he sees who his cell mate will be. Prison won’t care if you have stage eleventy bawwwtism

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