The coming increase in California’s minimum wage to $15/hour will likely lead to the UC Berkeley laying off 500 low-paid workers. However, the university will be able to save the job an administrator for every five or six janitors or food service worker it fires.

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  1. Funny how these schemes to “help the little guy” always end up hurting him. Every time. But the wealthy and well connected always make out just fine. It’s like the propaganda about “helping” is meant to keep people from asking “What’s in it for you?” to those who would help them.

    • I saw an interesting note today, but I don’t recall where. It noted that artists and musicians are and support leftists and their agenda because the economic policies are always income redistribution schemes, which UNEXPECTEDLY! have no effect on rich people who have already accumulated their wealth.

      Try a little wealth redistribution and see how fast those rich commies change their stripes.

      • Right on. Re: wealth redistribution, IIRC the Red Guards did exactly that during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Mao and his cronies were exempt, of course. Some animals are more equal than others, you understand.

  2. Clearly, the folks running the state and administering UC Berkeley didn’t attend any Econ 101 lectures at Berkeley.

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