A Bad Day in St. Francis

Judge Joseph has issued an order dealing with all of the open motions in the LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler except for the defendants’ motion to dismiss.

“… nonsensical, not to mention impractical.” Yep, that’s about the size of it.

81 thoughts on “A Bad Day in St. Francis

    • I was thinking the same thing – only a dementia addled freakshow would view not getting slapped with sanctions at this stage as a win.

    • He can crow all he likes. Since every motion we made was predicated on the idiocy of his motion (specifically the whole “I don’t wanna face their lawyer!” cry-bully act) having that particular motion struck gives us all the vindication we needed. She dealt with it her way. I’m all for that.

      Ahhh, for a clean slate to go forward with. I like it!

  1. Judge Joseph seems to have found the root cause of the docket problem .. this seems to be a familiar theme lately.. and it was actually DF!!!

    Get it now, Shakey? YOU’RE THE PROBLEM!

    Correct yourself. [redacted—wjjhoge]

  2. “Nonsensical, not to mention impractical.”

    That pretty much sums up Drunkenstein’s entire legal career.

    • This implies his sphincter is still working. With the amount of feces, he spews out, I don’t think he’s capable of “blasting” but rather a steady flow downwards with no control. I don’t think he’s following his doctor’s orders of wearing diapers.

  3. What? We get to keep our Lawyer, also lots of BOLDED stuff, which means the judge is yelling….

    Wonder at who? Can you imagine when she actually hears his cub scout porn and sees all the misogynist tweets and posts that he has done during his lawsuit. Oh and his theft of copyrighted or licensed Federal property as his own, cause, you know, its a hobby

    • What do you suppose the odds are of Oliver Wendell Jones dismissing Lulzsuit VI all on his own before Judge Joseph actually uses the term “Lulzsuit” in an order?

      • there were so many, I was reminded of my home room teacher who taught at one of the most dangerous High Schools in America (we both survived, I was only stabbed twice) Several novels and films were made about it, Rumblefish, The Outsiders, in fact my English teacher was the novelist…

        But never have I seen such legal yelling in a civil case about nothing, even in Louisiana…

        • OT S.E. Hinton was your English teacher? She was always one of my favorite authors ever since I read “The Outsiders” in 4th Grade. Aside from the butchering done in the, “That Was Then, This Is Now,” movie, I thought the movies were ok, but no where near as good as the books.

          Fanboy list ranking books
          The Outsiders
          That Was Then, This Is Now

          /end fanboy rant

          • yep, she was – she wrote the outside
            rs at OSU as a student paper..

          • Also I didn’t remember her a classmate reminded me that she was our teacher
            Her Bio is wrong, she’s also a very private person

  4. If Bill was smart (I know, I know but just pretend for a minute) he’d dismiss this turd with prejudice and go find a hobby that doesn’t involve the Internet. I remember how he crowed for days and days about how the defendants were going to have to pay to be served Ed and how he was gonna drag Sarah up to Wisco to face the judge. Turns out it was “nonsensical”. Does Bill believe that his interpretation of the rest of the law regarding his case is any more solid?

    • Damn autocorrect inserting random words.

      From my tiny tablet high atop a building in a minor city eating lunch.

    • His legal acumen is at least as solid as anything else that spills out of his…

      You get the picture.

    • And all those times Billy predicted the defendants would surely DEFAULT? And Billy crowing about the soon-to-be-filed Motion to Default?

    • If the knuckle dragging moron were smart, he’d take up basket weaving.
      He could teach his fellow inmates at teh nuthouse in a couple of years.

  5. I won’t comment much because this is an ongong case and so on, but i will say that I am very pleased that the judge saw things the way my clients have argued to her on pretty much everything, including effectively denying Bill the ability to amend the complaint.

    But, John, your title is wrong. Its a bad day in *St. Ajax*…

    • I am so very very grateful to Aaron for all his hard work and wish him the success against the rest of that criminal element remaining in Maryland

    • Wow I need to get my eyes checked or read slower, I swear you wrote “when is the beheading? on television? on Pay per View?”

      Damn that JWR…

  6. It’s a bad day for Justice. Instead of trying to understand what is happening, and, where Justice lies, yet another judge has drawn a moral equivalence between the parties. The coup de grace was when she snippily denied the defendant’s motion for a case management order while simultaneously noting that the parties were expected to follow the case management order she had issued sequent to that request.

    Previously, the same Judge had telegraphed that she was inclined to dismiss the case after the motion to dismiss was fully briefed. She also indicated that she intended to minimizing the time spent on this case by deciding the motion to dismiss first, and, presumably, mooting all other pending motions. In response, Bill Schmalfeldt filed yet another frivolous motion. Instead of enforcing her own decision, the Judge decided, apparently, that it was now more expedient to rule on all the pending motions. That defines being weak and ineffective. Why it might not be completely fair to say that she was letting the inmates run the asylum, she did give grant them considerable say, especially those whose with the loudest voices in their heads. Disgraceful.

    • BSB, all you say may be correct. However, even after the judge bent over backwards to let “the inmates run the asylum,” The BLOB was adjudicated a LOSER. The BLOB was DENIED. The BLOB lost.

    • I see it differently. With all due respect, BSB, I think that the judge saw an opportunity to completely clear the docket at this point prior to ruling on Aaron Walker’s motion to dismiss. Shorter order: I don’t want no steenkin’ sideshows.

      Prediction: The case is dismissed within the next ten days for want of jurisdiction. Bill Schmalfeldt then gets clobbered with costs and at least 50% attorney’s fees, which I’d estimate could approach ten grand.

  7. My favorite part (after all the DENIEDs, that is) is the line: “However, the parties are to file no other motions or pleadings ….”. Why do I think that Bill will violate that direct order from the judge?

  8. So far I’m liking this judge and she doesn’t entertain any nonsense. Dealing with a pro-se she’s been as required (a rule I find abhorrent) somewhat lenient (allowing 2nd amended complaint and not yet sanctioning Bill, etc.), but she clearly orders and manages the docket in a way even a pro-se should see he isn’t getting any more leniency.

    I tend to think John and Aaron in the RICO cases would’ve had a simpler time with this judge. All federal judges should put pro-se litigants on a management order the moment they file dumb motions. Pro-se plaintiffs like Kimberlin and Bill should be required to attach motions before filing them to save litigant expenses of opposing counsel in cases involving frivolous pro-se litigants.

  9. I bet Billy is now regretting spending all of his money on 5 cases of Johnny Walker and a down payment on a new metallic red Scooter Puff thinking he was going to win this one.

  10. OK, I’m gonna put on my Nostradamus hat and make a prediction.

    When the case is settled exactly the way so many here have predicted, Blobbo will say it’s because they coerced the judge in some way to rule exactly as they predicted. The judge will have been bribed, will have been blackmailed, the judge will have been somehow conned into ruling against him and his obviously just cause.

  11. But I would note to Bill the Judge is in desperate need of a letter and quick from your niece or sister extolling your many virtues.

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